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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Palkium Brut des VerderbensBlackrock-EU18815Not updated
2Metzy elo hellBlackrock-EU17057Not updated
3Eladriell elo hellBlackrock-EU16225Not updated
4Monstrusalem AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU14873Not updated
5Stæk RiotBlackrock-EU14841Not updated
6Catzweazle WolfshöhleBlackrock-EU14830Not updated
7Hrly AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU14525Not updated
8Froda Enigmatic SoulsBlackrock-EU14421Not updated
9Elbrujo Bayerischer LöweBlackrock-EU14410Not updated
10Namiteh l Impulse lBlackrock-EU14362Not updated
11Dârkara Mad Gamers AcademyBlackrock-EU14309Not updated
12Pèachès  Blackrock-EU14078Not updated
13Mungò THW DalaranBlackrock-EU14076Not updated
14Bambus Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU13899Not updated
15Xendi ImpactBlackrock-EU13873Not updated
16Sonatha Twenty inches unbuffedBlackrock-EU13819Not updated
17Hekthor Klub der dichten TotenBlackrock-EU13795Not updated
18Dêâthbringer DesireXBlackrock-EU13677Not updated
19Darkshooter AscendenceBlackrock-EU13600Not updated
20Tyche  Blackrock-EU13541Not updated
21Tantam FanaticsBlackrock-EU13476Not updated
22Bentic HauntBlackrock-EU13230Not updated
23Maylined Just in TimeBlackrock-EU13116Not updated
24Nexknight Malm goes WildBlackrock-EU13115Not updated
25Eumir respectlessBlackrock-EU13066Not updated
26Tantebob ULTIMATICBlackrock-EU12949Not updated
27Marladon eXoticBlackrock-EU12779Not updated
28Morlok TriforcéBlackrock-EU12732Not updated
29Bukari so liciouzBlackrock-EU12705Not updated
30Recordable WhatevaBlackrock-EU12696Not updated
31Dreamspawn Wir sind GoldgeilBlackrock-EU12664Not updated
32Pedros Orden der SchattenBlackrock-EU12022Not updated
33Kaffää  Blackrock-EU11924Not updated
34Africoke H A L OBlackrock-EU11723Not updated
35Satansengel GraubündenBlackrock-EU11646Not updated
36Draxxn Reallife ReloadedBlackrock-EU11616Not updated
37Shilver Durotar AllstarSBlackrock-EU11566Not updated
38Trieberin MadnessBlackrock-EU11547Not updated
39Schleckie AggrocultureBlackrock-EU11416Not updated
40Myrandis lacht gernBlackrock-EU11293Not updated
41Sathyros AeonicBlackrock-EU11095Not updated
42Wolfwarrior Corona MortisBlackrock-EU11066Not updated
43Akkoz The WorldbreakerBlackrock-EU11022Not updated
44Xevp BananenbiegereiBlackrock-EU10778Not updated
45Meseyra slimeballBlackrock-EU10776Not updated
46Beeseh  Blackrock-EU10733Not updated
47Nordlìcht High CouncilBlackrock-EU10629Not updated
48Funkadelick Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10587Not updated
48Trekker Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10587Not updated
48Ledzep Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10587Not updated
48Lichlitzl Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10587Not updated
48Picknick Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10587Not updated
53Checkare Der Schwarze PhönixBlackrock-EU10579Not updated
54Jadzía Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10526Not updated
55Punjitsu Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10525Not updated
55Trekkié Cool RunningBlackrock-EU10525Not updated
57Sarâbi Vereinigung der schattenBlackrock-EU10523Not updated
58Kyny Infinite LegacyBlackrock-EU10491Not updated
59Øsmium  Blackrock-EU10478Not updated
60Xlania Serious BusinessBlackrock-EU10441Not updated
61Halvahr RiotBlackrock-EU10436Not updated
62Jôjo Event HorizonBlackrock-EU10341Not updated
63Astrían peccatum mortiferumBlackrock-EU10225Not updated
64Nanakí Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU10220Not updated
65Trinu Ganz großes TennisBlackrock-EU10161Not updated
66Slørpp For the HordeBlackrock-EU10149Not updated
67Skindeep BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU10145Not updated
68Pfifi Vereinigung der schattenBlackrock-EU10118Not updated
69Angemessen Alpha and OmegaBlackrock-EU10096Not updated
70Drànó ThePunisherBlackrock-EU9939Not updated
71Elbe  Blackrock-EU9809Not updated
72Ralfmartin  Blackrock-EU9762Not updated
73Gaalonex PeKahBlackrock-EU9753Not updated
74Anviljr genuineBlackrock-EU9739Not updated
75Madòx DisruptedBlackrock-EU9677Not updated
75Omizu MoriquendiBlackrock-EU9677Not updated
77Eljiazokad NukuhlarBlackrock-EU9649Not updated
78Schnatchen  Blackrock-EU9594Not updated
79Duddîts Good ThingsBlackrock-EU9588Not updated
80Madoxyo DisruptedBlackrock-EU9569Not updated
81Mangole respectlessBlackrock-EU9537Not updated
82Huipu  Blackrock-EU9508Not updated
83Milkjagger Murloc MassakerBlackrock-EU9409Not updated
84Etta InceptionBlackrock-EU9389Not updated
85Nigan Pures AdrenalinBlackrock-EU9388Not updated
86Freydis  Blackrock-EU9379Not updated
87Nêko Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU9321Not updated
88Côônen Ursprung unserer MachtBlackrock-EU9312Not updated
89Líttleone DragonkníghtsBlackrock-EU9306Not updated
90Peckar  Blackrock-EU9288Not updated
91Sunflow ZeitlosBlackrock-EU9284Not updated
92Facebug Creative RaidingBlackrock-EU9273Not updated
93Mcnoble rage againstBlackrock-EU9265Not updated
94Doodlez sap it and tap itBlackrock-EU9245Not updated
94Spirithoof sap it and tap itBlackrock-EU9245Not updated
94Groller sap it and tap itBlackrock-EU9245Not updated
97Sternfêuer  Blackrock-EU9240Not updated
98Mollinaris ZeitlosBlackrock-EU9235Not updated
99Akuun Pro CríminumBlackrock-EU9227Not updated
100Shivanera Quo vadis HordeBlackrock-EU9226Not updated

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