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Bloodhoof-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Lucky SubteraBloodhoof-US16517
2Deteriorate RevolutionBloodhoof-US16425
3Javotte RevolutionBloodhoof-US15397Not updated
4Elphame Victory or WhateverBloodhoof-US15332
5Meistra TitanBloodhoof-US14425Not updated
6Undarth RevolutionBloodhoof-US14064Not updated
7Sarloc Dark PactBloodhoof-US13459Not updated
8Preyveil KismetBloodhoof-US13211
9Lorellae RevolutionBloodhoof-US13181Not updated
10Agincourt Team GurrenBloodhoof-US12997Not updated
11Esmeralda Elves of The ShadowsBloodhoof-US12107
12Catpanroo Eternall DamnationBloodhoof-US12009
13Mckovar Age of ShadowBloodhoof-US11479
14Jehania RevolutionBloodhoof-US10836Not updated
15Huntnutz Legion of MysteryBloodhoof-US10768
16Alphacue SubteraBloodhoof-US10699
17Pyrotios Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US10660
18Pyrotiosk Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US10654
19Melynda Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US10628
20Nikdaheratik  Bloodhoof-US10544Not updated
21Denjin SubteraBloodhoof-US10454
22Vendy Pleasantly PerfectBloodhoof-US10277Not updated
23Daize Weak and PowerlessBloodhoof-US10262
24Filovirus Dark PactBloodhoof-US10215
25Knomknomknom Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US10092
26Mcflie  Bloodhoof-US10090Not updated
27Pingpongjoe Ring of FireBloodhoof-US10034
28Etrughul Dark PactBloodhoof-US10018
29Carnea RevolutionBloodhoof-US9867Not updated
30Fairlane Knights of FreedomBloodhoof-US9825Not updated
31Rigorchick Midnight GuardiansBloodhoof-US9778Not updated
32Lolque  Bloodhoof-US9734Not updated
33Volder Sinners n SkinnersBloodhoof-US9674
34Hoopster Diamonds In The RoughBloodhoof-US9427Not updated
35Vênus THE HATEDBloodhoof-US9426Not updated
36Popalust  Bloodhoof-US9383Not updated
37Myrevenge ItzaguildBloodhoof-US9127
38Venatra Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US9072
39Vaesiel Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US9057
40Fayza We Down Nerfed ContentBloodhoof-US9021Not updated
41Malinnia Retro RaidersBloodhoof-US8999Not updated
42Ashanta MinistryBloodhoof-US8994Not updated
43Demizer MetastasisBloodhoof-US8985
44Helma Godz of WarBloodhoof-US8937
45Ustadbaba Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US8929
46Spectat The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US8923
47Dormire Dark PactBloodhoof-US8878
48Jibsob Tribe GuildBloodhoof-US8824
49Jadoran RevolutionBloodhoof-US8725Not updated
50Leocin RevolutionBloodhoof-US8707
51Dagarre DrachenherrenBloodhoof-US8696Not updated
52Eppiedermal Knights of FreedomBloodhoof-US8674
53Demonsmiter Dark JusticeBloodhoof-US8662Not updated
54Denofearth DrakenfireBloodhoof-US8583Not updated
55Kassare The Royal BloodlineBloodhoof-US8558
56Albinoalien Forgotten OnesBloodhoof-US8557
57Blazerr Just a Flesh WoundBloodhoof-US8509Not updated
58Lochllin CursedBloodhoof-US8466Not updated
59Kixa Double RainbowBloodhoof-US8383
60Rufflebottom The Royal BloodlineBloodhoof-US8372Not updated
61Rovest Elder TribunalBloodhoof-US8328
62Irade DownfallBloodhoof-US8321
63Stabbyskaggz Dark PactBloodhoof-US8253Not updated
64Plecotus Til DeathBloodhoof-US8239Not updated
65Dragido MidnightRunnersBloodhoof-US8232Not updated
66Tazlima Old TimersBloodhoof-US8180Not updated
67Melodieanne So ColdBloodhoof-US8117Not updated
68Iraya The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US8098Not updated
69Osaria The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US8097Not updated
69Catbox OutrageousBloodhoof-US8097Not updated
69Cantfeelit OutrageousBloodhoof-US8097Not updated
72Tojaku Dark RevenantsBloodhoof-US8094Not updated
73Zonizzle ClarityBloodhoof-US8047
74Celttorr The Burning RegionBloodhoof-US8032Not updated
75Minotanker  Bloodhoof-US8028Not updated
76Blessings SoulboundBloodhoof-US8027Not updated
77Pyranna Mental AtrophyBloodhoof-US7962
78Sneakyone Mad MayhemBloodhoof-US7922Not updated
79Wiltinglotus Moonlight DragonridersBloodhoof-US7891Not updated
80Sophia So ColdBloodhoof-US7870Not updated
81Nippoles BlendersmokeBloodhoof-US7868
82Boogley So ColdBloodhoof-US7833
83Niblits SovereignBloodhoof-US7831
84Fowler The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US7818
85Daystar Retro RaidersBloodhoof-US7810
86Aetros InconceivableBloodhoof-US7768
87Suspira The Dark DescentBloodhoof-US7748Not updated

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