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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Daggerspine-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Fenom Lost StormDaggerspine-US14522Not updated
2Heed GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US13729Not updated
3Marwolaethau War for ProfitDaggerspine-US12460Not updated
4Gertrudep The GamblersDaggerspine-US11921Not updated
5Bimmer  Daggerspine-US10958Not updated
6Clockwrkmage WarshrikeDaggerspine-US10740Not updated
7Picklocks Dark KnightsDaggerspine-US10517Not updated
8Mechabull potatoDaggerspine-US9689Not updated
9Kuroma War for ProfitDaggerspine-US9548Not updated
10Crazyotto ResonanceDaggerspine-US8823Not updated
11Patientzero  Daggerspine-US8753Not updated
12Hoopdaddy ResonanceDaggerspine-US8723Not updated
13Shorttusk Just A GameDaggerspine-US8719Not updated
14Kyi Up The IronsDaggerspine-US8456Not updated
15Leaskin ZenithDaggerspine-US8205Not updated
16Toadwort Moonbrook Bowls ClubDaggerspine-US8057Not updated
17Icepic DLHDaggerspine-US8011Not updated
18Elri Luck of the DrawDaggerspine-US7818Not updated
19Lilkel Just A GameDaggerspine-US7547Not updated
20Rpdubs ResonanceDaggerspine-US7380Not updated
21Aeralyn Children Of AsgardhrDaggerspine-US7322Not updated
22Sarenthaeis GrimDaggerspine-US7209Not updated
23Picacard Moonbrook Bowls ClubDaggerspine-US7181Not updated
24Shankbait The FamilyDaggerspine-US7111Not updated
25Brynneth KHAOTICDaggerspine-US6987Not updated
26Overlordkron Space JamDaggerspine-US6974Not updated
27Aminili OishieDaggerspine-US6965Not updated
28Bloodbomb potatoDaggerspine-US6849Not updated
29Marrior ResonanceDaggerspine-US6820Not updated
30Curst  Daggerspine-US6760Not updated
31Momocidal The KindredDaggerspine-US6724Not updated
32Randompug potatoDaggerspine-US6691Not updated
33Ravniousdark  Daggerspine-US6689Not updated
34Corki GrimDaggerspine-US6686Not updated
35Thdor AMERICANHEROSDaggerspine-US6676Not updated
36Worldcrafter Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US6665Not updated
37Itsibitty Living LegendsDaggerspine-US6660Not updated
38Avrshion ImpulseDaggerspine-US6600Not updated
39Lövé The Boy CaptivesDaggerspine-US6576Not updated
40Varanor A Forgotten FaithDaggerspine-US6552Not updated
41Icywind Evil EmpireDaggerspine-US6551Not updated
42Phaysed The FamilyDaggerspine-US6531Not updated
43Archaleana ResonanceDaggerspine-US6530Not updated
44Bearapis Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US6515Not updated
45Báne The Dark ArtsDaggerspine-US6508Not updated
46Archform Obviously ProDaggerspine-US6491Not updated
47Tyryan UnKonventionalDaggerspine-US6462Not updated
47Tyrtle UnKonventionalDaggerspine-US6462Not updated
49Ysoserius A Forgotten FaithDaggerspine-US6457Not updated
50Jackyfrosty  Daggerspine-US6454Not updated
51Arionrhod  Daggerspine-US6416Not updated
52Raenor The FamilyDaggerspine-US6378Not updated
53Littlemissyk Children Of AsgardhrDaggerspine-US6314Not updated
54Anistascha KhalasarDaggerspine-US6273Not updated
55Lowkee Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US6218Not updated
56Wiig Ebonic PlagueDaggerspine-US6187Not updated
57Darkke  Daggerspine-US6180Not updated
58Bitême Arrow KeyDaggerspine-US6170Not updated
59Sandorean RiotDaggerspine-US6153Not updated
60Gerrick ResonanceDaggerspine-US6142Not updated
61Corloc GrimDaggerspine-US6130Not updated
62Nostridamus The FamilyDaggerspine-US6096Not updated
63Zaraper Luck of the DrawDaggerspine-US6075Not updated
64Doktorfalken  Daggerspine-US6001Not updated
65Tohotfordotz Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US5975Not updated
66Aaria Daggersong AllianceDaggerspine-US5962Not updated
67Chupparosa GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US5903Not updated
67Chuppa GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US5903Not updated
69Trilais OishieDaggerspine-US5898Not updated
70Supersereal PRIMORDIAL ASCENSIONDaggerspine-US5854Not updated
71Fortiscue ResonanceDaggerspine-US5831Not updated
72Gigamesh GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US5828Not updated
73Andi Five ManDaggerspine-US5821Not updated
74Oxtavius The Chocolate FactoryDaggerspine-US5810Not updated
75Redivivus ZenithDaggerspine-US5805Not updated
76Intravenous long story shortDaggerspine-US5790Not updated
77Gaudalupe A Forgotten FaithDaggerspine-US5779Not updated
78Redcròss potatoDaggerspine-US5718Not updated
79Mixalis potatoDaggerspine-US5706Not updated
80Kurah SkeletorDaggerspine-US5705Not updated
81Iceyqtpie SolidarityDaggerspine-US5646Not updated
82Kìngdaka Bathroom BrawlersDaggerspine-US5629Not updated
83Raxar GrimDaggerspine-US5622Not updated
84Vanosh OishieDaggerspine-US5618Not updated
85Faace ResonanceDaggerspine-US5614Not updated
86Zorrak  Daggerspine-US5609Not updated
87Ellifain Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US5601Not updated
88Onalysa The FootDaggerspine-US5572Not updated
89Katch Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5543Not updated
90Goldfingaz Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5541Not updated
90Cuddler Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5541Not updated
90Gethen Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5541Not updated
90Kungmoo Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5541Not updated
90Gamegenie Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5541Not updated
95Cuddlez Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5538Not updated
96Trollsavage  Daggerspine-US5537Not updated
97Amélia Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US5518Not updated
98Mikaboshi Lost SoldiersDaggerspine-US5517Not updated
99Fortskof New World OrderDaggerspine-US5483Not updated
100Vanshy The KeepersDaggerspine-US5475Not updated

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