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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

C'Thun-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Horek QuantumC'Thun-EU20083Not updated
2Harëx The Penguins MafiaC'Thun-EU17351Not updated
3Gënma Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU15333Not updated
4Jenkin Yakuzas Style ReloadedC'Thun-EU15324Not updated
5Armafirme Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU15257Not updated
6Unirocks NothC'Thun-EU15011Not updated
7Erîn Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14729Not updated
8Pijaa Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14704Not updated
8Øh Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14704Not updated
8Nüïï Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14704Not updated
8Ërïs Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14704Not updated
12Hipnoss Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14670Not updated
12Elphðmega Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14670Not updated
14Nuii Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14668Not updated
15Häte Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14658Not updated
16Dkpitadorxd PremonitionC'Thun-EU14528Not updated
17Bakareto RuneC'Thun-EU14522Not updated
18Apestosa  C'Thun-EU14399Not updated
18Shøhàí  C'Thun-EU14399Not updated
20Kratos Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU14332Not updated
21Pelandruska NighThawksC'Thun-EU14271Not updated
22Freshmint  C'Thun-EU14079Not updated
23Alaparrilla InceptionC'Thun-EU14049Not updated
24Magnífico Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU13902Not updated
25Rocki RuneC'Thun-EU13638Not updated
26Mansilla Pacto de AceroC'Thun-EU13108Not updated
27Rageburst UmbraC'Thun-EU12886Not updated
28Ìsis TargaryenC'Thun-EU12636Not updated
29Këlter Los TemerariosC'Thun-EU12165Not updated
30Modlav Los TemerariosC'Thun-EU12147Not updated
31Gatitoh Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU12025Not updated
32Nâu VenÐettaC'Thun-EU11900Not updated
33Xdlol Sangre y SombrasC'Thun-EU11486Not updated
34Loanz Héroes OlvidadosC'Thun-EU11379Not updated
35Relentless The Penguins MafiaC'Thun-EU11321Not updated
36Dwimmerlaik QuantumC'Thun-EU11309Not updated
36Jez QuantumC'Thun-EU11309Not updated
38Catyx Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU11200Not updated
39Ojalizator E T E R N I AC'Thun-EU11198Not updated
40Gonnen MERMAOS PVPC'Thun-EU11099Not updated
41Izildralol RuneC'Thun-EU11090Not updated
42Plastae The Best InmortalsC'Thun-EU10986Not updated
43Lundgrin High QualityC'Thun-EU10967Not updated
44Jujeco ZakarunC'Thun-EU10856Not updated
45Cazaalishs Gusano Zombie Tomando teC'Thun-EU10838Not updated
46Raider Vanguardia de la AlianzaC'Thun-EU10783Not updated
47Fenixina  C'Thun-EU10523Not updated
48Elut Knights of the DarknessC'Thun-EU10462Not updated
49Narom ZascatronesC'Thun-EU10374Not updated
50Vixita Return of SolarisC'Thun-EU10314Not updated
51Amandeep  C'Thun-EU10193Not updated
52Nazgul QuantumC'Thun-EU10067Not updated
53Evraska Nosce Te IpsumC'Thun-EU10025Not updated
54Astarozth LLAMAS DE ESCARCHAC'Thun-EU9825Not updated
55Alanian Summon de NaranjaC'Thun-EU9768Not updated
56Teutatespi HEROES DEL CAOSC'Thun-EU9733Not updated
57Defkonzero BARONES DE LA BIRRAC'Thun-EU9614Not updated
58Vakin Dark AnthemC'Thun-EU9562Not updated
59Fyrex War HornC'Thun-EU9491Not updated
60Toguk  C'Thun-EU9482Not updated
61Selênne  C'Thun-EU9478Not updated
62Dioinferno ArmaggedonC'Thun-EU9437Not updated
63Fümeta II CAVE CANEM IIC'Thun-EU9430Not updated
64Sorzenaguer Los reyes del mamboC'Thun-EU9361Not updated
65Rhapsody FourRosesC'Thun-EU9348Not updated
66Ariöch Sangre ØscuraC'Thun-EU9258Not updated
67Zidon Nerf ThisC'Thun-EU9244Not updated
68Ivanodon  C'Thun-EU9199Not updated
69Morganic Hardcore s AshesC'Thun-EU9140Not updated
70Älemagno Odisea de la hordaC'Thun-EU9127Not updated
71Sodatsu Muerte subitaC'Thun-EU9125Not updated
72Naole TAKE NO PRISONERSC'Thun-EU9090Not updated
73Räpunzel Acero de TitanesC'Thun-EU9055Not updated
74Rammlied BackStabC'Thun-EU9045Not updated
75Aberraciøn  C'Thun-EU9040Not updated
76Belceebu Vanguardia de la AlianzaC'Thun-EU8969Not updated
77Sdatsu Muerte subitaC'Thun-EU8967Not updated
78Anticristt Furia NocturnaC'Thun-EU8845Not updated
79Nêituk High QualityC'Thun-EU8842Not updated
80Mortegar Custodios AncestralesC'Thun-EU8820Not updated
81Titotito Wipe SchoolC'Thun-EU8777Not updated
82Kageoni  C'Thun-EU8756Not updated
83Basandra InceptionC'Thun-EU8752Not updated
84Xaws NibelheimC'Thun-EU8727Not updated
85Thiesus Summon de NaranjaC'Thun-EU8724Not updated
86Atlâs Mithril HallC'Thun-EU8718Not updated
87Apisonic Material DefectuosoC'Thun-EU8708Not updated
88Hellkan Legendarios con CocacolaC'Thun-EU8690Not updated
89Sharela SÚN TZUC'Thun-EU8686Not updated
90Pegatinitas los sobraosC'Thun-EU8668Not updated
91Ranandir nostradamusC'Thun-EU8660Not updated
92Zyn War of TitansC'Thun-EU8630Not updated
93Gufica Twelve MonksC'Thun-EU8629Not updated
94Guápaa  C'Thun-EU8610Not updated

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