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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodscalp-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Grambad Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU15655Not updated
2Királyfi KéksárkányokBloodscalp-EU13926Not updated
3Hotchoclate Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU13361Not updated
4Nyulambulam Lord of The HordeBloodscalp-EU10912Not updated
5Kisjettii  Bloodscalp-EU10733Not updated
6Erato CrusadersBloodscalp-EU10526Not updated
7Thaelroneth Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10517Not updated
8Daenezdor Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10421Not updated
9Hurendhiel Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10417Not updated
10Xanedon Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10342Not updated
11Zgorash Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10318Not updated
12Aalinnae Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10220Not updated
12Melethaelin Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU10220Not updated
14Adalis M A G U SBloodscalp-EU10004Not updated
15Cysteve Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU9883Not updated
16Tatami Eternal DimensionBloodscalp-EU9757Not updated
17Chrisy ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU9750Not updated
18Gombocc The Furious FiveBloodscalp-EU9568Not updated
19Spydruid Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU9038Not updated
20Belsöbéke The Furious FiveBloodscalp-EU8967Not updated
21Neretil Deus ExBloodscalp-EU8954Not updated
22Enrage JoszIPBloodscalp-EU8579Not updated
23Treiak HúsmágnesBloodscalp-EU8490Not updated
24Randoma  Bloodscalp-EU8335Not updated
25Fervidus Amuri PartizanokBloodscalp-EU8304Not updated
26Thamier Dreadlord LegionBloodscalp-EU8216Not updated
27Brandes  Bloodscalp-EU8167Not updated
28Szerafin Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU8150Not updated
29Dunadán Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU8065Not updated
30Leven Knights of LordaeronBloodscalp-EU7984Not updated
31Árnyvadász ArvisuraBloodscalp-EU7977Not updated
32Lolfaceroll Bomen Zijn RelaxedBloodscalp-EU7935Not updated
33Drognan Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU7934Not updated
34Balkor The Dead Are Among UsBloodscalp-EU7820Not updated
35Hopidruid Eternal SunriseBloodscalp-EU7814Not updated
36Lokajin Eternal SunriseBloodscalp-EU7783Not updated
37ßo Vén KecskékBloodscalp-EU7767Not updated
38Skullfiend CrusadersBloodscalp-EU7727Not updated
39Szadyszindy SubstanceBloodscalp-EU7675Not updated
40Frekop Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU7672Not updated
41Flimbo SubstanceBloodscalp-EU7640Not updated
42Khaeltash No Pain No GainBloodscalp-EU7527Not updated
43Piccolo Deus ExBloodscalp-EU7453Not updated
44Geagea ProphecyBloodscalp-EU7394Not updated
45Yamcha Deus ExBloodscalp-EU7358Not updated
46Elrik SubstanceBloodscalp-EU7213Not updated
47Granty His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU7195Not updated
48Deadmen His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU7182Not updated
49Skeltah His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU7164Not updated
50Aloé ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU7162Not updated
51Symaliba ÜvegtigrisBloodscalp-EU7140Not updated
52Sacuaz  Bloodscalp-EU7085Not updated
53Hullamoso OpsBloodscalp-EU7071Not updated
54Qarin Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU7067Not updated
55Mek Wen Tzu EnclaveBloodscalp-EU6931Not updated
56Ictiga Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU6835Not updated
57Csuzli Lord of The HordeBloodscalp-EU6820Not updated
58Evilfrend InfectionBloodscalp-EU6808Not updated
58Fedtmulendk Bears and ChickensBloodscalp-EU6808Not updated
60Ceka OpsBloodscalp-EU6802Not updated
61Borush ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU6772Not updated
62Darkvoodoo ProphecyBloodscalp-EU6769Not updated
63Darkwarboss ProphecyBloodscalp-EU6765Not updated
64Scargon SubstanceBloodscalp-EU6764Not updated
65Morleina SubstanceBloodscalp-EU6746Not updated
66Tarmbana Legend Of The HordeBloodscalp-EU6726Not updated
67Mehehe SünökBloodscalp-EU6722Not updated
68Shauye  Bloodscalp-EU6691Not updated
69Mayuko The New GenerationBloodscalp-EU6684Not updated
70Redteeth SubstanceBloodscalp-EU6671Not updated
71Pascalhunka ConflictBloodscalp-EU6612Not updated
72Xelie JusticeBloodscalp-EU6556Not updated
73Amaryel ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU6544Not updated
74Bergman Craft Of SharkersBloodscalp-EU6526Not updated
75Xedria Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU6525Not updated
76Ithalia  Bloodscalp-EU6500Not updated
77Predg Tenth LegionBloodscalp-EU6489Not updated
78Splasher ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU6452Not updated
79Spokndk Bears and ChickensBloodscalp-EU6442Not updated
80Nathanoel Night PatrolBloodscalp-EU6435Not updated
81Broskonu ProphecyBloodscalp-EU6433Not updated
82Kitra NimFaS CorPoRaTioNsBloodscalp-EU6416Not updated
83Nylena ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU6403Not updated
84Huntiasszony DragonfamilyBloodscalp-EU6395Not updated
85Enorkfalder His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU6386Not updated
86Hunsnake Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU6381Not updated
87Hajnalifény Hungarian LegendsBloodscalp-EU6377Not updated
88Kamasuka Team spiritBloodscalp-EU6367Not updated
89Bombastiny  Bloodscalp-EU6365Not updated
90Medyna  Bloodscalp-EU6349Not updated
91Sylladria El PresidenteBloodscalp-EU6331Not updated
92Wilion HonfoglalókBloodscalp-EU6313Not updated
93Sarien Legend Of The HordeBloodscalp-EU6269Not updated
94Reez Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU6252Not updated
95Oxonia SubstanceBloodscalp-EU6226Not updated
96Healalot ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU6204Not updated
97Terend InsanityBloodscalp-EU6202Not updated
98Ciscowitch SubstanceBloodscalp-EU6160Not updated

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