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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gobllyne Toca do GoblinAzralon-US15678Not updated
2Gauchão CorujasAzralon-US14534Not updated
3Splendor Keep CalmAzralon-US14256Not updated
4Bichosolto The Last LegionAzralon-US14240Not updated
5Astraphobic Breaking DownAzralon-US14180Not updated
6Otamaga TemptationAzralon-US14020Not updated
7Otamonja  Azralon-US13935Not updated
8Zebuhn DamnationAzralon-US13883Not updated
9Zanoto CSI Thunder BluffAzralon-US13882Not updated
10Káryn EndGameAzralon-US13753Not updated
11Urthel HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US13500Not updated
12Torylane Silithus PiratesAzralon-US13301Not updated
13Dest CenturionsAzralon-US13125Not updated
14Vipeer Fading ParadigmAzralon-US13101Not updated
15Savienn HeadHuntersAzralon-US12936Not updated
16Soturnus X TREMEAzralon-US12836Not updated
17Hexentanz ExcidiumAzralon-US12670Not updated
18Reðhorse DeathAngelsAzralon-US12631Not updated
19Daevans Hellscream CircusAzralon-US12304Not updated
20Xakaos The Witching HourAzralon-US12299Not updated
21Tiocknorris Justiça feita no machadoAzralon-US12289Not updated
22Dhemon Justiça feita no machadoAzralon-US12220Not updated
23Kcakk About To RockAzralon-US11904Not updated
24Xixdê Capangas do Tio JoãoAzralon-US11749Not updated
25Tifurei ImersaAzralon-US11638Not updated
26Pandacypherk VipersAzralon-US11589Not updated
27Walawalla RosebudAzralon-US11479Not updated
28Dkdober AddictionAzralon-US11476Not updated
29Äpache Old SoldiersAzralon-US11436Not updated
30Caolha Assassinos por NaturezaAzralon-US11433Not updated
31Apocahdois LastOneAzralon-US11401Not updated
32Boimanso I N S Ô N I AAzralon-US11157Not updated
33Tóddynho WhostheTankAzralon-US11050Not updated
34Elesbão Insanidade SupremaAzralon-US10992Not updated
35Ðeathcasper Bad MafiaAzralon-US10899Not updated
36Erágon PARAMITAAzralon-US10765Not updated
37Titãnss ExcelênciaAzralon-US10733Not updated
38Haelan The Last LegionAzralon-US10668Not updated
39Naïve Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10635Not updated
40Hujax  Azralon-US10510Not updated
41Gowdak RetaliationAzralon-US10370Not updated
42Gowdark RetaliationAzralon-US10360Not updated
43Nauseas Anjos da MorteAzralon-US10158Not updated
44Doggod Os IlusionistasAzralon-US10068Not updated
45Morcdam BreakdownAzralon-US10045Not updated
46Koch  Azralon-US10038Not updated
47Ssephyroth Nø StressAzralon-US10030Not updated
48Darkdaenerys Legiãø dø ApøcalipseAzralon-US10012Not updated
49Acuma BLACKSHADOWAzralon-US9978Not updated
50Jobforever  Azralon-US9946Not updated
50Pegatuto  Azralon-US9946Not updated
52Surfeco The Last LegionAzralon-US9900Not updated
53Kalythor OverwhelmingAzralon-US9874Not updated
54Batopacaraio XEQUE PVPAzralon-US9771Not updated
54Matofacio WiderstandAzralon-US9771Not updated
56Exquisito DamnationAzralon-US9769Not updated
56Shamanamãe InsaneAzralon-US9769Not updated
58Kalybake OverwhelmingAzralon-US9761Not updated
59Inércia Proud LegionAzralon-US9738Not updated
60Nixxter Wasted YearsAzralon-US9728Not updated
61Dhadda HazarDAzralon-US9672Not updated
62Lombador HeaveNAzralon-US9658Not updated
63Batepesadao DamnationAzralon-US9641Not updated
64Demonstalker A IrmandadeAzralon-US9636Not updated
65Kiryuscatra LorDsAzralon-US9634Not updated
66Traunk Raid Rock CafeAzralon-US9631Not updated
67Envenenada Hell RaisersAzralon-US9546Not updated
68Feremitu  Azralon-US9487Not updated
69Summx  Azralon-US9478Not updated
70Hellcristy Walk Among UsAzralon-US9474Not updated
71Arthurö ConfrariaAzralon-US9469Not updated
72Certeirö Arathian KnightsAzralon-US9455Not updated
73Orctroler DamnationAzralon-US9431Not updated
74Lazuly Ghost HouseAzralon-US9394Not updated
75Shamitz We Wipe on TrashAzralon-US9387Not updated
76Semperdãowar A Game of RaidsAzralon-US9369Not updated
77Escravinho  Azralon-US9364Not updated
78Boyzebu HyperionAzralon-US9301Not updated
79Sicorax Call of CthulhuAzralon-US9280Not updated
80Hypnosxp  Azralon-US9263Not updated
81Raynnor WarsøngAzralon-US9230Not updated
82Shikinami KharmaAzralon-US9225Not updated
83Samorost insÔÔniaAzralon-US9190Not updated
84Buijin OverlordsAzralon-US9188Not updated
85Kynksdruid The Last LegionAzralon-US9114Not updated
86Xmarriex XEQUE PVPAzralon-US9104Not updated
86Animakay CMSAzralon-US9104Not updated

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