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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Chromaggus-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Danneúj Haunted HeavensChromaggus-EU14138Not updated
2Makri Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU13800Not updated
3Fastergood Digital JusticeChromaggus-EU11046Not updated
4Nighthuntern  Chromaggus-EU9386Not updated
5Pipilota FairytailChromaggus-EU9070Not updated
6Veloq Rise n ShineChromaggus-EU8888Not updated
7Muldér ExoticChromaggus-EU8875Not updated
8Magnetron BBQChromaggus-EU8804Not updated
9Zeloq Rise n ShineChromaggus-EU8764Not updated
10Grönöga In To The EndChromaggus-EU8294Not updated
11Charmbalah PatheticChromaggus-EU8222Not updated
12Zamunda Casus BelliChromaggus-EU8092Not updated
13Shiru Raiders of ApocalypseChromaggus-EU8039Not updated
14Anotherpala DarkHeartsChromaggus-EU7851Not updated
15Gortun Prozac HuntersChromaggus-EU7695Not updated
16Egwen PatheticChromaggus-EU7659Not updated
17Pilgrimm RagnarökChromaggus-EU7307Not updated
18Ashnard PandemicChromaggus-EU7268Not updated
19Macka FairytailChromaggus-EU7238Not updated
20Trilight JourneyChromaggus-EU7113Not updated
21Shumai PandemicChromaggus-EU7101Not updated
22Gáara NoesiSChromaggus-EU7031Not updated
23Lenteregen FairytailChromaggus-EU6882Not updated
23Insanyty  Chromaggus-EU6882Not updated
25Sionae AfflìctionChromaggus-EU6841Not updated
26Pershephone Broken CrystalChromaggus-EU6819Not updated
27Nólife LußChromaggus-EU6685Not updated
28Gyrak VeteransChromaggus-EU6604Not updated
29Grisling Illidans HighbourneChromaggus-EU6537Not updated
30Succybanky  Chromaggus-EU6533Not updated
31Heo PandemicChromaggus-EU6498Not updated
32Joseywales VeteransChromaggus-EU6492Not updated
33Esmukom De HavenzangersChromaggus-EU6445Not updated
34Deragon Mutual GainChromaggus-EU6433Not updated
35Raciczka Raiders of ApocalypseChromaggus-EU6407Not updated
36Angelsem Illidans HighbourneChromaggus-EU6298Not updated
37Painable  Chromaggus-EU6218Not updated
38Zzextor VeteransChromaggus-EU6179Not updated
39Mafiosa FairytailChromaggus-EU6154Not updated
40Pvpslayerdk MrbanksyChromaggus-EU6152Not updated
41Facce FairytailChromaggus-EU6131Not updated
42Dryads Prozac HuntersChromaggus-EU5914Not updated
43Dpriestiest Bellum PaxChromaggus-EU5782Not updated
44Drunkgoat Illidans HighbourneChromaggus-EU5745Not updated
45Uzener PandemicChromaggus-EU5743Not updated
46Fourtwentý PatheticChromaggus-EU5544Not updated
47Murasaki  Chromaggus-EU5528Not updated
48Runfatboyrun VeteransChromaggus-EU5526Not updated
49Uniliwia Bellum PaxChromaggus-EU5512Not updated
50Miyakon ArctìcaChromaggus-EU5477Not updated
51Domikinika Raiders of ApocalypseChromaggus-EU5465Not updated
52Sunstainer PreciousChromaggus-EU5452Not updated
53Durvariat MuffinsChromaggus-EU5406Not updated
54Dociledream Addiction IIChromaggus-EU5396Not updated
54Meowmax Addiction IIChromaggus-EU5396Not updated
56Lucent CorkheadsChromaggus-EU5374Not updated
57Utee  Chromaggus-EU5316Not updated
58Hynter In To The EndChromaggus-EU5314Not updated
59Pvpmaze  Chromaggus-EU5275Not updated
60Elfbot Unforgiven IIChromaggus-EU5270Not updated
61Crocket  Chromaggus-EU5236Not updated
62Stoeipoez  Chromaggus-EU5235Not updated
63Ædis  Chromaggus-EU5160Not updated
64Lostmywatch  Chromaggus-EU5156Not updated
65Abha Klan Karzacej PiesciChromaggus-EU5094Not updated
66Ollom  Chromaggus-EU5069Not updated
67Vïki  Chromaggus-EU5048Not updated
68Qatrebew  Chromaggus-EU5005Not updated
69Jarppa FairytailChromaggus-EU4991Not updated
70Bäjbi PatheticChromaggus-EU4954Not updated
71Mjuff  Chromaggus-EU4935Not updated
72Thunderbrew  Chromaggus-EU4898Not updated
73Yunthi FairytailChromaggus-EU4862Not updated
74Feeria PatheticChromaggus-EU4848Not updated
75Xristi Horde CrusadersChromaggus-EU4834Not updated
76Wetzermott VeteransChromaggus-EU4824Not updated
77Perellka JourneyChromaggus-EU4810Not updated
78Zhieldzorz LußChromaggus-EU4750Not updated
79Muultik FairytailChromaggus-EU4710Not updated
80Släyer  Chromaggus-EU4664Not updated
81Dathris Twenty DollarChromaggus-EU4662Not updated
82Gríshnak Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU4629Not updated
83Empera Klan Karzacej PiesciChromaggus-EU4609Not updated
84Elementalist  Chromaggus-EU4605Not updated
85Whistler In To The EndChromaggus-EU4537Not updated
86Emilwdk guild with no failChromaggus-EU4523Not updated
87Elemetal OracleChromaggus-EU4505Not updated
87Hypnoticá Blood and SandChromaggus-EU4505Not updated
89Wildmane FairytailChromaggus-EU4504Not updated
90Abruptum  Chromaggus-EU4503Not updated
91Secretsmile PatheticChromaggus-EU4481Not updated
92Badinfluence Lex TalionisChromaggus-EU4456Not updated
93Amarilmera PatheticChromaggus-EU4451Not updated
94Alarah  Chromaggus-EU4435Not updated
95Polyna Tauren Milkings AgencyChromaggus-EU4423Not updated
96Zabuza FuriaChromaggus-EU4400Not updated
97Blendor VeteransChromaggus-EU4397Not updated
98Doncerion PossessedChromaggus-EU4387Not updated
99Bowtie Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU4374Not updated
100Glazlo OracleChromaggus-EU4335Not updated

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