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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Shamanamãe InsaneAzralon-US9769Not updated
2Shyer InsaneAzralon-US7683Not updated
3Aragony InsaneAzralon-US6955Not updated
4Tönks InsaneAzralon-US6118Not updated
5Hemoglobyna InsaneAzralon-US6036Not updated
6Callaveras InsaneAzralon-US5984Not updated
7Allymematou InsaneAzralon-US5518Not updated
8Xstravios InsaneAzralon-US5294Not updated
9Chicodoidoo InsaneAzralon-US5034Not updated
10Criptoniø InsaneAzralon-US4753Not updated
11Deathozzy InsaneAzralon-US4481Not updated
12Versátile InsaneAzralon-US4263Not updated
13Kongil InsaneAzralon-US4261Not updated
14Elathan InsaneAzralon-US4092Not updated
15Cärolzinhä InsaneAzralon-US4011Not updated
16Yënn InsaneAzralon-US3819Not updated
17Acelga InsaneAzralon-US3814Not updated
18Wjiraia InsaneAzralon-US3655Not updated
19Príestar InsaneAzralon-US3560Not updated
20Bloodsen InsaneAzralon-US3355Not updated
21Waylestrasz InsaneAzralon-US3302Not updated
22Caxaça InsaneAzralon-US3282Not updated
23Rorzil InsaneAzralon-US3142Not updated
24Dahk InsaneAzralon-US2677Not updated
25Ludinha InsaneAzralon-US2563Not updated
26Ashia InsaneAzralon-US2559Not updated
27Radamanto InsaneAzralon-US2474Not updated
28Tramus InsaneAzralon-US2175Not updated
29Sarine InsaneAzralon-US2107Not updated
30Brucerocha InsaneAzralon-US2020Not updated
31Dispather InsaneAzralon-US1960Not updated
32Strupika InsaneAzralon-US1928Not updated
33Shibungo InsaneAzralon-US1891Not updated
34Tyrk InsaneAzralon-US1757Not updated
35Dolorozo InsaneAzralon-US1721Not updated
36Nokhan InsaneAzralon-US1619Not updated
37Grunshi InsaneAzralon-US1504Not updated
38Ragop InsaneAzralon-US1343Not updated
39Trollovisk InsaneAzralon-US1331Not updated
40Mashed InsaneAzralon-US1314Not updated
41Dralnü InsaneAzralon-US1305Not updated
42Instantkill InsaneAzralon-US1291Not updated
43Flashstorm InsaneAzralon-US1228Not updated
44Leuroy InsaneAzralon-US984Not updated
45Maggotz InsaneAzralon-US943Not updated
46Yang InsaneAzralon-US862Not updated
47Vasale InsaneAzralon-US851Not updated
48Mortalão InsaneAzralon-US837Not updated
49Buba InsaneAzralon-US824Not updated
50Sylphide InsaneAzralon-US803Not updated
51Kbulozinha InsaneAzralon-US744Not updated
52Ranzul InsaneAzralon-US730Not updated
53Lóki InsaneAzralon-US682Not updated
54Clonoa InsaneAzralon-US679Not updated
55Deonns InsaneAzralon-US621Not updated
56Vikeen InsaneAzralon-US619Not updated
57Orcalicious InsaneAzralon-US568Not updated
58Ichida InsaneAzralon-US539Not updated
59Shamandrow InsaneAzralon-US536Not updated
60Jazingo InsaneAzralon-US535Not updated
61Jinbrezzul InsaneAzralon-US517Not updated
62Itsmrlnn InsaneAzralon-US498Not updated
63Wellysgleina InsaneAzralon-US495Not updated
64Paø InsaneAzralon-US489Not updated
65Peachypie InsaneAzralon-US469Not updated
66Tuskinho InsaneAzralon-US456Not updated
67Tilzao InsaneAzralon-US378Not updated
68Füngus InsaneAzralon-US338Not updated
69Raserd InsaneAzralon-US322Not updated
70Digolino InsaneAzralon-US314Not updated
71Jayson InsaneAzralon-US312Not updated
72Penddragon InsaneAzralon-US309Not updated
73Lúcìfer InsaneAzralon-US305Not updated
74Chakan InsaneAzralon-US304Not updated
75Amset InsaneAzralon-US301Not updated
76Jlee InsaneAzralon-US285Not updated
77Fullbone InsaneAzralon-US282Not updated
77Caçavivo InsaneAzralon-US282Not updated
79Hardwins InsaneAzralon-US268Not updated
80Kordash InsaneAzralon-US258Not updated
81Arlek InsaneAzralon-US255Not updated
81Fule InsaneAzralon-US255Not updated
83Oktal InsaneAzralon-US226Not updated
84Rafadracø InsaneAzralon-US225Not updated
85Chamass InsaneAzralon-US220Not updated
86Osbourne InsaneAzralon-US209Not updated
87Tarantela InsaneAzralon-US206Not updated
88Mohicam InsaneAzralon-US201Not updated
88Greedscylla InsaneAzralon-US201Not updated
90Evrøn InsaneAzralon-US199Not updated
91Trollhaintu InsaneAzralon-US198Not updated
92Brutamonty InsaneAzralon-US197Not updated
93Ummy InsaneAzralon-US194Not updated
94Gaukank InsaneAzralon-US188Not updated
94Sulekzin InsaneAzralon-US188Not updated
94Pesames InsaneAzralon-US188Not updated
97Oddinn InsaneAzralon-US187Not updated
98Letaldeath InsaneAzralon-US186Not updated
99Arthaslol InsaneAzralon-US185Not updated
99Ramsis InsaneAzralon-US185Not updated

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