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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bonechewer-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Dancey StoicBonechewer-US15178Not updated
2Fenom OzBonechewer-US14378Not updated
3Alkpwn CivilianBonechewer-US13921Not updated
4Informashion NocturnalBonechewer-US13359Not updated
5Rainscoming MortisBonechewer-US13216Not updated
6Moscato Pwncakes and RofflesBonechewer-US11893Not updated
7Vonica The AmazoniansBonechewer-US11726Not updated
8Pokeygirl CivilianBonechewer-US10971Not updated
9Grumpps R n RBonechewer-US10816Not updated
10Razmootin RerolledBonechewer-US10507Not updated
11Armend AscendantsBonechewer-US9753Not updated
12Tonyaharding MausoleumBonechewer-US9373Not updated
13Kikzaas ReckoningBonechewer-US9343Not updated
14Summack For Whom the Bell TollsBonechewer-US9256Not updated
15Immagicman  Bonechewer-US9223Not updated
16Bagginzz OzBonechewer-US9191Not updated
17Lewena MausoleumBonechewer-US9016Not updated
18Isstra Crossroad CrusadersBonechewer-US8774Not updated
19Kiotay Power Word FunkBonechewer-US8707Not updated
20Branwenn Clan SverkerBonechewer-US8604Not updated
21Bellachanel CryHavocBonechewer-US8521Not updated
22Mayoe Rawr Death PonyBonechewer-US8438Not updated
23Kayolith CivilianBonechewer-US8314Not updated
24Kazekhan ScuderiaBonechewer-US8175Not updated
25Nycellia CryHavocBonechewer-US8138Not updated
26Lofr AKBonechewer-US8044Not updated
27Rhyian OzBonechewer-US7997Not updated
28Thundervolt Je me souviensBonechewer-US7982Not updated
29Drettok Vatican AssassinsBonechewer-US7971Not updated
30Aindah RedfrexBonechewer-US7890Not updated
31Miserable Lowered ExpectationsBonechewer-US7828Not updated
32Kalystia Power Word FunkBonechewer-US7652Not updated
33Koani CivilianBonechewer-US7578Not updated
34Jessy Power Word FunkBonechewer-US7524Not updated
35Turdburge AscendantsBonechewer-US7485Not updated
36Sorrôw FloppedBonechewer-US7481Not updated
37Nyphistra Power Word FunkBonechewer-US7473Not updated
38Chananx  Bonechewer-US7440Not updated
39Inkthoras CivilianBonechewer-US7421Not updated
40Ronnie Nameless OrderBonechewer-US7326Not updated
41Chimtrang Drunk DynastyBonechewer-US7309Not updated
42Tommie MortisBonechewer-US7285Not updated
43Kudei Wiggle Wiggle WiggleBonechewer-US7218Not updated
44Lilalei Oh My GarroshBonechewer-US7189Not updated
45Mylilpwnee  Bonechewer-US7126Not updated
46Carsin Skitzofrenic SycosBonechewer-US7105Not updated
47Tavenleigh Plays Well With OthersBonechewer-US7047Not updated
48Melchiorre AKBonechewer-US7016Not updated
49Sabungero ScuderiaBonechewer-US7014Not updated
50Nograd Popular CreepsBonechewer-US6990Not updated
51Mylari Power Word FunkBonechewer-US6975Not updated
52Linoc CryHavocBonechewer-US6934Not updated
53Ashguard CryHavocBonechewer-US6931Not updated
54Clerra OzBonechewer-US6903Not updated
55Furnakhan The FonzarellisBonechewer-US6841Not updated
56Fröstÿ SanitariumBonechewer-US6805Not updated
57Mafer Grip Of DeathBonechewer-US6797Not updated
58Dorrin The AmazoniansBonechewer-US6740Not updated
59Suriana AscendedBonechewer-US6726Not updated
60Sorley BiPolarBonechewer-US6711Not updated
61Skwerble Pokemon TrainerBonechewer-US6687Not updated
62Erminia Skitzofrenic SycosBonechewer-US6683Not updated
63Elenara StoicBonechewer-US6681Not updated
64Daemonar Power Word FunkBonechewer-US6660Not updated
65Aelyne  Bonechewer-US6653Not updated
66Tiusele AscendedBonechewer-US6628Not updated
67Erminey Skitzofrenic SycosBonechewer-US6604Not updated
68Archbanker Crossroad CrusadersBonechewer-US6603Not updated
69Rekhyt CryHavocBonechewer-US6594Not updated
70Nyquil INXAOSBonechewer-US6583Not updated
71Deadaimed THE EMPTY SEVENBonechewer-US6576Not updated
72Sëlqìe  Bonechewer-US6571Not updated
73Kabotage Tribo HabagatBonechewer-US6565Not updated
74Rapp The AmazoniansBonechewer-US6545Not updated
75Urukhaì Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US6523Not updated
76Elst Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US6519Not updated
77Deathbyshado Burning RageBonechewer-US6515Not updated
78Tomarthe Plays Well With OthersBonechewer-US6489Not updated
79Demonyx Partners in CrimeBonechewer-US6488Not updated
80Amsher CryHavocBonechewer-US6477Not updated
81Deenial SanitariumBonechewer-US6452Not updated
82Kalabän Tribo HabagatBonechewer-US6436Not updated
83Flipizzle Tribo HabagatBonechewer-US6422Not updated
84Brockinator Hello Kitty SmashersBonechewer-US6412Not updated
85Guthewalfe CivilianBonechewer-US6363Not updated
86Lanadelray Red Dragon SocietyBonechewer-US6362Not updated
87Psychosis MortisBonechewer-US6329Not updated
88Pwny The Frozen KingdomBonechewer-US6328Not updated

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