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Bladefist-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Neverendér Origami BattleshipBladefist-US17041Not updated
2Gobofarming CataclysmBladefist-US14550
3Rokh UNITYBladefist-US14200
4Vootoo Lords of PastryBladefist-US14127Not updated
5Tiamani Kindred SpiritsBladefist-US13785Not updated
6Grief InsurgencyBladefist-US13425
7Calabanamar Merchants of ForceBladefist-US13418
8Zaristra ObsessiveBladefist-US13010Not updated
9Moonwar OutspokenBladefist-US12164
10Thorngil OutspokenBladefist-US12156
11Moyet DefinitiveBladefist-US11876
12Vomitous Hordified HeroesBladefist-US11798Not updated
13Rowìn ClamstackersBladefist-US11679Not updated
14Rule Dragon CoveBladefist-US11468
15Wakaga InsurgencyBladefist-US11107
16Jethann Warlords of DraenorBladefist-US11007
17Charetta Final FinalBladefist-US10741
18Sanhedralite Mything PersonsBladefist-US10681Not updated
19Sylvandia Mything PersonsBladefist-US10557Not updated
20Nuttyone of Deaths LegionBladefist-US10490
21Bromkin LoyaltyBladefist-US10326
22Eranol Team BroBladefist-US10268
23Zarel Legions of the HordeBladefist-US10250Not updated
24Creepella Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US9955Not updated
25Twinbee Bladefist EmbassyBladefist-US9897
26Gidgert Team PhoenixBladefist-US9829
27Aloak Cuz Evil is FunBladefist-US9483Not updated
28Zewn Final FinalBladefist-US9319
29Krossblesser SeraphymBladefist-US9286
30Constontine VertigoBladefist-US9269Not updated
31Josco AvalonBladefist-US9129Not updated
32Brannel The Saxon AllianceBladefist-US9051Not updated
33Stamoring SynenergyBladefist-US8984
34Schlonky OutspokenBladefist-US8830
35Killinstreak Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US8800Not updated
36Ragnarous of Deaths LegionBladefist-US8787
36Hotdang of Deaths LegionBladefist-US8787
36Scarydreams of Deaths LegionBladefist-US8787Not updated
39Misslolo Kindred SpiritsBladefist-US8717
40Macgruber Blood AngelsBladefist-US8689
41Teo OutspokenBladefist-US8648
42Armmacedon Dragon CoveBladefist-US8580
43Joshuä Memento MoriBladefist-US8506Not updated
44Efall PiratesBladefist-US8487Not updated
45Lustina bAd Tpyists UntiedBladefist-US8443
45Heyoka bAd Tpyists UntiedBladefist-US8443
45Mardis bAd Tpyists UntiedBladefist-US8443
48Cardie bAd Tpyists UntiedBladefist-US8442
48Iridram bAd Tpyists UntiedBladefist-US8442
48Pykki bAd Tpyists UntiedBladefist-US8442
51Truarrow Hells LegacyBladefist-US8434Not updated
52Lilen Rising PhoenixBladefist-US8416Not updated
53Furs Friction AddictionBladefist-US8294Not updated
54Zardena Wind Up Horde WreckersBladefist-US8246Not updated
55Jeeg of Battle EldersBladefist-US8237Not updated
56Kamelioe SeraphymBladefist-US8208
56Mypallie HymnBladefist-US8208
58Puuntang ApotheosisBladefist-US8199Not updated
59Beccablast More DotsBladefist-US8097Not updated
60Blanconoise Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US8071
61Hadranni Team BroBladefist-US8015Not updated
62Powaqa UnleashedBladefist-US7992
63Rhaelion The Waters of DelphiBladefist-US7933
64Kardo Speed KillsBladefist-US7919Not updated
65Hecctor HymnBladefist-US7910
66Amberstone REGULATORSBladefist-US7894Not updated
67Jamada My Eyes Are Up HereBladefist-US7884Not updated
68Jahir Ethereal LightBladefist-US7877
69Prixah Merchants of ForceBladefist-US7874
70Belléaux of Deaths LegionBladefist-US7860
71Aperfecttool Holy CritBladefist-US7814
72Silbert In ProgressBladefist-US7806Not updated
73Joredan United We StandBladefist-US7793
74Abeef Im With StupidBladefist-US7780
75Manualshift Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US7703
76Labellamucca InsurgencyBladefist-US7688
77Vuolaria SeraphymBladefist-US7669
78Badbizzle HymnBladefist-US7660
79Jazzmae Kindred SpiritsBladefist-US7602
80Tehmo Lightly RoastedBladefist-US7477Not updated
81Auronis Random DeathBladefist-US7475
82Honeysweet Team PhoenixBladefist-US7470
83Kambría Origami BattleshipBladefist-US7463Not updated
84Easymoney Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US7326
85Kabloosh PieBladefist-US7300
86Loralyn Hordified HeroesBladefist-US7290Not updated
87Haatias Mything PersonsBladefist-US7289Not updated
88Huntapub Ashes Of The FallenBladefist-US7287Not updated
88Zangetsus TemerityBladefist-US7287
90Touchofevíl  Bladefist-US7284
91Çrom  Bladefist-US7251Not updated
92Dalarion Wind Up Horde WreckersBladefist-US7228Not updated
93Missblakk VelocityBladefist-US7221Not updated
94Miriska InsurgencyBladefist-US7219
95Budmeiser Defenders of BrillBladefist-US7218Not updated
96Playboibunny PoVBladefist-US7216
97Sharifa SynenergyBladefist-US7206

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