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Crushridge-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Morpheme Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US14600Not updated
2Fenom GunslingersCrushridge-US14359Not updated
3Oakgrove Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US11707
4Caji  Crushridge-US11696
5Whargoul Love and PeaceCrushridge-US10846
6Buckee MPBCrushridge-US10380Not updated
7Eyesroam Skunk WorksCrushridge-US9921Not updated
8Omisery Love and PeaceCrushridge-US9832Not updated
9Iamyourdaddy The Knight of DoomCrushridge-US9574
10Dakinissong Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US9553
11Caolynn Love and PeaceCrushridge-US9309
12Tacobelle  Crushridge-US9308Not updated
13Persephanie ObliqueCrushridge-US9181
14Kamda Holy TerrorsCrushridge-US8868
15Vivid Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US8777
16Atalanta Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US8638
17Oliviawilde The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US8624Not updated
18Pelican  Crushridge-US8514
19Sartkal ShadowclanCrushridge-US8507Not updated
20Thorita RIGORMORTISCrushridge-US8368
20Eragon RIGORMORTISCrushridge-US8368
22Morbidangel Wholesale MurderCrushridge-US8217Not updated
23Firefeet WinterheartedCrushridge-US8201
24Coolhand Non Members OnlyCrushridge-US8100
25Healboy Non Members OnlyCrushridge-US8099
26Magerbeauty The Mithril FistCrushridge-US8084Not updated
27Cracknasty Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US7936
28Sakilady Kinship of FateCrushridge-US7840Not updated
29Püscifer Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US7687Not updated
30Jooblin Tactical FacepalmCrushridge-US7613Not updated
31Marciangel Kinship of FateCrushridge-US7494Not updated
32Jendara Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US7380
33Shaylia Kinship of FateCrushridge-US7348Not updated
34Emmetalye Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US7343Not updated
35Ruidude  Crushridge-US7294Not updated
36Cspice Simple PleazuresCrushridge-US7269
37Brokuu Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US7265
38Sooji SeditionCrushridge-US7243Not updated
39Diamand The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US7240
40Akami Skunk WorksCrushridge-US7195Not updated
41Arrogance Simple PleazuresCrushridge-US7134Not updated
42Bombaddy  Crushridge-US7117Not updated
43Aimsley Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US7049
44Vissic WinterheartedCrushridge-US7047Not updated
45Darkmare Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US7024
46Blinkie The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US6901
47Yumien Jaded ValhallaCrushridge-US6800Not updated
48Kieru Nailed ItCrushridge-US6781
49Shnitzél MafiaCrushridge-US6774Not updated
50Eatwithfeet  Crushridge-US6762
51Dontrike Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US6725
52Swiftmender Even if they stopped meCrushridge-US6724Not updated
53Hypnotic Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710
53Gothic Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710
53Giggle Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710
53Lola Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710Not updated
53Oreo Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6710Not updated
58Libia ObliqueCrushridge-US6709
59Cheerleader P v PCrushridge-US6685Not updated
60Fun Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6680Not updated
60Ambrosia Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US6680Not updated
62Eckle UnDeAd GaNk SqUaDCrushridge-US6669Not updated
63Amalie FeedbackCrushridge-US6653
64Reesen West Tide NagazCrushridge-US6629Not updated
65Intention Give War A ChanceCrushridge-US6578
66Slimshadee Silence of the GnomesCrushridge-US6575Not updated
67Seranwrap WinterheartedCrushridge-US6510
68Mancerader Skunk WorksCrushridge-US6468Not updated
69Kovac Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US6467Not updated
70Banditsmash Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US6458Not updated
71Grymoirr WinterheartedCrushridge-US6450
72Ronjud Los Angeles LakersCrushridge-US6440Not updated
73Lockbait Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US6431
74Términator Wrath Of The NorsemenCrushridge-US6425
75Mystíque InebriatedCrushridge-US6422Not updated
76Stim No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US6326Not updated
77Corvall InebriatedCrushridge-US6321Not updated
78Vorsh Stewards of StormwindCrushridge-US6312
79Buntard Desolent DestroyersCrushridge-US6300Not updated
80Pean Vìdi Vëci VenìCrushridge-US6292Not updated
81Jazune Dawn of DragonsCrushridge-US6204
82Tequíla Probably DrunkCrushridge-US6201
83Kathorad ObliqueCrushridge-US6189
84Barkington The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US6163
85Shaydez Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US6159Not updated
86Seito Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US6143
87Darkshott Kinship of FateCrushridge-US6134
88Karida Stewards of StormwindCrushridge-US6130
89Hazmyth Cursed with AwesomeCrushridge-US6113Not updated
90Onesimus WinterheartedCrushridge-US6096
91Xsmoker ParabellumCrushridge-US6089
92Trixxy WinterheartedCrushridge-US6083
93Teasey  Crushridge-US6082Not updated
94Pukefiesta LeblaCrushridge-US6072Not updated
95Mypants  Crushridge-US5982Not updated
96Aidap Being RudeCrushridge-US5974Not updated
97Shamonster Wholesale MurderCrushridge-US5964Not updated
97Kisoka Wholesale MurderCrushridge-US5964Not updated
99Dusster  Crushridge-US5961Not updated
100Parcwa The ShatteringCrushridge-US5960Not updated

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