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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Borean Tundra-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Ontherocks RecursionBorean Tundra-US14875Not updated
1Shocknorris RecursionBorean Tundra-US14875Not updated
3Gershuun RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Nightfall RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Ermahgerd RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Axana RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Antwondodson RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Kalliope RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Chloroform RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
3Georgette RecursionBorean Tundra-US14725Not updated
11Wrran RecursionBorean Tundra-US12094Not updated
12Adalious RecursionBorean Tundra-US7462Not updated
12Boken RecursionBorean Tundra-US7462Not updated
12Artorios RecursionBorean Tundra-US7462Not updated
12Adalichious RecursionBorean Tundra-US7462Not updated
12Nyankat RecursionBorean Tundra-US7462Not updated
12Clamcam RecursionBorean Tundra-US7462Not updated
18Rimsicle RecursionBorean Tundra-US7417Not updated
19Dotpocket RecursionBorean Tundra-US7413Not updated
20Heihachijr RecursionBorean Tundra-US7398Not updated
21Mandarb RecursionBorean Tundra-US6406Not updated
22Fumi RecursionBorean Tundra-US5724Not updated
23Newcomer RecursionBorean Tundra-US5117Not updated
24Kallu RecursionBorean Tundra-US3975Not updated
25Huntent RecursionBorean Tundra-US3338Not updated
26Toboe RecursionBorean Tundra-US3298Not updated
27Heavensnight RecursionBorean Tundra-US2616Not updated
28Luffy RecursionBorean Tundra-US1937Not updated
29Mikiyoshida RecursionBorean Tundra-US1879Not updated
30Redchuu RecursionBorean Tundra-US1308Not updated
31Eurgh RecursionBorean Tundra-US1135Not updated
31Snookiê RecursionBorean Tundra-US1135Not updated
33Eurghtwo RecursionBorean Tundra-US1108Not updated
33Izziefareal RecursionBorean Tundra-US1108Not updated
33Concited RecursionBorean Tundra-US1108Not updated
36Sethìc RecursionBorean Tundra-US1101Not updated
37Krazywizard RecursionBorean Tundra-US928Not updated
38Tuomas RecursionBorean Tundra-US879Not updated
39Flipz RecursionBorean Tundra-US683Not updated
40Antivist RecursionBorean Tundra-US666Not updated
41Beracha RecursionBorean Tundra-US637Not updated
42Lightirion RecursionBorean Tundra-US512Not updated
43Cool RecursionBorean Tundra-US479Not updated
44Naturallight RecursionBorean Tundra-US474Not updated
45Dyylaan RecursionBorean Tundra-US452Not updated
46Bronet RecursionBorean Tundra-US440Not updated
47Flintstones RecursionBorean Tundra-US331Not updated
48Leognome RecursionBorean Tundra-US310Not updated
49Jüdgement RecursionBorean Tundra-US292Not updated
50Tigzuz RecursionBorean Tundra-US260Not updated
51Onemunchkin RecursionBorean Tundra-US246Not updated
52Shocksnprocs RecursionBorean Tundra-US158Not updated
53Progression RecursionBorean Tundra-US145Not updated
54Boomkend RecursionBorean Tundra-US144Not updated
55Siil RecursionBorean Tundra-US140Not updated
56Fishhulk RecursionBorean Tundra-US139Not updated
57Jaedon RecursionBorean Tundra-US116Not updated
58Allanden RecursionBorean Tundra-US101Not updated
59Lonelyt RecursionBorean Tundra-US98Not updated
60Lgdevo RecursionBorean Tundra-US67Not updated
60Brocolme RecursionBorean Tundra-US67Not updated
62Mondoburger RecursionBorean Tundra-US54Not updated
63Xaoc RecursionBorean Tundra-US46Not updated
63Smakyo RecursionBorean Tundra-US46Not updated
65Grimmjôw RecursionBorean Tundra-US25Not updated
66Valenci RecursionBorean Tundra-US14Not updated
66Laandrith RecursionBorean Tundra-US14Not updated
68Forensics RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Caliandisa RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Daylyt RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Divineblood RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Lebubbles RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Dotmvp RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Elliea RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Frampton RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Cowtoes RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Tuølumne RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Nominal RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated
68Minazuki RecursionBorean Tundra-USNot updated

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