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Azgalor-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Kulwynd Twelve Steps from BPAAzgalor-US11504
2Llorien  Azgalor-US10678Not updated
3Nothoward OmnipotentAzgalor-US10563
4Espeonn The EchoAzgalor-US10018Not updated
5Coppenhagen AnimosityAzgalor-US10005
6Catilea Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US9814
7Overrclocked RottenAzgalor-US9639Not updated
8Isheepyou Infinite Devil MachineAzgalor-US9547
9Peachymuffin AnimosityAzgalor-US9368Not updated
10Beeast JUDGEAzgalor-US9221Not updated
10Methedras Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US9221Not updated
12Shotslock Just Too EpicAzgalor-US9199
13Alanys VanguardAzgalor-US9108
14Mitsa  Azgalor-US9047Not updated
15Nøtadk Ninjas In PyjamasAzgalor-US9006Not updated
16Sweetprayer IrreducibleAzgalor-US8969Not updated
17Itsambs OmnipotentAzgalor-US8838
18Sniperorc EpochAzgalor-US8476
19Clarabelle Hellscream RaidersAzgalor-US8375
20Capfrekiamaz RottenAzgalor-US8295Not updated
21Fooie  Azgalor-US8253Not updated
22Jden  Azgalor-US8143Not updated
23Charber Hell UnleashedAzgalor-US8088Not updated
24Nestion BrethrenAzgalor-US7992Not updated
25Tweektweak  Azgalor-US7982
26Ustupidikilu Huge in JapanAzgalor-US7937Not updated
27Formidabull InfinitiAzgalor-US7855
28Ianxisxbeast The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US7805Not updated
29Allegory Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US7740
30Laportia  Azgalor-US7575Not updated
31Chubbymage OmnipotentAzgalor-US7504
32Rosalìe OmnipotentAzgalor-US7440Not updated
33Thorzane  Azgalor-US7424Not updated
34Calipsae Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US7238
35Reminaadi Huge in JapanAzgalor-US7217
36Meranna Drunken EmpireAzgalor-US7211Not updated
37Restac Ours is the FuryAzgalor-US7171
38Longstreet Pig and Whistle BrawlersAzgalor-US7098Not updated
38Vahlec Pig and Whistle BrawlersAzgalor-US7098Not updated
38Kindjal Pig and Whistle BrawlersAzgalor-US7098Not updated
38Draxes Pig and Whistle BrawlersAzgalor-US7098Not updated
42Lonebenny MESSIAHAzgalor-US7005
43Organicz Just Too EpicAzgalor-US6943Not updated
44Merle Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US6929
45Aric  Azgalor-US6924Not updated
46Reisen Celestial BeingsAzgalor-US6895Not updated
47Voeglein  Azgalor-US6887Not updated
48Aneamaris Minions of MarsAzgalor-US6845Not updated
49Tuu Crimson TideAzgalor-US6835Not updated
50Digitalis BrethrenAzgalor-US6830Not updated
51Grigatsu The WreckersAzgalor-US6795Not updated
52Tansuss Sleepless KnightsAzgalor-US6748
53Grimmlove Dark LineageAzgalor-US6719Not updated
54Skorpois  Azgalor-US6665Not updated
55Gnerdrager Look Behind YouAzgalor-US6591Not updated
56Santasofia Soul SaversAzgalor-US6590
56Kurandero Soul SaversAzgalor-US6590
58Rahmkota OmnipotentAzgalor-US6557
59Ròmingnòme Brutal AssaultAzgalor-US6548Not updated
60Rolltide Minions of MarsAzgalor-US6520Not updated
61Bellawrath GÖÖÑíêsAzgalor-US6504Not updated
62Barack Black Dragon ClanAzgalor-US6460
63Pataeda Resilience Will Fix ItAzgalor-US6433
64Lustydrac RottenAzgalor-US6419Not updated
64Lustylol RottenAzgalor-US6419Not updated
66Rst  Azgalor-US6406Not updated
67Goonoxy OmnipotentAzgalor-US6404Not updated
67Bibby Like A BAWSEAzgalor-US6404Not updated
69Kwok Menagerie of RefugeesAzgalor-US6376
70Whohitme Minions of MarsAzgalor-US6354
71Sacerdote VanguardAzgalor-US6339
72Cryptopsy Vitamin ZAzgalor-US6252
73Dranguildine AnimosityAzgalor-US6251Not updated
74Goromoth ResurrectionAzgalor-US6216Not updated
75Ddot Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US6215
76Laten ResurrectionAzgalor-US6184Not updated
77Alchyhaul DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US6168Not updated
78Lethuin Righteous DawnAzgalor-US6150
79Feralpimp  Azgalor-US6082Not updated
80Nehoc We Ninja TurtlesAzgalor-US6032
81Juulii Allegiance RebornAzgalor-US6029Not updated
82Lauryn ÅgønyAzgalor-US6015Not updated
83Zaknefain Business TimeAzgalor-US5985
84Makerkin  Azgalor-US5980Not updated
85Nak The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US5967Not updated
86Helloktybtch Can I Get a RezAzgalor-US5962Not updated
87Sharkcopter ëxtinctAzgalor-US5939Not updated
88Nariae The ConsecratedAzgalor-US5895Not updated
89Hothealz MESSIAHAzgalor-US5882Not updated
90Ooftrellen Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US5879Not updated
91Koschay Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US5876Not updated
92Sercy ëxtinctAzgalor-US5870Not updated
93Zhau  Azgalor-US5863Not updated
94Dnara BankerzAzgalor-US5844Not updated
95Shrék The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US5815
96Myliana Righteous DawnAzgalor-US5795Not updated
97Lockstocks Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US5792Not updated
98Xiaola Business TimeAzgalor-US5774

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