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Defias Brotherhood-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Mommens The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU20107
2Loesje Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU17819
3Boebz Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU17818
4Herculus Weapons Of ThrallDefias Brotherhood-EU17208
5Zujica Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU17204
6Olordwhite The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU16924
7Scopermo VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU14976
8Mediocris The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
8Kealnora Burning DawnDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
8Malverin The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
8Venixia Burning DawnDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
8Nervana The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
8Mozzala The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
8Xischa Burning DawnDefias Brotherhood-EU14450
15Kyozu PurgatoryDefias Brotherhood-EU14301
16Khayla ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU14296
17Cromarty Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU14250
18Meredix The Third WayDefias Brotherhood-EU14115
19Zimgara ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU14104
20Sÿlar FrostwolvesDefias Brotherhood-EU12862
21Vaxok RustedDefias Brotherhood-EU12782Not updated
22Soemek SensibleDefias Brotherhood-EU12449Not updated
23Janneke Royal Order of the HordeDefias Brotherhood-EU12224
24Bakudi The Dungeon BunniesDefias Brotherhood-EU12186
25Zulana Second Gurubashi EmpireDefias Brotherhood-EU11943
26Bígusdickus Crypt Of DestructionDefias Brotherhood-EU11406Not updated
27Cantatus Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU11198
28Eletot La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU11181Not updated
29Helzorius Violent NoiseDefias Brotherhood-EU10849
30Rahnya Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU10569
31Schnatti Ore and moreDefias Brotherhood-EU10376Not updated
32Teito Edge of EternityDefias Brotherhood-EU10296
32Hieix Edge of EternityDefias Brotherhood-EU10296
34Schh ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU10087
35Anethia Brewmasters of KalimdorDefias Brotherhood-EU9998
36Husky SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU9968
37Bearfeet Gang Dzikich WieprzyDefias Brotherhood-EU9957Not updated
38Riscoco The Typhoon StruggleDefias Brotherhood-EU9820
39Althaìa  Defias Brotherhood-EU9669
40Ahleana Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU9630
41Bubibu Lord Of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU9609Not updated
42Shermalock  Defias Brotherhood-EU9519Not updated
43Xentaur FrostwolvesDefias Brotherhood-EU9392
44Beastslayer Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU9238
45Kalfo High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU9179
46Banaru Fear the RabbitDefias Brotherhood-EU9154
47Soul PurgatoryDefias Brotherhood-EU9122
48Shanayah Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU9088
49Razyn The CoreDefias Brotherhood-EU9012
50Cryptman The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU8968
51Mæmi InsidíousDefias Brotherhood-EU8877
52Kimiri Rainbow FactoryDefias Brotherhood-EU8855Not updated
53Littlejo Shadows from the pastDefias Brotherhood-EU8800
53Zhadi Shadows from the pastDefias Brotherhood-EU8800
55Tabori The Dungeon BunniesDefias Brotherhood-EU8788
56Empathye The Dungeon BunniesDefias Brotherhood-EU8780Not updated
57Katanaa ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU8765
58Shenshen Neo ConquestDefias Brotherhood-EU8666
59Reafdot High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU8653
60Áwaíí ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU8562
61Abombwe SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU8530Not updated
62Laban  Defias Brotherhood-EU8515
63Arysta The Phoenix RisingDefias Brotherhood-EU8469
64Pauts Defenders of AzerothDefias Brotherhood-EU8440Not updated
65Zzuomi Shadows from the pastDefias Brotherhood-EU8431Not updated
66Harmonyy Made Of WinDefias Brotherhood-EU8311
67Medlax SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU8308
68Ramza SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU8277
69Pèdro  Defias Brotherhood-EU8263Not updated
70Cornucopia NeurosisDefias Brotherhood-EU8255Not updated
71Wildweather  Defias Brotherhood-EU8223
72Morish The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU8213
73Naltoc SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU8212
74Chamunda  Defias Brotherhood-EU8189Not updated
75Vekkuz The UnknownDefias Brotherhood-EU8186Not updated
76Zatoichy LoEG ProDefias Brotherhood-EU8166
77Azl Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU8100
78Thedoctór The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU8084
79Radepan  Defias Brotherhood-EU8040Not updated
80Loopii Malevolent CreedDefias Brotherhood-EU8017
81Isarekhok Vile ThornDefias Brotherhood-EU7992Not updated
82Hunnymonster Steamgear Trading CoDefias Brotherhood-EU7974Not updated
83Ikie  Defias Brotherhood-EU7936Not updated
84Trophozoite Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU7903
85Xobiat La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU7902
86Xahri The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU7883
87Lokkis Aen HanseDefias Brotherhood-EU7869Not updated
88Påcc  Defias Brotherhood-EU7777Not updated
89Adriene PrimigeniaDefias Brotherhood-EU7764Not updated
90Fnöske Forever unemployedDefias Brotherhood-EU7759
91Narkill VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU7729
92Nothrog Shadows from the pastDefias Brotherhood-EU7721
93Razaron LoremastersDefias Brotherhood-EU7711Not updated
94Knap  Defias Brotherhood-EU7685Not updated
95Zarathusthra Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU7676
96Ionut BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU7674Not updated
97Radhú Worgen Fur DealersDefias Brotherhood-EU7670Not updated
98Jaddeline  Defias Brotherhood-EU7633Not updated
99Goldienes IdolizeDefias Brotherhood-EU7632Not updated
100Cóó The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU7624

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