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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Crushridge-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Morpheme Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US14750Not updated
2Fenom GunslingersCrushridge-US14383Not updated
3Grayrobe Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US14298Not updated
4Caji The ImmortalCrushridge-US12120Not updated
5Rido FailboatCrushridge-US11307Not updated
6Whargoul Love and PeaceCrushridge-US11207Not updated
7Sartkal ShadowclanCrushridge-US10669Not updated
8Huntandkill The Knìghts of DoomCrushridge-US10625Not updated
9Buckee MPBCrushridge-US10380Not updated
10Dakinissong Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US10334Not updated
11Zemyna ObliqueCrushridge-US9924Not updated
12Omisery Love and PeaceCrushridge-US9832Not updated
13Caolynn Love and PeaceCrushridge-US9310Not updated
14Tacobelle  Crushridge-US9308Not updated
15Kamda Holy TerrorsCrushridge-US9056Not updated
16Infiniti Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US9052Not updated
17Sooji SeditionCrushridge-US8712Not updated
18Atalanta Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US8672Not updated
19Zorro Love and PeaceCrushridge-US8559Not updated
20Firefeet WinterheartedCrushridge-US8518Not updated
21Gwyndeath The HordeCrushridge-US8515Not updated
22Infinìti Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US8490Not updated
23Thorita RIGORMORTISCrushridge-US8426Not updated
24Eragon RIGORMORTISCrushridge-US8368Not updated
25Purewind Kinship of FateCrushridge-US8239Not updated
26Mudder Non Members OnlyCrushridge-US8104Not updated
27Healboy Non Members OnlyCrushridge-US8101Not updated
28Magerbeauty The Mithril FistCrushridge-US8084Not updated
29Kjal Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US7986Not updated
30Diamand The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US7966Not updated
31Cracknasty Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US7947Not updated
32Grukor  Crushridge-US7770Not updated
33Extraone Up All NightCrushridge-US7742Not updated
34Püscifer Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US7687Not updated
35Vaidae Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US7613Not updated
35Jooblin Tactical FacepalmCrushridge-US7613Not updated
37Sklarr Kinship of FateCrushridge-US7578Not updated
38Eliia Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US7382Not updated
39Emmetalye Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US7343Not updated
40Cspice Simple PleazuresCrushridge-US7335Not updated
41Arrogance  Crushridge-US7331Not updated
42Banditsmash Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US7330Not updated
43Gilana The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US7306Not updated
44Ruidude  Crushridge-US7294Not updated
45Brokuu Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US7270Not updated
46Linzule Skunk WorksCrushridge-US7196Not updated
47Blackcowdown Cursed with AwesomeCrushridge-US7144Not updated
48Bombaddy  Crushridge-US7117Not updated
49ßethrezen  Crushridge-US7113Not updated
50Olid UnDeAd GaNk SqUaDCrushridge-US7086Not updated
51Kieru Nailed ItCrushridge-US7072Not updated
52Coughdrops Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US7056Not updated
53Vissic WinterheartedCrushridge-US7047Not updated
54Pikkon GunslingersCrushridge-US6865Not updated
55Xist ObliqueCrushridge-US6859Not updated
56Gothic Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6817Not updated
57Hypnotic Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6812Not updated
58Yumien Jaded ValhallaCrushridge-US6800Not updated
59Eatwithfeet The Muppet ShowCrushridge-US6780Not updated
60Shnitzél MafiaCrushridge-US6774Not updated
61Teasey  Crushridge-US6750Not updated
62Giggle Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6749Not updated
63Dontrike Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US6740Not updated
64Keida FeedbackCrushridge-US6738Not updated
65Cadilak Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US6724Not updated
66Lola Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710Not updated
66Oreo Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710Not updated
68Cheerleader P v PCrushridge-US6685Not updated
69Jénny Clam DownCrushridge-US6682Not updated
70Fun Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6680Not updated
70Ambrosia Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6680Not updated
72Phantasi End Time ProphetCrushridge-US6673Not updated
73Mystíque InebriatedCrushridge-US6669Not updated
74Ronjud  Crushridge-US6643Not updated
75Kelltee Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US6632Not updated
76Incizion Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6601Not updated
77Slimshadee Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US6575Not updated
78Corvle InebriatedCrushridge-US6543Not updated
79Seranwrap WinterheartedCrushridge-US6510Not updated
80Dòjo  Crushridge-US6502Not updated
81Zigomatic The Fear of CromCrushridge-US6501Not updated
82Grymoirr WinterheartedCrushridge-US6471Not updated
83Kovac Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US6468Not updated
84Términator Wrath Of The NorsemenCrushridge-US6450Not updated
85Onesimus  Crushridge-US6433Not updated
86Lockbait Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US6431Not updated
87Stim No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US6409Not updated
88Loxsley Tuatha De DanannCrushridge-US6397Not updated
89Morigord Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US6393Not updated
90Charger Non Members OnlyCrushridge-US6359Not updated
91Zeusoffire FailboatCrushridge-US6351Not updated
92Moondah ObliqueCrushridge-US6313Not updated
92Sangriaslim Warriors of HádesCrushridge-US6313Not updated
94Vorsh Stewards of StormwindCrushridge-US6312Not updated
95Bunty Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US6301Not updated
96Pean Vìdi Vëci VenìCrushridge-US6292Not updated
97Kamaksi  Crushridge-US6285Not updated
98Irthos  Crushridge-US6219Not updated

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