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Bleeding Hollow-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Zyxxia  Bleeding Hollow-US17075Not updated
2Waynebrady TempestBleeding Hollow-US16425
3Tuyrael PaperStreetSoapCompanyBleeding Hollow-US15123Not updated
4Xocial Proc BoP and Lock ItBleeding Hollow-US14768Not updated
5Dasyfur TempestBleeding Hollow-US14650Not updated
6Feely ARMY OF MEBleeding Hollow-US14580
7Namarus Internet ChampionsBleeding Hollow-US14279
8Murdermagic AtlanticBleeding Hollow-US14100
9Amarialle I am Jacks Wasted LifeBleeding Hollow-US14064Not updated
10Shinsui Mortui Vivos DocentBleeding Hollow-US13664Not updated
11Tinyspice Ðumbledores ArmyBleeding Hollow-US13460Not updated
12Throwzer Part Time GamingBleeding Hollow-US12852Not updated
13Sayria  Bleeding Hollow-US12778Not updated
14Maleor Head HuntersBleeding Hollow-US11745
15Zebutan Hero SquadBleeding Hollow-US11700Not updated
15Ace Hero SquadBleeding Hollow-US11700Not updated
17Kegaholoic Pink Fluffy Unicorn ClanBleeding Hollow-US11679Not updated
18Silkcherry Executive DecisionBleeding Hollow-US11609Not updated
19Frangelica SanctuaryBleeding Hollow-US11550
20Leinis  Bleeding Hollow-US11548Not updated
21Bobnoxious  Bleeding Hollow-US11268Not updated
22Banesdeath Knights of FuryBleeding Hollow-US11015Not updated
23Krowgan Deemed InappropriateBleeding Hollow-US10959Not updated
24Puntsize Brutal ConquestBleeding Hollow-US10767Not updated
25Gungun Ironwolf ClanBleeding Hollow-US10745
26Herbpoacher Prisoners of WarcraftBleeding Hollow-US10601
27Hasatantoo Mortui Vivos DocentBleeding Hollow-US10468Not updated
28Brisq Red GraveBleeding Hollow-US10415
29Hantan AddictionBleeding Hollow-US10382
30Sylvanah Old Town MilitiaBleeding Hollow-US10282
31Mordennar The DepartedBleeding Hollow-US10176
32Thebrownbag IncendiumBleeding Hollow-US10093
33Buckcommandr OQueue AnonymousBleeding Hollow-US10091
34Menbearpig AmbiguousBleeding Hollow-US10080Not updated
35Aughra  Bleeding Hollow-US10021Not updated
36Marymary Three Dolla HordeBleeding Hollow-US9997
37Velven Rinse and RepeatBleeding Hollow-US9993
38Yurippe fights like a gurlBleeding Hollow-US9985
39Drbudd Deranged SoulsBleeding Hollow-US9970Not updated
40Shotatlove  Bleeding Hollow-US9920Not updated
41Lornekai ßuilt Hôrde ToughBleeding Hollow-US9808Not updated
42Miester Most HatedBleeding Hollow-US9643
43Lateshift  Bleeding Hollow-US9626Not updated
44Morien Knights of FelwoodBleeding Hollow-US9605
45Evelhysteria Gnome Punters IncBleeding Hollow-US9599
46Alzidorei Husky TacoBleeding Hollow-US9539
47Puppygasm  Bleeding Hollow-US9411Not updated
48Krysty WowaddictBleeding Hollow-US9403
49Myelitiis Proc BoP and Lock ItBleeding Hollow-US9353
50Priestmon ZenithBleeding Hollow-US9280Not updated
51Griffg Logical ConclusionBleeding Hollow-US9197Not updated
52Cianne  Bleeding Hollow-US9180
53Moojoose  Bleeding Hollow-US9061Not updated
54Meaker AfterlîfeBleeding Hollow-US8931
55Catrin  Bleeding Hollow-US8911
56Avercy The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US8903
56Cailynne  Bleeding Hollow-US8903
58Nepeta  Bleeding Hollow-US8900Not updated
59Barene Dead SetBleeding Hollow-US8837
60Hoñeybadger Dead SetBleeding Hollow-US8826Not updated
61Goldrage  Bleeding Hollow-US8756Not updated
62Relachi The DepartedBleeding Hollow-US8755Not updated
63Kelv AddictionBleeding Hollow-US8694
64Bearyl StormGuardiansBleeding Hollow-US8665
65Einric I Feel DeliciousBleeding Hollow-US8631
66Kurusheemi The DepartedBleeding Hollow-US8607
67Mugsymcgrath  Bleeding Hollow-US8586Not updated
68Pekny EmergenceBleeding Hollow-US8552
69Strykr SummitBleeding Hollow-US8530
70Keirayn AmbitionBleeding Hollow-US8511
71Banafakalata PandorumBleeding Hollow-US8500
72Waterfall  Bleeding Hollow-US8498Not updated
73Demonrath Morbid CrusadersBleeding Hollow-US8439
74Veserr Im Punching His FaceBleeding Hollow-US8435
75Innerpeace Red NationBleeding Hollow-US8420Not updated
76Farbe FlawlessBleeding Hollow-US8377
77Noblesse Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US8374
78Mikimoto Red LionBleeding Hollow-US8370Not updated
78Troublefunk  Bleeding Hollow-US8370Not updated
80Bamboozer I Drink Your MilkshakeBleeding Hollow-US8330Not updated
81Lukage SummitBleeding Hollow-US8301
82Toosie BloodsphereBleeding Hollow-US8271
83Kalart Miller TimeBleeding Hollow-US8251Not updated
84Taisebahke Ravenous TribeBleeding Hollow-US8233
85Nipahcdeath  Bleeding Hollow-US8230
86Primadona House PaladinBleeding Hollow-US8223Not updated
87Dirtymíke Dirty Mike and the BoysBleeding Hollow-US8221
88Angelspirit  Bleeding Hollow-US8219Not updated
89Keeb Particle ScienceBleeding Hollow-US8205Not updated
89Keebette Digital MinorityBleeding Hollow-US8205Not updated
91Sybrook ConditionsBleeding Hollow-US8171Not updated
92Wolfmarine WideSpread PanicBleeding Hollow-US8161
93Andybear Stay ThirstyBleeding Hollow-US8144
94Nornes Walmart SecurityBleeding Hollow-US8132
95Urkz PurityBleeding Hollow-US8116Not updated
96Idrial RNGesusBleeding Hollow-US8102Not updated
97Ixoxl  Bleeding Hollow-US8084
98Uperish EndlessVoidBleeding Hollow-US8065
99Vaderbear TempestBleeding Hollow-US8063
100Shigelos Paper Vs PlasticBleeding Hollow-US8056

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