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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cenarius-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Cheer UnisonCenarius-US18890Not updated
2Foursakenone League of ShadowCenarius-US16767Not updated
3Moistest Veni Vidi BibiCenarius-US15931Not updated
4Lowood  Cenarius-US15449Not updated
4Woodfield  Cenarius-US15449Not updated
6Woodford Death NoteCenarius-US15335Not updated
6Woodbeard Death NoteCenarius-US15335Not updated
8Nubbiee We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US15266Not updated
9Qute AnnihilusCenarius-US15111Not updated
10Drewadd  Cenarius-US14896Not updated
11Tyronom JuggernautCenarius-US14531Not updated
12Bananananas Monkey BusinessCenarius-US14384Not updated
13Gnomemobile We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US14228Not updated
14Lonelytears  Cenarius-US14100Not updated
15Boblawblah PirateCenarius-US13907Not updated
16Lupinwyn To The Manor BornCenarius-US13558Not updated
17Imrere Dawn EternalCenarius-US13550Not updated
18Jablu Knuckleheads and NimrodsCenarius-US13511Not updated
19Norye FocusCenarius-US13211Not updated
20Yamai JuggernautCenarius-US13165Not updated
21Maless Mything PersonsCenarius-US12884Not updated
22Qu AnnihilusCenarius-US12756Not updated
23Kauhmbou Workìng as IntendedCenarius-US12505Not updated
23Ulritch Workìng as IntendedCenarius-US12505Not updated
25Lorendel Mithril WillCenarius-US12425Not updated
26Malignant MaskedCenarius-US12316Not updated
27Skylark AvowryCenarius-US12132Not updated
28Chevadin LegacyCenarius-US12107Not updated
29Azbelle PrestigeCenarius-US11800Not updated
30Kyleuis Raining ChaosCenarius-US11721Not updated
31Dallasdeath unholy crusadeCenarius-US11642Not updated
32Drallydin ShadowKillersCenarius-US11618Not updated
33Redmtionsong Something ShinyCenarius-US11447Not updated
33Nowomannocry Something ShinyCenarius-US11447Not updated
35Anothrphreek We Haz A DeathstarCenarius-US11406Not updated
36Phreeky We Haz A DeathstarCenarius-US11395Not updated
37Glorard PirateCenarius-US11274Not updated
38Alphashock JuggernautCenarius-US11137Not updated
39Msknightcow StrifeCenarius-US11048Not updated
40Grunthax The Worg Pup PackCenarius-US10994Not updated
41Elbi AvowryCenarius-US10989Not updated
42Jüdgêment Fallen AngelsCenarius-US10962Not updated
43Steverodgers Pwny ExpressCenarius-US10894Not updated
44Jingfei Misfit MonkeysCenarius-US10877Not updated
45Chria Late CrewCenarius-US10840Not updated
46Coldeath Pwny ExpressCenarius-US10800Not updated
47Gjoflash  Cenarius-US10798Not updated
48Ricanknight Ancients of AzerothCenarius-US10789Not updated
49Pappadeuce Twilight CrusadersCenarius-US10674Not updated
50Voncorax Saints and SinnersCenarius-US10542Not updated
51Satarah Azeroth Liberation FrontCenarius-US10536Not updated
52Orenji RazorCenarius-US10447Not updated
53Ambalampss Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US10219Not updated
54Myssdead N I K I T ACenarius-US10217Not updated
55Menne Mithril WillCenarius-US10161Not updated
56Angellìka Twilight CrusadersCenarius-US10096Not updated
57Nasazi JuggernautCenarius-US10085Not updated
58Friarfleisch Knights of the ValkyrieCenarius-US9997Not updated
59  Cenarius-US9952Not updated
60Whopperjaw Fellowship of the SwordsCenarius-US9903Not updated
61Jindoo Clan Blood MoonCenarius-US9879Not updated
62Alobar  Cenarius-US9816Not updated
63Pinkÿ AwakenedCenarius-US9765Not updated
64Heartléss PirateCenarius-US9753Not updated
65Purrplexed AnnihilusCenarius-US9739Not updated
66Stumpper N I K I T ACenarius-US9666Not updated
67Tyrok AlcatrazCenarius-US9658Not updated
68Kyixi Character AssassinsCenarius-US9655Not updated
69Nothinface PirateCenarius-US9610Not updated
70Phoenixnova Knuckleheads and NimrodsCenarius-US9559Not updated
71Maenna Mithril WillCenarius-US9530Not updated
72Afteru KarmaCenarius-US9523Not updated
73Wranea FocusCenarius-US9506Not updated
74Faelleve  Cenarius-US9499Not updated
75Kateý AdrenalineCenarius-US9497Not updated
76Derbay Pocket RocketsCenarius-US9425Not updated
77Marrishka DiligenceCenarius-US9416Not updated
78Harz Death PanelCenarius-US9385Not updated
79Passend AvowryCenarius-US9377Not updated
80Blakout Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US9278Not updated
81Merrilyn Legion of KingsCenarius-US9265Not updated
82Liimitbreak Coalition of CynicismCenarius-US9242Not updated
83Chulee Doom BringersCenarius-US9228Not updated
84Nyobe FerventCenarius-US9227Not updated
85Pants Raining ChaosCenarius-US8967Not updated
86Melanîe AdrenalineCenarius-US8944Not updated
87Boomchaka JuggernautCenarius-US8741Not updated
88Ilthiana Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US8728Not updated
89Laadee We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US8675Not updated

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