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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackmoore-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Ditopriest LynXBlackmoore-EU17497Not updated
2Telâr  Blackmoore-EU16618Not updated
3Niceshoot Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU16335Not updated
4Kamiki Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU16158Not updated
5Wâragent  Blackmoore-EU15949Not updated
6Brútalo Antikes CommandoBlackmoore-EU15338Not updated
7Shadi Heroes of WarBlackmoore-EU14640Not updated
8Cyphrus InquisitionBlackmoore-EU14622Not updated
9Darvinia ExercitusBlackmoore-EU14600Not updated
9Lumalia ExercitusBlackmoore-EU14600Not updated
9Hexxodus ExercitusBlackmoore-EU14600Not updated
12Shimone InquisitionBlackmoore-EU14569Not updated
13Shaarya Laszives LagerlebenBlackmoore-EU14425Not updated
14Reisbällchen AdamantBlackmoore-EU14245Not updated
15Dârkar IlluminatiBlackmoore-EU14073Not updated
16Semariane HypeBlackmoore-EU13767Not updated
17Bødychëck Booty Bay Beach ClubBlackmoore-EU13577Not updated
18Gallenblase  Blackmoore-EU13543Not updated
19Glückskeksi entiretyBlackmoore-EU13429Not updated
20Róugé RNGamingBlackmoore-EU13407Not updated
21Benthac Ultra HozenBlackmoore-EU13159Not updated
22Cheongryong MythBlackmoore-EU13122Not updated
23Donowitz MythBlackmoore-EU13103Not updated
24Sarvon AternumBlackmoore-EU13092Not updated
25Dreacon Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU13067Not updated
26Sindarín MythBlackmoore-EU12911Not updated
27Cashmeere InnervisionBlackmoore-EU12810Not updated
28Kìtara Sschh just let it happenBlackmoore-EU12809Not updated
29Mirius In LoveBlackmoore-EU12751Not updated
30Veggy MythBlackmoore-EU12703Not updated
31Tyrannîs NachtschwärmerBlackmoore-EU12235Not updated
32Bärigsterer Die BärigenBlackmoore-EU12191Not updated
33Aleci Guardíans of LíghtBlackmoore-EU12077Not updated
34Kochbeutel AnoryaBlackmoore-EU12026Not updated
35Xantria Die ApokalypseBlackmoore-EU11994Not updated
36Millu NopeBlackmoore-EU11989Not updated
37Sedith  Blackmoore-EU11945Not updated
38Sweetmelodie Legends Never DieBlackmoore-EU11874Not updated
39Persephøne In LoveBlackmoore-EU11847Not updated
40Escapade Dea TacitaBlackmoore-EU11843Not updated
41Vecná NoxxicBlackmoore-EU11707Not updated
42Zodiac DecuriaBlackmoore-EU11694Not updated
43Lyshanna Die WächterBlackmoore-EU11582Not updated
44Yúmin BloodredMoonBlackmoore-EU11477Not updated
45Nightbobo SteinmetzeBlackmoore-EU11409Not updated
46Yockto  Blackmoore-EU11307Not updated
47Sweetmorto  Blackmoore-EU11208Not updated
48Morto InvictusBlackmoore-EU11168Not updated
49Tyeli Ehre und StaerkeBlackmoore-EU11109Not updated
50Hurrikane Men of WarBlackmoore-EU11029Not updated
51Zâmo TempestBlackmoore-EU10988Not updated
52Alirea Hordentlich aufs MaulBlackmoore-EU10952Not updated
53Lunaddict  Blackmoore-EU10924Not updated
54Airi  Blackmoore-EU10729Not updated
55Obibinkenobi Die Grauen UhusBlackmoore-EU10608Not updated
56Dacyra  Blackmoore-EU10550Not updated
57Pvpgott  Blackmoore-EU10514Not updated
58Awesôme PixelRaidersBlackmoore-EU10494Not updated
59Fearmonger BlackXionBlackmoore-EU10403Not updated
60Metroboomin FreebandzBlackmoore-EU10398Not updated
61Calesthya Die KundenBlackmoore-EU10343Not updated
62Lasca DeadlyCôreBlackmoore-EU10311Not updated
63Astaroth  Blackmoore-EU10161Not updated
64Kuçkuniwi Ancients of AzerothBlackmoore-EU10099Not updated
65Cyrizz FuriaBlackmoore-EU10096Not updated
66Medios Special OneBlackmoore-EU10084Not updated
67Eáglé Söhne des DrachenBlackmoore-EU10065Not updated
68Vâllâ GDreiBlackmoore-EU9989Not updated
69Tukkel NachtschwärmerBlackmoore-EU9819Not updated
70Hòdor Legion des TeufelsBlackmoore-EU9818Not updated
71Grauhorn Letzte Legion OrgrimmarsBlackmoore-EU9817Not updated
72Catharsis Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU9738Not updated
73Thylor BlutgeldBlackmoore-EU9735Not updated
74Madí For FriendsBlackmoore-EU9711Not updated
75Prinzêsschên  Blackmoore-EU9708Not updated
76Madóxlul For FriendsBlackmoore-EU9660Not updated
77Jojoliene BellerophonBlackmoore-EU9656Not updated
78Halliselassi Not In My HouseBlackmoore-EU9647Not updated
79Kubarisch GuérillerosBlackmoore-EU9624Not updated
80Nysrokh Rise and ShineBlackmoore-EU9599Not updated
81Spitzêl TempestBlackmoore-EU9594Not updated
82Galapo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU9561Not updated
83Ullom rephleXBlackmoore-EU9519Not updated
84Hordelinâ  Blackmoore-EU9510Not updated
85Holyfred Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU9442Not updated
86Kerli Templa MentisBlackmoore-EU9427Not updated
87Tyranotauros StormfallBlackmoore-EU9312Not updated
88Treskavka InhumeBlackmoore-EU9252Not updated

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