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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Barthilas-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Krade SabertoothBarthilas-US19122Not updated
2Nubgoblin Play SchoolBarthilas-US16438Not updated
3Heslant Play SchoolBarthilas-US16377Not updated
4Aliastar Killing With A SmiIeBarthilas-US16243Not updated
5Pyy Autobads RolloutBarthilas-US14745Not updated
6Kiruna Electric Lady LoungeBarthilas-US14558Not updated
7Luxypie GreenLynxsBarthilas-US14501Not updated
8Uji  Barthilas-US14490Not updated
9Zalyndra Full TiltBarthilas-US14196Not updated
10Miaoness Travelling TraderBarthilas-US14177Not updated
11Chuckles AscensionBarthilas-US14079Not updated
12Lunar Full ThrottleBarthilas-US13770Not updated
13Vindemiatrix Full ThrottleBarthilas-US13670Not updated
14Nadzieja Full ThrottleBarthilas-US13668Not updated
15Lannik Creative JuicesBarthilas-US13448Not updated
16Keyzersoze Games too HardBarthilas-US13419Not updated
17Lannix Creative JuicesBarthilas-US13408Not updated
18Ukuf AcrimoniousBarthilas-US13340Not updated
19Azzij Full TiltBarthilas-US13310Not updated
20Tyranös The Stylish FewBarthilas-US12789Not updated
21Uldorath Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12409Not updated
22Ilinarii Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12404Not updated
23Vallan Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12396Not updated
23Mastus Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12396Not updated
25Fitumoo Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12395Not updated
25Gantrix Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12395Not updated
25Sheiko Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12395Not updated
25Thudalor Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12395Not updated
25Zuldo Creative JuicesBarthilas-US12395Not updated
30Kulfi Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US12328Not updated
31Lohhi Full TiltBarthilas-US12324Not updated
32Uldoroth Creative JuicesBarthilas-US11987Not updated
33Lockyër  Barthilas-US11861Not updated
34Fearghail Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US11293Not updated
35Priti SantelmoBarthilas-US11179Not updated
36Elouise  Barthilas-US10662Not updated
37Aragnis  Barthilas-US10595Not updated
38Medevacc VortexBarthilas-US10293Not updated
39Kimazui LCDBarthilas-US10240Not updated
40Mörtifer  Barthilas-US10226Not updated
41Keirraeria VertigoBarthilas-US10082Not updated
42Yukz IntoleranceBarthilas-US10080Not updated
43Banyan Well EquippedBarthilas-US9986Not updated
44Denarin Pig n Whistle TavernersBarthilas-US9960Not updated
45Slypandar Endless ShenanigansBarthilas-US9881Not updated
46Tirinestia Apocalyptic ReignBarthilas-US9733Not updated
47Valinthia  Barthilas-US9726Not updated
48Xruumsh AscensionBarthilas-US9703Not updated
49Tainz The EndlessBarthilas-US9682Not updated
50Bìgspoon Play SchoolBarthilas-US9672Not updated
51Durendall VortexBarthilas-US9647Not updated
52Polamalu EnigmaBarthilas-US9605Not updated
53Savra NMBBarthilas-US9587Not updated
54Mogana Controlled KaosBarthilas-US9545Not updated
55Lilah  Barthilas-US9520Not updated
56Gongala Play SchoolBarthilas-US9368Not updated
57Totzie DeadlineBarthilas-US9229Not updated
58Tidalstriker RevereBarthilas-US9212Not updated
59Wikitiki League of DravenBarthilas-US9013Not updated
60Milkmebeeach OceaniaBarthilas-US8900Not updated
61Dkwan RisE AbovEBarthilas-US8826Not updated
62Kungfudragy Peanut Butter JellyBarthilas-US8785Not updated
63Executiepie syndicate of sinisterxBarthilas-US8739Not updated
64Marokk The EndlessBarthilas-US8700Not updated
65Gakkimywife DanteBarthilas-US8663Not updated
65Míkasa  Barthilas-US8663Not updated
67Deadlinker Smite ClubBarthilas-US8649Not updated
68Nichishunter Travelling TraderBarthilas-US8603Not updated
69Jypsii  Barthilas-US8563Not updated
70Cavehog Back In My DayBarthilas-US8539Not updated
71Trapthem Blood Sweat N TiersBarthilas-US8494Not updated
72Maelspike Blue LabelBarthilas-US8492Not updated
73Goldash Creative JuicesBarthilas-US8466Not updated
74Hyacinthus H O M EBarthilas-US8428Not updated
75Luqu  Barthilas-US8387Not updated
76Pvenopvpyes DeliveranceBarthilas-US8371Not updated
77Doee Elite SpartansBarthilas-US8364Not updated
78Zellybear After DarkBarthilas-US8356Not updated
79Lolidine Smite ClubBarthilas-US8353Not updated
80Qumarobi Controlled KaosBarthilas-US8259Not updated
81Jaelly ImaginationBarthilas-US8231Not updated
82Shrimps  Barthilas-US8209Not updated
83Johnsnow Controlled KaosBarthilas-US8196Not updated
84Fragility Vestige of EquinoxBarthilas-US8194Not updated
85Galev The Guardians of AzerothBarthilas-US8150Not updated
86Cailana SparkBarthilas-US8067Not updated
87Aahlaye  Barthilas-US8065Not updated

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