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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Blade-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Apollo Dawn Of TerrorBurning Blade-US15848Not updated
2Maelpand AnnihilationBurning Blade-US14901Not updated
3Natrath AnnihilationBurning Blade-US14702Not updated
4Sariae NamelessBurning Blade-US13901Not updated
5Felonee Mile High ClubBurning Blade-US13576Not updated
6Arkushoy  Burning Blade-US13488Not updated
7Coldwell Pokemon TrainersBurning Blade-US12970Not updated
8Ezkill Hardtack GizmosBurning Blade-US11623Not updated
9Ozba Allied National GuardBurning Blade-US10898Not updated
10Murkyrex Thrall goes to CanadaBurning Blade-US10038Not updated
11Mísery IniquityBurning Blade-US9886Not updated
12Spewl WumbologyBurning Blade-US9831Not updated
13Satsao Cash MoneyBurning Blade-US9731Not updated
14Buffinlovin AnnihilationBurning Blade-US9640Not updated
15Eårthquåke  Burning Blade-US9517Not updated
16Bëorn Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US8999Not updated
17Favi AnnihilationBurning Blade-US8921Not updated
18Neurotica GolgariBurning Blade-US8737Not updated
19Mawg Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8707Not updated
20Bezizzle Away TeamBurning Blade-US8697Not updated
21Gonagitusuka Horde HuntersBurning Blade-US8684Not updated
22Lenore The HauntedBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Moob Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Samuelvimes Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Litebright  Burning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Phoenux Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Sybilramkin Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Kornelius Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
22Backstabbath Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8642Not updated
30Maris FlawlessBurning Blade-US8639Not updated
31Reyu Lowered ExpectationsBurning Blade-US8544Not updated
32Lisa ZhenBurning Blade-US8504Not updated
33Redemptîøn  Burning Blade-US8440Not updated
34Vódka  Burning Blade-US8363Not updated
35Margarìta HeroBurning Blade-US8360Not updated
36Cryt Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US8329Not updated
37Rokiri Lazy RebelsBurning Blade-US8311Not updated
38Bigkap Slash WinBurning Blade-US8239Not updated
39Eupatorus AscianBurning Blade-US8137Not updated
40Kleave AnathemaBurning Blade-US8134Not updated
41Jd Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US8081Not updated
42Gabela es RostyBurning Blade-US8079Not updated
43Alphanumeric GolgariBurning Blade-US7964Not updated
44Morguluse  Burning Blade-US7930Not updated
45Uglarado AnnihilationBurning Blade-US7850Not updated
46Em The Super Smash BrothersBurning Blade-US7767Not updated
47Alystan It Only Hurts Till I RezBurning Blade-US7726Not updated
48Seelie LogicBurning Blade-US7685Not updated
49Gohrtok MercilessBurning Blade-US7661Not updated
50Mizer L E G I O NBurning Blade-US7643Not updated
51Jutz DishonoredBurning Blade-US7607Not updated
52Eleri The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US7562Not updated
53Ratman AnnihilationBurning Blade-US7489Not updated
54Chësne Serpents of EdenBurning Blade-US7456Not updated
55Rüsty TerminusBurning Blade-US7378Not updated
56Juju Away TeamBurning Blade-US7343Not updated
57Alluress  Burning Blade-US7332Not updated
58Zilo WumbologyBurning Blade-US7318Not updated
59Durtyu  Burning Blade-US7280Not updated
60Deltak MercilessBurning Blade-US7274Not updated
61Lagrossee Hacked IRLBurning Blade-US7225Not updated
62Vauqüita es RostyBurning Blade-US7195Not updated
63Azerdruid Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US7190Not updated
64Deïcide AnnihilationBurning Blade-US7141Not updated
65Tyranor HeroBurning Blade-US7140Not updated
66Tlo LivingFictionBurning Blade-US7134Not updated
67Geowned Nethergard WatchBurning Blade-US7129Not updated
68Kyntherra Sanctum Of BrotherhoodBurning Blade-US7089Not updated
69Pezzer Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US7029Not updated
70Bullseyes RedemptionBurning Blade-US7017Not updated
71Specialsock CalamityBurning Blade-US6980Not updated
72Jinova Band of BrotherzBurning Blade-US6973Not updated
73Owlheart Brosephs Before HosephsBurning Blade-US6972Not updated
74Revoked AtrociousBurning Blade-US6948Not updated
75Gromkin Away TeamBurning Blade-US6938Not updated
76Dinendal Allied National GuardBurning Blade-US6929Not updated
77Gunkah HeroBurning Blade-US6914Not updated
78Chubbybunny  Burning Blade-US6873Not updated
79Sifuyipman Noggenfogger AddictsBurning Blade-US6842Not updated
80Giardia Death RowBurning Blade-US6829Not updated
81Reactivity MercilessBurning Blade-US6818Not updated
82Íll Rust in PeaceBurning Blade-US6785Not updated

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