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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azjol-Nerub-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gingercroft PiusAzjol-Nerub-EU14743Not updated
2Blueheaven Shade of the MoonAzjol-Nerub-EU14594Not updated
3Katsuoy ReanimateAzjol-Nerub-EU14200Not updated
4Elmarc Without A DoubtAzjol-Nerub-EU14104Not updated
5Shivan Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU14048Not updated
6Bolha Hearts Of LionsAzjol-Nerub-EU14014Not updated
7Pungsvette UntitledAzjol-Nerub-EU13991Not updated
8Pertip A Little Bit RandomAzjol-Nerub-EU13638Not updated
9Rasdo Dead AgainAzjol-Nerub-EU13425Not updated
10Unbeliever ReforgedAzjol-Nerub-EU13305Not updated
11Lexibelle A Little Bit RandomAzjol-Nerub-EU13043Not updated
12Scal Taka no DanAzjol-Nerub-EU12755Not updated
13Tistel ReforgedAzjol-Nerub-EU12712Not updated
14Guildless  Azjol-Nerub-EU12615Not updated
15Amearah  Azjol-Nerub-EU12475Not updated
16Cheshie Fa Kin Soo PaAzjol-Nerub-EU11541Not updated
17Pallya  Azjol-Nerub-EU11538Not updated
18Beelzzebub As Good As It GetsAzjol-Nerub-EU11474Not updated
19Rogueye HavenAzjol-Nerub-EU11304Not updated
20Amysha FlareAzjol-Nerub-EU9899Not updated
21Softchem Acta Non VerbaAzjol-Nerub-EU9775Not updated
22Rab Primal EvolutionAzjol-Nerub-EU9738Not updated
23Dainamic FlareAzjol-Nerub-EU9515Not updated
24Boradin Acta Non VerbaAzjol-Nerub-EU9494Not updated
25Parvani In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU9349Not updated
26Spruitjes Wipez R usAzjol-Nerub-EU9269Not updated
27Teilin Hearts Of LionsAzjol-Nerub-EU9233Not updated
28Arjani ChewondisAzjol-Nerub-EU9166Not updated
29Hrafnhildur The Mercenary GuildAzjol-Nerub-EU9147Not updated
30Calysien Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU9095Not updated
31Dunwell Kitty CutenessAzjol-Nerub-EU8999Not updated
32Skinwalker Never Be OverlookedAzjol-Nerub-EU8865Not updated
33Binarydream As Good As It GetsAzjol-Nerub-EU8845Not updated
34Mathildemus ÇorruptAzjol-Nerub-EU8807Not updated
35Moonrezzi Wipez R usAzjol-Nerub-EU8797Not updated
36Octera ÇorruptAzjol-Nerub-EU8641Not updated
37Deathstroke Nox EternumAzjol-Nerub-EU8636Not updated
38Mendelevium  Azjol-Nerub-EU8627Not updated
39Osira IntegerAzjol-Nerub-EU8602Not updated
40Diggle Taka no DanAzjol-Nerub-EU8483Not updated
41Lodewijkxvi zuupAzjol-Nerub-EU8438Not updated
42Icebyte EndeavourAzjol-Nerub-EU8392Not updated
43Tobefeared Insane AsylumAzjol-Nerub-EU8363Not updated
44Carsogenix Sultans Of SwingAzjol-Nerub-EU8324Not updated
45Healndestroy Twisted SistersAzjol-Nerub-EU8310Not updated
46Stéphanie Alliance of LightAzjol-Nerub-EU8231Not updated
47Ringfinger FlareAzjol-Nerub-EU8226Not updated
48Bailout ReanimateAzjol-Nerub-EU8214Not updated
49Grøntersmukt The Moolah CartelAzjol-Nerub-EU8128Not updated
50Delithrand Coup de GráceAzjol-Nerub-EU8079Not updated
51Verte Dead AgainAzjol-Nerub-EU8037Not updated
52Sunshinelove The Moolah CartelAzjol-Nerub-EU8035Not updated
53Belgawoff  Azjol-Nerub-EU8012Not updated
54Meden BrightsideAzjol-Nerub-EU7974Not updated
55Kaosmilc Nobodys FoolsAzjol-Nerub-EU7969Not updated
56Mayzya TemptationAzjol-Nerub-EU7965Not updated
57Firlox In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU7951Not updated
58Savi Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU7895Not updated
59Reikí Alliance of LightAzjol-Nerub-EU7859Not updated
60Hochaman Acta Non VerbaAzjol-Nerub-EU7738Not updated
61Xiomari Hearts Of LionsAzjol-Nerub-EU7735Not updated
62Lumpycustard Queen Nooks GuardsAzjol-Nerub-EU7687Not updated
63Jimstab ÇorruptAzjol-Nerub-EU7673Not updated
64Deathbat White EaglesAzjol-Nerub-EU7619Not updated
65Dafnh ExaltedAzjol-Nerub-EU7607Not updated
66Shandara Shade of the MoonAzjol-Nerub-EU7603Not updated
67Voice Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU7571Not updated
68Robugnome PRÉDÁTÔRs RoMania urBanAzjol-Nerub-EU7562Not updated
69Cilaron  Azjol-Nerub-EU7542Not updated
70Snurt Death by AltAzjol-Nerub-EU7540Not updated
71Duvodas Iron BrewAzjol-Nerub-EU7535Not updated
72Culaine Iron BrewAzjol-Nerub-EU7534Not updated
73Serbitor The InquisitionAzjol-Nerub-EU7500Not updated
74Hooyek ConsiliumAzjol-Nerub-EU7437Not updated
75Smølfeorc Foxy FightersAzjol-Nerub-EU7418Not updated
76Asterope ChewondisAzjol-Nerub-EU7403Not updated
77Långe Dead AgainAzjol-Nerub-EU7402Not updated

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