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Bronzebeard-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Reference Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US16484
2Tactile The Good Bad OncesBronzebeard-US16301
3Vittoria InsidiousBronzebeard-US16075
4Darkoutlaw Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US15593
5Goblein The ImperiumBronzebeard-US15281
6Gheorghe Intense ViolenceBronzebeard-US14956Not updated
7Firestalker Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US14698
8Shekkira Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US14697
9Vlada Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US14601
10Romalar Legion of LightBronzebeard-US14170
11Dolface Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US14106Not updated
12Moridra Army of HelamanBronzebeard-US13550
13Sheebad Comfy PantsBronzebeard-US12930
14Felklek Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US12781
15Blooddawns Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US12775Not updated
16Stormwatch Sol SocietyBronzebeard-US12343Not updated
17Ninjaspanda The Night WatchersBronzebeard-US12327Not updated
18Eatpie UglytoesBronzebeard-US11436
19Shadira  Bronzebeard-US11407Not updated
20Uremight Second PullBronzebeard-US11343
21Cristalrubi  Bronzebeard-US11084Not updated
22Vampenlock Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US11029
23Sacredheartz Angels on GuardBronzebeard-US10965Not updated
24Cupcakedd  Bronzebeard-US10805Not updated
25Ardric InvasionBronzebeard-US10632
26Untaron Nameless OnesBronzebeard-US10507Not updated
27Bobdk  Bronzebeard-US10481Not updated
28Starrlight Anarchy For HireBronzebeard-US10445Not updated
29Julîa  Bronzebeard-US10394Not updated
30Flobert IcefallBronzebeard-US10351
31Rhomming Paddys PubBronzebeard-US10312
32Mahout Legion of LightBronzebeard-US10271
33Urshaderd WretchedBronzebeard-US10115Not updated
34Chame Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US10085
35Jonnyboomkin  Bronzebeard-US10066Not updated
36Glowworm CLUB DEADBronzebeard-US9992
37Zongosa Running With The DevilBronzebeard-US9911
38Deloress ParagonBronzebeard-US9869
39Buttercüp Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US9711
40Hotcoffee  Bronzebeard-US9670Not updated
41Roszgemma Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US9569
42Falleon Dont Stand In The FireBronzebeard-US9381Not updated
43Futility Disciples of The HordeBronzebeard-US9364
44Becianblue WaRPeD MiNDsBronzebeard-US9273
45Felp ParagonBronzebeard-US9251Not updated
46Carishu Redeyes HellionsBronzebeard-US9228
47Malonk rabid rabbitsBronzebeard-US9225Not updated
48Azhat Legends of the Dark MistBronzebeard-US9159Not updated
49Krayken Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US9136Not updated
50Pointnshoot Shen en CalharBronzebeard-US9081
51Tessaria InsidiousBronzebeard-US9067
52Snäcka Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US9044
53Exemel Falkenrath KnightsBronzebeard-US8990Not updated
54Jurassicbark Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US8948
55Ansobardin Running With The DevilBronzebeard-US8937
56Ogichidaa InvasionBronzebeard-US8889Not updated
57Briara Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US8883
58Carnelia Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US8864Not updated
59Jezelda  Bronzebeard-US8823Not updated
60Gingerlips Wayward GuardiansBronzebeard-US8745
61Macskamedve Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US8613Not updated
62Ravendora Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US8573
62Emilaire Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US8573
64Tangerine Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US8548
65Kuvaldis NightbaneBronzebeard-US8540Not updated
66Bascoda Running With The DevilBronzebeard-US8504
67Damarisa Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US8498
68Carminera Una BankoBronzebeard-US8493Not updated
69Sambrosia Running With The DevilBronzebeard-US8485
70Xfyre Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US8479Not updated
71Kharden CatalystBronzebeard-US8410Not updated
72Exels Aegis of AthenaBronzebeard-US8392Not updated

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