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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Temijun Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US19715Not updated
2Rattlecage Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US19372Not updated
3Qoppa Semper FiDalaran-US16801Not updated
4Doreber Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US16494Not updated
5Hizack Apotheosis NowDalaran-US15610Not updated
5Naosei  Dalaran-US15610Not updated
7Naveen See It Kill ItDalaran-US15487Not updated
8Muthubu The VineyardDalaran-US15434Not updated
9Arcanebags LegitimateDalaran-US15325Not updated
10Nagusaka Eternal ValorDalaran-US14728Not updated
11Sianth Phalanx of NodDalaran-US14706Not updated
12Cayienne Blood of the InnocentDalaran-US14651Not updated
13Millarol ReloadDalaran-US14510Not updated
14Elnara Death by RosesDalaran-US14408Not updated
15Fyreniyce Forsaken FewDalaran-US13796Not updated
16Sangrelia Final ReckoningDalaran-US13511Not updated
17Caylynn Phalanx of NodDalaran-US13436Not updated
18Wyvernn OuroborosDalaran-US13358Not updated
19Killntime Semper FiDalaran-US12968Not updated
20Arfthas  Dalaran-US12809Not updated
21Lumminus SpartansDalaran-US12710Not updated
22Varda Aure EntuluvaDalaran-US12252Not updated
23Saybre The Few and the ProudDalaran-US12073Not updated
24Rootfifth ReloadDalaran-US11661Not updated
25Ataxxia ReloadDalaran-US11558Not updated
26Azhriel Order of the LionDalaran-US11105Not updated
27Hansolò AscendDalaran-US10969Not updated
28Shifterbags Smoke GodsDalaran-US10878Not updated
29Cedrah Green GriffonsDalaran-US10868Not updated
30Gnomeskull  Dalaran-US10819Not updated
31Dhara Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US10737Not updated
32Thelardo Spaceballz the GuildDalaran-US10721Not updated
33Bannogh GhostDalaran-US10657Not updated
34Pepperlane Stormwind RangersDalaran-US10634Not updated
35Stealthrecon For Whom The Bell TollsDalaran-US10214Not updated
36Kostic Immortal GuardiansDalaran-US10153Not updated
37Teraxx Six Feet UnderDalaran-US10033Not updated
38Alexsandria Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US9971Not updated
39Thinktwice Garden of MysteryDalaran-US9895Not updated
40Whitesage  Dalaran-US9875Not updated
41Tuucker KatetDalaran-US9860Not updated
42Kynlesta Dawn SlayersDalaran-US9813Not updated
43Huian Esoteric PerseityDalaran-US9808Not updated
44Kitanyaa Rabid PandasDalaran-US9609Not updated
45Tofurky Deities and DemigodsDalaran-US9578Not updated
46Nuggo Black DeathDalaran-US9517Not updated
47Nubbo Fallen ConqurersDalaran-US9509Not updated
48Hooffnomore Oo Body Shots oODalaran-US9507Not updated
49Figorlik Kabobs IncDalaran-US9466Not updated
50Hamfarir Paw StarsDalaran-US9461Not updated
51Tallent BlacklightDalaran-US9410Not updated
52Moonbiter Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US9354Not updated
53Lorado THE HILLS HAVE EYESDalaran-US9298Not updated
54Tashina AthanatoiDalaran-US9281Not updated
55Lifebearer Order Of The ScourgeDalaran-US9250Not updated
56Sneaksalone OuroborosDalaran-US9164Not updated
57Meissa Victorious LegionDalaran-US9130Not updated
58Faelinara Six Feet UnderDalaran-US9091Not updated
59Sawsall Smoke GodsDalaran-US9051Not updated
59Loachapoka ShadowDalaran-US9051Not updated
61Zounds Mind BlastDalaran-US9022Not updated
62Xeni Phalanx of NodDalaran-US9007Not updated
63Windy guys selling curly friesDalaran-US8971Not updated
64Tegia WálkersDalaran-US8952Not updated
65Moonmist AthanatoiDalaran-US8943Not updated
66Erazer AscendDalaran-US8927Not updated
66Doubletapxx SinistreDalaran-US8927Not updated
68Jenraged The Autumn GuardDalaran-US8873Not updated
69Takura SatisfactionDalaran-US8869Not updated
70Jande guys selling curly friesDalaran-US8863Not updated
70Luciana RAWRBANKDalaran-US8863Not updated
70Cariel guys selling curly friesDalaran-US8863Not updated
70Protey guys selling curly friesDalaran-US8863Not updated
70Clorindra guys selling curly friesDalaran-US8863Not updated
70Arine guys selling curly friesDalaran-US8863Not updated
70Pandarawr RAWRBANKDalaran-US8863Not updated
77Caebaram The RenegadesDalaran-US8813Not updated
78Darlynna Pak CafanDalaran-US8757Not updated
79Neverdle Mossy Oak BoysDalaran-US8747Not updated
80Rekksi Alliance in DefianceDalaran-US8726Not updated
81Ioana AuthenticDalaran-US8700Not updated
82Yunie Nos ConsensioDalaran-US8653Not updated
83Scapegooat  Dalaran-US8596Not updated
84Wanni Pak CafanDalaran-US8591Not updated
85Nofuzz Murloc Ate Your BabyDalaran-US8588Not updated
86Redorchunter Black DeathDalaran-US8524Not updated
87Redeaglelock Black DeathDalaran-US8515Not updated
88Bethanii Stormwind RangersDalaran-US8506Not updated
89Dazgadinn  Dalaran-US8491Not updated
90Sarienna  Dalaran-US8456Not updated
91Whosabastid  Dalaran-US8448Not updated
92Sinfilest Chaos and MayhemDalaran-US8430Not updated
93Claric Crusaders of ThanatosDalaran-US8426Not updated
94Abritrette Alliance in DefianceDalaran-US8399Not updated
95Xongmao KaizenDalaran-US8329Not updated
96Killswitched Natural AffinityDalaran-US8325Not updated
97Barial OuroborosDalaran-US8308Not updated
98Qanna Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US8307Not updated
99Sauronxyz ReloadDalaran-US8300Not updated

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