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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Crystalpine Stinger-TW Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1梅麗凱 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW9994Not updated
2笑靨淺淺 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW8307Not updated
3玦璃 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW7504Not updated
4米小菲 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW7501Not updated
5雨中蘆葦 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW7395Not updated
6曉影 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW7351Not updated
6曉子路寶寶 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW7351Not updated
8寒煙碧 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW7050Not updated
9雷加坦格利安 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6995Not updated
10喵喵滴 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6861Not updated
11紫衣阡陌 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6775Not updated
12Alzharas StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6728Not updated
13鳩毛 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6717Not updated
14混世堂堂 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6699Not updated
15Augustcrush StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6457Not updated
16阿蘇卡 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6374Not updated
17做個好演員 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6254Not updated
18Resent StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6182Not updated
19影墨 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6158Not updated
20夢遊症候群 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6145Not updated
21艾莉絲雅 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW6058Not updated
22Siegebreaker StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5966Not updated
23昔時因 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5784Not updated
24赫莉萊特 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5717Not updated
25虎逼的低調 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5672Not updated
26給力毛毛 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5602Not updated
27萌萌的時光 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5422Not updated
28松島奈奈子 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5408Not updated
29我膽小如鼠 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5126Not updated
30生命之焱 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW5107Not updated
31Flare StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4869Not updated
32籠貓 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4853Not updated
33荒蕪使者 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4782Not updated
34沐浴星光 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4719Not updated
35煞滿一血蹄 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4713Not updated
36Tristino StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4633Not updated
37射是衛生 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4495Not updated
38蒼天狩 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4354Not updated
39任行風 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW4108Not updated
40憂郁的雪 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3655Not updated
41擄掠奸人 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3650Not updated
42史波克 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3575Not updated
43請削弱術士 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3525Not updated
44落花飄搖 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3421Not updated
45Winchesster StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3332Not updated
46Windyfox StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3258Not updated
47Visionchoi StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3246Not updated
48Estreliita StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3090Not updated
49Larris StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3047Not updated
49憂郁的小雨 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3047Not updated
51凱恩彩蹄 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2929Not updated
52Cinioless StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2886Not updated
52Zpzeroc StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2886Not updated
54張子玲 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2861Not updated
55Kuroko StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2807Not updated
56懂懂哥 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2753Not updated
57阿虜 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2747Not updated
58Bloodaxe StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2597Not updated
59追憶之風 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2548Not updated
60愛原今生 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2255Not updated
61米小綠 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2188Not updated
61Bloodfin StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2188Not updated
63炎焱 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2170Not updated
64仁央 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2100Not updated
65夢里又飛花 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2099Not updated
66淺尐夏 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2030Not updated
67臥龍之神 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1968Not updated
68Alexas StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1922Not updated
69蘭尼斯特伯爵 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1843Not updated
70釢釢個熊 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1764Not updated
71Sumfredi StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1715Not updated
72瀾羽瀟瀟 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1696Not updated
73萌萌傻妞 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1688Not updated
74則別 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1543Not updated
75流浪費洛蒙 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1504Not updated
76星曜九天 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1492Not updated
77污魂 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1479Not updated
78Empyrea StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1408Not updated
79總監 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1322Not updated
80小時候的瑞茲 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1317Not updated
81蘇亂針 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1303Not updated
82桉瀞 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1289Not updated
83紫曉曉 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1284Not updated
84天之歆 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1161Not updated
85Yuufa StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1135Not updated
86Maskedkira StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1098Not updated
87Reinhardz StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1077Not updated
88拾陸歲的沉醉 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1072Not updated
89我諜 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1068Not updated
90艾魯大將軍 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1062Not updated
90萌萌的嘀嘀 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1062Not updated
92大叔地中海 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1037Not updated
93防賊 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1002Not updated
94我就是長不大 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW980Not updated
95滐卡 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW978Not updated
96蕾妮婭 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW977Not updated
97康熙來叻 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW962Not updated
98風舞寒霜 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW957Not updated
99風清雨淚 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW939Not updated
100Pregnant StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW920Not updated

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