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Deathwing-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Saiyuri The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU14381
2Kekkoa Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU14268
3Mischief  Deathwing-EU13920Not updated
4Sakiyo has more gold than youDeathwing-EU13912Not updated
5Chronios SensibilityDeathwing-EU13380Not updated
6Føniks The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU12242
7Hobgoblino The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU11284
8Bloodshear SensibilityDeathwing-EU11131
9Deatcody PantheonsDeathwing-EU9470Not updated
10Frostballs The HellfrontDeathwing-EU9322Not updated
11Ventrue The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU9189
12Adna The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU9142Not updated
13Moowhar The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU8693
13Funberry The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU8693
15Datorwhar The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU8690
16Lifehand  Deathwing-EU8689Not updated
16Shiverer NoiDeathwing-EU8689Not updated
18Calculator  Deathwing-EU8042Not updated
18Budspencer  Deathwing-EU8042Not updated
20Raigy Charlies AngelssDeathwing-EU7726Not updated
21Kuroski Souls of DignityDeathwing-EU7705Not updated
22Ellewi Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU7467
23Chelseaboy Crit HappensDeathwing-EU7460Not updated
24Folia TranquillityDeathwing-EU7118Not updated
25Crufizia  Deathwing-EU7105Not updated
26Nenkeme The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU7098
27Shiana kebukioskiDeathwing-EU6832Not updated
28Sisii CiviliansDeathwing-EU6767Not updated
29Wing  Deathwing-EU6756Not updated
30Ubik The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU6599
31Florithina SensibilityDeathwing-EU6543Not updated
32Akarrie  Deathwing-EU6481Not updated
33Pratt Sad PandasDeathwing-EU6433Not updated
34Bbque The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU6116Not updated
35Jasonhunt Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU6102
36Jasondeath Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU6101
37Jloyd Sacred BloodlineDeathwing-EU6067
38Néó The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU6061
39Medlyal The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU6009Not updated
40Gerle SensibilityDeathwing-EU6008
41Skybreak Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU5955
42Makke YARRDeathwing-EU5889
43Makepeace YARRDeathwing-EU5775Not updated
44Jarrå  Deathwing-EU5722Not updated
45Pri LikeABossDeathwing-EU5673Not updated
46Gardìn TheLostVikingsDeathwing-EU5671Not updated
47Gårdin CustodiaDeathwing-EU5633Not updated
48Kejli The AchiëversDeathwing-EU5617
49Omninautules TranquillityDeathwing-EU5472Not updated
50Therelina The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU5462
51Necromancia Sinister ChaosDeathwing-EU5439Not updated
52Memphisto HorizonsDeathwing-EU5385Not updated
53Darkarchon The HellfrontDeathwing-EU5352
54Ráin The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU5289Not updated
55Bushmills The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU5236
56Diccari kebukioskiDeathwing-EU5208
57Subbie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU5205
58Wiedzmin BECAUSE THATS HOW I ROLLDeathwing-EU5175Not updated
59Commaa Hard Party RockersDeathwing-EU5140Not updated
60Pitzi Souls of DignityDeathwing-EU5133
61Geimokana YARRDeathwing-EU5113Not updated
62Demonazz SensibilityDeathwing-EU5101
63Fougjaoigjbp the bright allianceDeathwing-EU5093
64Gwendall Souls of DignityDeathwing-EU5092Not updated
65Bloodberry VintersorgDeathwing-EU5078
66Luckyshot Cruel IntentionsDeathwing-EU5031Not updated
67Blindira  Deathwing-EU5029Not updated
68Tamaradk Old Danish KnightsDeathwing-EU5026Not updated
69Mussee Dawn of DemiseDeathwing-EU5015
70Sórrów eXodusDeathwing-EU4930
71Holas The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU4925
72Jacinta SensibilityDeathwing-EU4922Not updated
73Dalenkeo Souls of DignityDeathwing-EU4915Not updated
74Zillae ASSAILANTDeathwing-EU4875Not updated
75Diplomat  Deathwing-EU4808Not updated
76Chani Dark GuardDeathwing-EU4807Not updated
77Lavalivreim  Deathwing-EU4796
78Urglik Dreams of a Lazy PeonDeathwing-EU4795Not updated
78Ashkagsh Dreams of a Lazy PeonDeathwing-EU4795Not updated
80Adrelia GaiaDeathwing-EU4792Not updated
81Hrochgar Dreams of a Lazy PeonDeathwing-EU4786Not updated
81Mogtash Dreams of a Lazy PeonDeathwing-EU4786Not updated
83Jksn YARRDeathwing-EU4764Not updated
84Ärdetöul SjöröversDeathwing-EU4748Not updated
85Minaboo Sinister ChaosDeathwing-EU4735
86Cukec The AchiëversDeathwing-EU4709
87Brütal SjöröversDeathwing-EU4602Not updated
88Ecka The HellfrontDeathwing-EU4559Not updated
89Pyrolin  Deathwing-EU4546Not updated
90Macfly ApocalypseDeathwing-EU4540Not updated
91Appolyonn The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU4509
92Ronnav Dark GuardDeathwing-EU4502Not updated
93Skumbananen  Deathwing-EU4490Not updated
94Dalaaba ArcadiaDeathwing-EU4400Not updated
95Dávé  Deathwing-EU4396Not updated
96Monóri New ScourgeDeathwing-EU4381Not updated

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