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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darrowmere-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Anubisjackel Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US14397Not updated
2Dorerella United MarshalsDarrowmere-US14255Not updated
3Ferk LiteraryDarrowmere-US13970Not updated
4Joonni The Devils AdvocateDarrowmere-US12835Not updated
5Halvroc Mischief IncDarrowmere-US12155Not updated
6Gunclapper Dream TeamDarrowmere-US11479Not updated
7Pandadisasta Die In A FireDarrowmere-US11361Not updated
8Poweroflove LiteraryDarrowmere-US11333Not updated
9Battlechi Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US10917Not updated
10Clockwrkmage PsychrometricsDarrowmere-US10848Not updated
11Kauterize Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US10053Not updated
12Xiay Hellscreams LegionDarrowmere-US9997Not updated
13Madythar Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US9882Not updated
14Redlegwo Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US9742Not updated
15Kokobaby CobraDarrowmere-US9722Not updated
16Vyxin  Darrowmere-US9639Not updated
17Unclebamso Unspecified ErrorDarrowmere-US9637Not updated
18Banehand judiciumDarrowmere-US9584Not updated
19Lucrrezia Procrastinators IncDarrowmere-US9340Not updated
20Silvercraft ÆvèrstìllDarrowmere-US9317Not updated
20Canielmor  Darrowmere-US9317Not updated
22Saverely The Devils AdvocateDarrowmere-US9289Not updated
23Ardalek Die In A FireDarrowmere-US9246Not updated
24Leekee PersistenceDarrowmere-US9161Not updated
25Skiittles In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US9112Not updated
26Dashpar  Darrowmere-US8756Not updated
27Monkheals FishyFingersDarrowmere-US8745Not updated
28Elmergantry Die In A FireDarrowmere-US8724Not updated
29Gillogend Horde DefendersDarrowmere-US8533Not updated
30Elwaine Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US8496Not updated
31Beerfaart Ale and BloodDarrowmere-US8387Not updated
32Metooyou Clan DestineDarrowmere-US8266Not updated
33Lorp LiteraryDarrowmere-US8262Not updated
34Catherena PersistenceDarrowmere-US8249Not updated
35Æringunnr Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US8188Not updated
36Duartaun AngryDarrowmere-US8180Not updated
37Wíng Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US8150Not updated
37Wingrider Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US8150Not updated
37Clétus Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US8150Not updated
40Wïng Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US8148Not updated
41Clairiahime The ones left behindDarrowmere-US8143Not updated
42Wîng  Darrowmere-US8132Not updated
43Sargonest Everylasting RoseDarrowmere-US8119Not updated
44Saltamontes  Darrowmere-US8070Not updated
45Stinkyignatz Worlds ApartDarrowmere-US8023Not updated
46Swifttiger Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US8022Not updated
47Aloureen Far CryDarrowmere-US7986Not updated
48Crimira Far CryDarrowmere-US7960Not updated
49Melbrosha DragonMastersDarrowmere-US7923Not updated
50Miandria Mass ExodusDarrowmere-US7889Not updated
51Rookin Eons of EvolutionDarrowmere-US7881Not updated
52Ranariirn Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US7877Not updated
53Vaderlord Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US7866Not updated
54Happyjacck FtwDarrowmere-US7861Not updated
55Iceblade Juicebox RaidersDarrowmere-US7799Not updated
56Flaxmaid Chaos In MotionDarrowmere-US7794Not updated
57Korriin FtwDarrowmere-US7782Not updated
58Aggemegmom Easy RidersDarrowmere-US7774Not updated
59Bladeward Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US7696Not updated
60Warcorpse  Darrowmere-US7627Not updated
61Gemshine LPcrewDarrowmere-US7604Not updated
62Howlelujah Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US7585Not updated
63Lilwytee CobraDarrowmere-US7556Not updated
64Fortuitous Far CryDarrowmere-US7533Not updated
65Pinyin Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US7498Not updated
66Helarian Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US7493Not updated
67Jadepanther Everylasting RoseDarrowmere-US7438Not updated
68Qlana Beginners LuckDarrowmere-US7426Not updated
69Gordonkeith Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US7387Not updated
70Rochillea Redeeming DarrowmereDarrowmere-US7384Not updated
71Zaryya Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US7377Not updated
72Dorjut  Darrowmere-US7345Not updated
73Rinly Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US7344Not updated
74Pacheta Fatal AttractionDarrowmere-US7305Not updated
75Frate  Darrowmere-US7241Not updated
76Lephuct Unspecified ErrorDarrowmere-US7226Not updated
77Avanowenn Death RidersDarrowmere-US7212Not updated
78Deathbyslak  Darrowmere-US7178Not updated
79Khiron Fatal AttractionDarrowmere-US7153Not updated
79Hordde FtwDarrowmere-US7153Not updated
81Aisi  Darrowmere-US7149Not updated
82Petha  Darrowmere-US7126Not updated
83Ceclar Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US7122Not updated
84Zeleena Zombie ApocalypseDarrowmere-US7106Not updated
85Sunleii PersistenceDarrowmere-US7021Not updated
86Cherrïlee PersistenceDarrowmere-US7002Not updated
87Unoffensive Happy HourDarrowmere-US6994Not updated
88Forestwolf Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US6989Not updated
89Dory Avis de IncendioDarrowmere-US6988Not updated
90Saitada ÉclipseDarrowmere-US6985Not updated
91Pashalik Hells ButterfliesDarrowmere-US6959Not updated
92Thac Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US6948Not updated
93Dudekatheon Suffered AtrocityDarrowmere-US6925Not updated
94Nottarange  Darrowmere-US6920Not updated
95Sanistra Guild of BloodDarrowmere-US6915Not updated
96Keetah Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US6902Not updated
97Theodrei United MarshalsDarrowmere-US6876Not updated
98Charlessieg Visions Of The PackDarrowmere-US6851Not updated
99Biezabub  Darrowmere-US6837Not updated
100Prizana Army of StormwindDarrowmere-US6816Not updated

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