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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cenarion Circle-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Inexorable Onslaught of DisorderCenarion Circle-US23266Not updated
2Zarica Hearts of DarknessCenarion Circle-US17677Not updated
3Galdonar Crown of ChaosCenarion Circle-US16815Not updated
4Vilenin  Cenarion Circle-US16448Not updated
5Mossuki Night on FireCenarion Circle-US15841Not updated
6Pokahunta The Scorched HeartCenarion Circle-US15095Not updated
7Olórin WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US14700Not updated
8Krazzen Fluffy DragonCenarion Circle-US14055Not updated
9Motorboat WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US13930Not updated
10Bahzil Circle of ChaosCenarion Circle-US13334Not updated
11Queahpoo Crown of ChaosCenarion Circle-US12884Not updated
12Myrcella From The AshesCenarion Circle-US12577Not updated
13Projectile Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US12330Not updated
14Eroguro Phoenix SongCenarion Circle-US12264Not updated
15Arantse After DarkCenarion Circle-US12098Not updated
16Dorthia Simple and CleanCenarion Circle-US12089Not updated
17Hevy  Cenarion Circle-US11846Not updated
18Ethaan Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11469Not updated
19Cthruk  Cenarion Circle-US11436Not updated
20Gesundshot Grim Maw ClanCenarion Circle-US11405Not updated
21Laar WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US11320Not updated
22Inic Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11308Not updated
22Inix Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11308Not updated
24Osthur Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11298Not updated
24Cynor Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11298Not updated
24Antares Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11298Not updated
24Perkid Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11298Not updated
24Airimus Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11298Not updated
29Qyzen Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US11147Not updated
30Superkeena The Scorched HeartCenarion Circle-US11013Not updated
31Achren Grim Maw ClanCenarion Circle-US10923Not updated
32Jorag  Cenarion Circle-US10911Not updated
33Chac Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US10799Not updated
34Baryst Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US10797Not updated
35Strain Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US10766Not updated
36Medvedd WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US10697Not updated
37Martens WanderersCenarion Circle-US10614Not updated
38Amberesse DropDeadCenarion Circle-US10409Not updated
39Avellynn CONSORTIUMCenarion Circle-US10378Not updated
40Evalinda Darkness UnleashedCenarion Circle-US10332Not updated
41Korlakee CONSORTIUMCenarion Circle-US10285Not updated
42Alucius WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US10278Not updated
43Dreadpenny The Scorched HeartCenarion Circle-US10115Not updated
44Natzilla Nodes IncCenarion Circle-US10010Not updated
45Handle Ice NineCenarion Circle-US9942Not updated
46Juxtaposed Ice NineCenarion Circle-US9924Not updated
47Tinaddar HatredCenarion Circle-US9897Not updated
48Thoq Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US9791Not updated
49Tidge Northrend CommonwealthCenarion Circle-US9788Not updated
50Pimmah Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US9719Not updated
51Disgraced Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US9707Not updated
52Scritch After DarkCenarion Circle-US9567Not updated
53Turdis UnionCenarion Circle-US9536Not updated
54Kutamori Modas il ToralarCenarion Circle-US9504Not updated
55Zadiq Dream ChasersCenarion Circle-US9499Not updated
56Tahshuris DoomtidingsCenarion Circle-US9402Not updated
57Elrönd UnionCenarion Circle-US9328Not updated
57Lueshes Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US9328Not updated
57Ryngin Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US9328Not updated
57Gible UnionCenarion Circle-US9328Not updated
57Gandoff UnionCenarion Circle-US9328Not updated
62Malpropism Blackwater CircleCenarion Circle-US9299Not updated
63Mochalatté Requiem of DawnCenarion Circle-US9292Not updated
64Tuskivlle Onslaught of DisorderCenarion Circle-US9283Not updated
65Majestice BlackSunshineCenarion Circle-US9241Not updated
66Zuurr shadow raidersCenarion Circle-US9201Not updated
67Zarabel The NetherforgedCenarion Circle-US9175Not updated
68Zephilyn Pia PresidiumCenarion Circle-US9025Not updated
69Wellson Exiled DefendersCenarion Circle-US9021Not updated
70Millana Knights of the ForsakenCenarion Circle-US9014Not updated
71Karawine  Cenarion Circle-US9002Not updated
72Darideadyth DIECenarion Circle-US8994Not updated
73Eaghan Pia PresidiumCenarion Circle-US8947Not updated
74Bellflower  Cenarion Circle-US8814Not updated
75Own DarksideCenarion Circle-US8811Not updated
76Lacianna Nø MërcŸCenarion Circle-US8798Not updated
77Demonizor Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US8778Not updated
78Xingu Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US8669Not updated
79Carrixie Nodes IncCenarion Circle-US8659Not updated
80Syntasia Disciple of LucidiqueCenarion Circle-US8656Not updated
81Ashwynde  Cenarion Circle-US8641Not updated
82Arcusaesopi Death From AboveCenarion Circle-US8553Not updated
83Sper Inner ConflictCenarion Circle-US8551Not updated
84Zhuibu  Cenarion Circle-US8548Not updated
85Jooky The Rib CageCenarion Circle-US8531Not updated
86Banksalt Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US8492Not updated
87Emptypriest Death From AboveCenarion Circle-US8469Not updated
88Wyrmshadow Celtic ConnectionCenarion Circle-US8443Not updated
89Souania DoomtidingsCenarion Circle-US8379Not updated
90Scarlêt Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US8374Not updated
91Wingnutt Juice FuCenarion Circle-US8294Not updated
92Spikex Elemental WarriorsCenarion Circle-US8206Not updated
93Chionia Onslaught of DisorderCenarion Circle-US8196Not updated
94Viigo Almost FamousCenarion Circle-US8172Not updated
95Danzon Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US8141Not updated

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