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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darkspear-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Bloodhound CookieDarkspear-EU18081Not updated
2Nirba Last patrolDarkspear-EU16210Not updated
3Kirandji  Darkspear-EU15715Not updated
4Luellia Divine InterventionDarkspear-EU15129Not updated
5Tyrisa Divine InterventionDarkspear-EU14978Not updated
6Pépper RighteousDarkspear-EU14894Not updated
7Kayrove Fox and FriendsDarkspear-EU14677Not updated
8Alito Fox and FriendsDarkspear-EU14556Not updated
9Randoza Maximum CarnageDarkspear-EU14174Not updated
10Valy CookieDarkspear-EU13823Not updated
11Jemini HelixDarkspear-EU13769Not updated
12Jurgenklopp BVBDarkspear-EU13265Not updated
13Hoppu KELADarkspear-EU13151Not updated
14Bengerdblesk de unge crusadersDarkspear-EU12900Not updated
15Trimlisa Empire of HellDarkspear-EU12477Not updated
16Vittel  Darkspear-EU11927Not updated
17Deivine heartDarkspear-EU11534Not updated
18Caelum Play OutDarkspear-EU11248Not updated
19Elysium ElysiumDarkspear-EU11144Not updated
20Executey Lucky CharmsDarkspear-EU11141Not updated
21Twotontony HostileDarkspear-EU10955Not updated
22Keiko SeductionDarkspear-EU10880Not updated
23Sáíyurí  Darkspear-EU10682Not updated
24Randallflag RAIDING WABBITSDarkspear-EU10514Not updated
25Moiko True DevotionDarkspear-EU10483Not updated
26Hippuli KELADarkspear-EU10378Not updated
27Matika ZjinsuDarkspear-EU9911Not updated
28Moguwolf Legendary Old HippiesDarkspear-EU9844Not updated
29Qwolf Legendary Old HippiesDarkspear-EU9812Not updated
30Matuzalem RAIDING WABBITSDarkspear-EU9737Not updated
31Automagic Spinal TapDarkspear-EU9687Not updated
32Misomaniac JukedDarkspear-EU9672Not updated
33Salhus Team ZissouDarkspear-EU9667Not updated
33Eidsvågneset  Darkspear-EU9667Not updated
35Niceice Witches CircleDarkspear-EU9536Not updated
36Frigolit TreeHugersDarkspear-EU9226Not updated
37Prìncevultan ThunderstrikeDarkspear-EU9209Not updated
38Isbel Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU9034Not updated
39Yoyoette PhantasmaGoriaDarkspear-EU9027Not updated
40Mollycita RecklessDarkspear-EU8988Not updated
41Tise Officially InsaneDarkspear-EU8959Not updated
42Blackwardèn FabledDarkspear-EU8958Not updated
43Gigantors Mercenaries Of QuanDarkspear-EU8951Not updated
44Nimere KELADarkspear-EU8687Not updated
45Alyissia Gwardia PolskaDarkspear-EU8684Not updated
46Wulfgurd HelixDarkspear-EU8557Not updated
47Sheal Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8496Not updated
47Iveafist Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8496Not updated
49Buffysummers KorpiklaaniDarkspear-EU8475Not updated
50Wupo killstreakDarkspear-EU8453Not updated
51Lenze  Darkspear-EU8408Not updated
52Cytor Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
52Vennem Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
52Tun Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
52Minipeep Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
52Nagtor Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
52Warburton Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
52Belatucadros Elcyion LacarDarkspear-EU8407Not updated
59Sayel Officially InsaneDarkspear-EU8401Not updated
60Dmarvik CopyrightDarkspear-EU8380Not updated
61Gormur United ForcesDarkspear-EU8288Not updated
62Mägedeth The swedish wayDarkspear-EU8280Not updated
63Obsoleete TreeHugersDarkspear-EU8211Not updated
64Puttie The Immortal BrotherhoodDarkspear-EU8175Not updated
65Pusling  Darkspear-EU8169Not updated
66Fårskalle  Darkspear-EU8149Not updated
67Velemajstor RecklessDarkspear-EU8094Not updated
68Modron My Little PwniesDarkspear-EU8088Not updated
69Tonkoise DeusDarkspear-EU8051Not updated
70Karadordje RecklessDarkspear-EU8043Not updated
71Smaugee DeusDarkspear-EU8028Not updated
72Saalaber Average JoesDarkspear-EU8010Not updated
73Shiris midlifecrisisDarkspear-EU7985Not updated
74Dopii HelixDarkspear-EU7973Not updated
75Predrag MAKICADarkspear-EU7969Not updated
76Gilea Fire FieldDarkspear-EU7955Not updated
77Nejtiri  Darkspear-EU7914Not updated
78Rula  Darkspear-EU7907Not updated
79Qhazijx ResolveDarkspear-EU7903Not updated
80Mooria My Little PwniesDarkspear-EU7879Not updated
81Palamnaeus SeductionDarkspear-EU7846Not updated
82Mordt NøVADarkspear-EU7827Not updated
83Takeitteasy HeresyDarkspear-EU7825Not updated
84Eclairé  Darkspear-EU7821Not updated
85Cranberry Vogmor CorporationDarkspear-EU7803Not updated
86Astralon Against The WorldDarkspear-EU7799Not updated
87Elvatar FerocityDarkspear-EU7790Not updated
88Chiri Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU7724Not updated

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