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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalvengyr-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Sporlock Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US12312Not updated
2Gamgee AdoreDalvengyr-US11309Not updated
3Muertalia  Dalvengyr-US11177Not updated
4Quickening The RebellionDalvengyr-US10411Not updated
5Msinterpret FateDalvengyr-US8524Not updated
6Linvarktukal  Dalvengyr-US8460Not updated
7Lexissa Legacy of Dark MoonDalvengyr-US8190Not updated
7Kalliah Legacy of Dark MoonDalvengyr-US8190Not updated
9Sheals  Dalvengyr-US8150Not updated
10Raynear  Dalvengyr-US7946Not updated
11Trixinja SimplicityDalvengyr-US7898Not updated
12Alfalycaon VendettaDalvengyr-US7476Not updated
13Mazikeenfire Lights of AllianceDalvengyr-US7286Not updated
14Icybalz The Eh TeamDalvengyr-US7112Not updated
15Michaggus ReloadedDalvengyr-US7012Not updated
16Aohime  Dalvengyr-US6920Not updated
17Spearmintz  Dalvengyr-US6917Not updated
18Lionmane  Dalvengyr-US6913Not updated
19Madre DMOON GUILDDalvengyr-US6781Not updated
20Menolly  Dalvengyr-US6646Not updated
21Gomersbrotoo PsychosisDalvengyr-US6630Not updated
22Mondork Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US6585Not updated
23Tufchick Incurro NoctisDalvengyr-US6542Not updated
24Holysapphire expendablesDalvengyr-US6504Not updated
24Sapphireblue The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US6504Not updated
26Lilcrazy Natural Born KillerzDalvengyr-US6444Not updated
27Sairlin  Dalvengyr-US6420Not updated
28Shamii  Dalvengyr-US6408Not updated
29Bcaric Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US6328Not updated
30Seacrett  Dalvengyr-US6292Not updated
31Elicia  Dalvengyr-US6279Not updated
32Bohantheblue expendablesDalvengyr-US6252Not updated
32Alternative The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US6252Not updated
34Delleina  Dalvengyr-US6231Not updated
35Blackrob Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US6193Not updated
36Bloodslinger  Dalvengyr-US6145Not updated
37Trazordaemon  Dalvengyr-US6098Not updated
38Kayliaa Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US6079Not updated
39Scrunttwo Turkey Girls DollhouseDalvengyr-US6051Not updated
40Draknoir Peoples Front of JudeaDalvengyr-US6043Not updated
41Spikedk SarcasmDalvengyr-US6008Not updated
42Hunterswipe  Dalvengyr-US5961Not updated
43Tithian Have A SitDalvengyr-US5926Not updated
44Kahoona Have A SitDalvengyr-US5795Not updated
45Buol Wølf PackDalvengyr-US5716Not updated
46Frankjames Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US5687Not updated
47Shorrty SourceDalvengyr-US5612Not updated
48Chubbexul RetributionDalvengyr-US5549Not updated
49Funnyname Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US5495Not updated
50Derfalke  Dalvengyr-US5396Not updated
51Galvinn SparDalvengyr-US5373Not updated
52Spyra Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US5355Not updated
53Lyndahlia Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US5291Not updated
54Hottiepibank VendettaDalvengyr-US5279Not updated
55Lillyn Have A SitDalvengyr-US5213Not updated
56Embraced stalk and killDalvengyr-US5185Not updated
57Miller  Dalvengyr-US5154Not updated
58Stickybuns Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US5145Not updated
59Suaprimasafa  Dalvengyr-US5120Not updated
60Shàmueladams  Dalvengyr-US5113Not updated
61Plumps S Y C L O N EDalvengyr-US5046Not updated
62Ertrina My Main is NearDalvengyr-US5041Not updated
63Healintank LEGENDDalvengyr-US5030Not updated
64Melvyne VendettaDalvengyr-US4984Not updated
65Joebruce Harmful IntentDalvengyr-US4945Not updated
66Eatcrit Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US4930Not updated
67Rubia Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US4929Not updated
68Moonlace Brotherhood of RoninDalvengyr-US4844Not updated
69Mozzi Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US4833Not updated
70Frostzombie RetributionDalvengyr-US4825Not updated
71Barstone Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US4807Not updated
72Elggat stalk and killDalvengyr-US4797Not updated
73Ayume  Dalvengyr-US4772Not updated
74Caltha ReloadedDalvengyr-US4770Not updated
75Lewid We Out HereDalvengyr-US4759Not updated
75Ledard  Dalvengyr-US4759Not updated
77Gleeba The Final CutDalvengyr-US4744Not updated
78Holyindica VendettaDalvengyr-US4712Not updated
79Lewi  Dalvengyr-US4697Not updated
79Singerpanda Harmful IntentDalvengyr-US4697Not updated
81Goldenstar Passive RealityDalvengyr-US4672Not updated
82Phod Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US4648Not updated
83Yorrick Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US4613Not updated
84Nathen expendablesDalvengyr-US4609Not updated
85Kaellisa  Dalvengyr-US4605Not updated
86Brandon Almost AsianDalvengyr-US4596Not updated
87Kvetch Critical MissDalvengyr-US4565Not updated
88Arttemis  Dalvengyr-US4547Not updated
89Rabbitpoo FateDalvengyr-US4533Not updated
90Brokenstar ReloadedDalvengyr-US4523Not updated
91Alexiane  Dalvengyr-US4517Not updated
92Rancidius Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US4502Not updated
93Tyank positDalvengyr-US4463Not updated
93Exio positDalvengyr-US4463Not updated
95Løska  Dalvengyr-US4443Not updated
96Quiverinpalm SparDalvengyr-US4392Not updated
97Byringurok random unguilded baddieDalvengyr-US4385Not updated
98Kaehlin The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US4355Not updated
99Shampain Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US4333Not updated
100Bitechaballs  Dalvengyr-US4328Not updated

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