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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Moofenrir Aurora NoctumBlackrock-US18448Not updated
2Bueler At Wars EndBlackrock-US17622Not updated
3Judean Ctrl ZBlackrock-US16612Not updated
4Rhenz AnathemaBlackrock-US15551Not updated
5Scintilla  Blackrock-US15513Not updated
6Yawnyyoyo EnduringBlackrock-US14851Not updated
7Muze DefenestrateBlackrock-US14751Not updated
8Danneris PayrollBlackrock-US14628Not updated
9Littleramona  Blackrock-US14559Not updated
9Maybellene  Blackrock-US14559Not updated
9Caulfield  Blackrock-US14559Not updated
12Motörhead AkiraBlackrock-US14512Not updated
13Sren Unos Tres Tres SeptemBlackrock-US14250Not updated
14Askitzo DeceptionBlackrock-US14100Not updated
15Gêminii The TriptychBlackrock-US13975Not updated
16Pucurica OninekoBlackrock-US13463Not updated
17Rabbia Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US13407Not updated
18Damange wowbitinesBlackrock-US13106Not updated
19Evilbreedt wowbitinesBlackrock-US12899Not updated
20Tiperath  Blackrock-US12301Not updated
21Deathmind ArroganceBlackrock-US12181Not updated
22Wirawati  Blackrock-US12045Not updated
23Hyndish drunkeñ pvpBlackrock-US11990Not updated
24Faithnoemore OninekoBlackrock-US11900Not updated
24Guvernator OninekoBlackrock-US11900Not updated
26Zaxvriin DefenestrateBlackrock-US11741Not updated
27Kawaii LurkBlackrock-US11622Not updated
28Pluffey TriboBlackrock-US11485Not updated
29Prawareka Hordes SecurityBlackrock-US11372Not updated
30Conjurt  Blackrock-US11292Not updated
31Vmil AkiraBlackrock-US11268Not updated
32Qlott WaBlackrock-US11244Not updated
33Consensia Fourth DimensionBlackrock-US11138Not updated
34Oloch PVP MafiaBlackrock-US10873Not updated
35Bigpapï Standard DeviationBlackrock-US10553Not updated
36Hilikus DiogenesBlackrock-US10432Not updated
37Darckli DefenestrateBlackrock-US10388Not updated
38Zoma Far East EndgameBlackrock-US10350Not updated
39Rocfu Death In Every WayBlackrock-US10279Not updated
39Rõc Death In Every WayBlackrock-US10279Not updated
41Aunn AmplifyBlackrock-US10255Not updated
42Mimm wowbitinesBlackrock-US10234Not updated
43Buphy QEDBlackrock-US10068Not updated
44Ashandria  Blackrock-US10062Not updated
45Blackmoonie Suffocating SightBlackrock-US10022Not updated
46Sayy ReformBlackrock-US9963Not updated
47Xietang WankersBlackrock-US9960Not updated
48Akaru Fires of HeavenBlackrock-US9897Not updated
49Fdwarf PvP BlackrockBlackrock-US9864Not updated
50Abtottidor Team Rocket RidersBlackrock-US9769Not updated
51Mavheal PRIDEBlackrock-US9729Not updated
52Jastria iBadBlackrock-US9727Not updated
53Adraestia Requiem of SoulsBlackrock-US9635Not updated
54Trogge wowbitinesBlackrock-US9619Not updated
55Sistask Fourth DimensionBlackrock-US9577Not updated
56Iara  Blackrock-US9561Not updated
57Zeev Death In Every WayBlackrock-US9511Not updated
58Imari  Blackrock-US9458Not updated
59Lessy  Blackrock-US9426Not updated
60Bigbearwarri  Blackrock-US9378Not updated
61Coumarin DiogenesBlackrock-US9284Not updated
62Ranahar Death In Every WayBlackrock-US9270Not updated
63Rabiddeath LushBlackrock-US9268Not updated
64Sabspriest Death In Every WayBlackrock-US9245Not updated
65Freyyr Faillus MaximusBlackrock-US9236Not updated
66Hitmage DiogenesBlackrock-US9222Not updated
67Wildpony Shroud of GizaBlackrock-US9200Not updated
68Lushlord  Blackrock-US9167Not updated
69Naughtynikki  Blackrock-US9155Not updated
70Kieruyo Far East EndgameBlackrock-US9151Not updated
71Remataklan Valor GrandeBlackrock-US9125Not updated
72Sephuz DefenestrateBlackrock-US9118Not updated
73Memesis ResurgenceBlackrock-US9088Not updated
74Fãlathiel Vengeance of the FallenBlackrock-US9083Not updated
75Moønblaze TherapistsBlackrock-US9015Not updated
76Puddytat Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US8874Not updated
77Xrista HellBlackrock-US8869Not updated
78Fury MontblancBlackrock-US8847Not updated
78Fear MontblancBlackrock-US8847Not updated
80Harunachan Ctrl ZBlackrock-US8843Not updated
81Dilligaf Horde PvPBlackrock-US8815Not updated
82Auroroguette ØbliterateBlackrock-US8788Not updated
83Lowphat Heretics of the HordeBlackrock-US8777Not updated
84Shìftclick  Blackrock-US8776Not updated
85Mikë Blacken The Cursed SunBlackrock-US8704Not updated
86Sapstrike Rock StonesBlackrock-US8700Not updated
87Praah PsychomaniacBlackrock-US8690Not updated
88Outrodruid  Blackrock-US8674Not updated
89Teig CarriedBlackrock-US8664Not updated
90Roanranger Corpse VendorBlackrock-US8610Not updated
90Jadite The ProblemBlackrock-US8610Not updated
92Rainbowstar CandylandBlackrock-US8586Not updated
93Indieskye Tough CookiesBlackrock-US8584Not updated
94Outfisted  Blackrock-US8571Not updated
95Socìopãth TrapBlackrock-US8557Not updated
96Quietude The Legion Of EvilBlackrock-US8542Not updated
97Androgeos House VerniusBlackrock-US8534Not updated

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