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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalvengyr-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Dolcett ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU15390Not updated
2Chiaranova ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU12282Not updated
3Summer Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU11704Not updated
4Nyhao ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU10852Not updated
5Fastball ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU10813Not updated
6Teutone Thunder StormDalvengyr-EU10761Not updated
7Vir Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU10287Not updated
8Cyberdolphin ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU9989Not updated
9Westachse Shadow SwordsDalvengyr-EU9986Not updated
10Xequter  Dalvengyr-EU9824Not updated
11Punki OSRDalvengyr-EU9378Not updated
12Matthias Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU9332Not updated
13Matthiass Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU9267Not updated
14Elfy  Dalvengyr-EU9252Not updated
15Korania Hoher RatDalvengyr-EU9247Not updated
16Violobessy OSRDalvengyr-EU9216Not updated
17Holystar Bewahrer des LichtsDalvengyr-EU8978Not updated
18Sukkygirl ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU8951Not updated
19Spooky HellfireangelsDalvengyr-EU8705Not updated
20Chilipepper ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU8620Not updated
21Gundy HellfireangelsDalvengyr-EU8410Not updated
22Vhati Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU8382Not updated
23Chêlsea Fire at willDalvengyr-EU8330Not updated
24Egomanix Shadow SwordsDalvengyr-EU8303Not updated
25Mérkus Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU8172Not updated
26Ballaboom Shadow SwordsDalvengyr-EU8163Not updated
27Walkür SepsisDalvengyr-EU7965Not updated
28Prisma Burning HawksDalvengyr-EU7922Not updated
29Samilena ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU7836Not updated
30Broxas  Dalvengyr-EU7805Not updated
31Bratackmatah OSRDalvengyr-EU7775Not updated
32Döschen Project OneDalvengyr-EU7601Not updated
33Charonssohn Burning HawksDalvengyr-EU7435Not updated
34Glorín  Dalvengyr-EU7350Not updated
35Magiqué OSRDalvengyr-EU7281Not updated
36Nachtschreck ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU7190Not updated
37Dernju Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU7114Not updated
38Talutha GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU7103Not updated
39Prisn GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU7079Not updated
40Bombaer Stirb LangsamDalvengyr-EU7033Not updated
41Wickk ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU6961Not updated
42Casyøpaya Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU6951Not updated
43Sharile Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU6945Not updated
44Lazar Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU6896Not updated
45Etienn StahlnetzDalvengyr-EU6813Not updated
46Hexeimofen MathsDalvengyr-EU6790Not updated
47Bierimbauch Blutspakt der UrahnenDalvengyr-EU6661Not updated
48Askleopis Burning HawksDalvengyr-EU6639Not updated
49Saine Udder ChaosDalvengyr-EU6606Not updated
50Taurés ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU6572Not updated
51Wolke  Dalvengyr-EU6536Not updated
52Scorer  Dalvengyr-EU6486Not updated
53Ingenieurin GûmmibærenbandéDalvengyr-EU6460Not updated
54Graishak  Dalvengyr-EU6375Not updated
55Malinga SepsisDalvengyr-EU6193Not updated
56Sceirah Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU6184Not updated
57Vámpier ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU6167Not updated
58Marukas JadeFalkenDalvengyr-EU6154Not updated
59Tinschen  Dalvengyr-EU6125Not updated
60Çassius HellfireangelsDalvengyr-EU6101Not updated
61Ironblade JadeFalkenDalvengyr-EU6093Not updated
62Düsterlotus ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU6031Not updated
63Ulme Templers Of DoomDalvengyr-EU6028Not updated
64Cessmy Agôny ôf FeârDalvengyr-EU6013Not updated
65Kalisstra OSRDalvengyr-EU5989Not updated
66Ðreamer ist gildenlosDalvengyr-EU5970Not updated
66Bagolas ist gildenlosDalvengyr-EU5970Not updated
68Rezzam Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU5931Not updated
69Xylo Udder ChaosDalvengyr-EU5824Not updated
70Kiwara Limited EditionDalvengyr-EU5822Not updated
71Baerula We make PainDalvengyr-EU5790Not updated
72Europala Agôny ôf FeârDalvengyr-EU5717Not updated
73Laub  Dalvengyr-EU5697Not updated
74Strongimp K R U P P S T A H LDalvengyr-EU5621Not updated
75Zaphirá  Dalvengyr-EU5595Not updated
76Eric Bewahrer des LichtsDalvengyr-EU5588Not updated
77Finor Templers Of DoomDalvengyr-EU5571Not updated
78Riplye Vatos LocosDalvengyr-EU5550Not updated
79Kinnari Festina LenteDalvengyr-EU5460Not updated
80Walridos Die UnbelehrbarenDalvengyr-EU5384Not updated
81Merlené ChaosCompanyDalvengyr-EU5361Not updated
82Ruco  Dalvengyr-EU5338Not updated
83Yazzai ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU5318Not updated
84Zadkiel  Dalvengyr-EU5300Not updated
85Thyuran Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU5296Not updated
86Nordragon GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU5253Not updated
87Egøn Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU5214Not updated

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