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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gaydalf  Arygos-US17523Not updated
2Logana AwesomenessArygos-US16993Not updated
3Zandalari Forsaken ChildrenArygos-US16266Not updated
4Quicker  Arygos-US14850Not updated
5Foam AmbivalenceArygos-US14770Not updated
6Shaitanladki Insane maniacsArygos-US13893Not updated
7Rocdrill  Arygos-US13208Not updated
8Sgtrockk Honor RisingArygos-US13028Not updated
9Maddogmel Legion of HeroesArygos-US12867Not updated
10Klothilda United AllianceArygos-US12424Not updated
11Jeanne Square PegsArygos-US12254Not updated
12Roewin LegionairsArygos-US11910Not updated
13Balrog IsenwulfArygos-US11722Not updated
14Rania Kings Of ChaosArygos-US11708Not updated
15Whitiee  Arygos-US11548Not updated
16Beautefatale Spirits of DurotanArygos-US11467Not updated
16Grosbonda Spirits of DurotanArygos-US11467Not updated
16Isaya Spirits of DurotanArygos-US11467Not updated
19Moltensteel Eat Crit and DieArygos-US11455Not updated
20Andrala WrathfulArygos-US11437Not updated
21Basdelaine Dawn of AscensionArygos-US11324Not updated
22Samelli  Arygos-US11292Not updated
23Kirianah Who Pulled ThatArygos-US11217Not updated
24Salimar Who Pulled ThatArygos-US11071Not updated
25Morpion Honor RisingArygos-US11057Not updated
26Reya  Arygos-US10738Not updated
27Carrottop Fighters of ArygosArygos-US10637Not updated
28Kaistina I Love This PlanArygos-US10479Not updated
29Gimlich IsenwulfArygos-US10398Not updated
30Cirnek InvìctusArygos-US10341Not updated
31Porber Supreme CouncilArygos-US10242Not updated
32Lilvixen Critical HitArygos-US9998Not updated
33Zaffre FecklessArygos-US9911Not updated
34Shamme Knights TemplarArygos-US9884Not updated
35Tiar MiseryArygos-US9857Not updated
36Enanoputo  Arygos-US9836Not updated
37Magnificò LifebloodArygos-US9768Not updated
38Draxiticus Rising PhoenixArygos-US9751Not updated
39Fuschia FecklessArygos-US9743Not updated
40Achlis Zingas GhostArygos-US9720Not updated
41Ferrin XanijhArygos-US9568Not updated
42Gyu Critical HitArygos-US9564Not updated
43Fafallia LegionairsArygos-US9536Not updated
44Darkblue FecklessArygos-US9451Not updated
45Deathangel The SocietyArygos-US9433Not updated
46Allyana Rising PhoenixArygos-US9424Not updated
47Myrlen Raging DefendersArygos-US9403Not updated
48Xarina EscapeArygos-US9333Not updated
49Marcia Pass A FistArygos-US9311Not updated
50Khaat MorníngWood Logging CoArygos-US9301Not updated
51Fastblade Noble AssemblyArygos-US9286Not updated
52Cuna Spirits of DurotanArygos-US9261Not updated
53Perdida The Clucker ArmyArygos-US9239Not updated
54Deformity Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US9190Not updated
55Dùne VindicationArygos-US9185Not updated
56Daivalor Onyx TwilightArygos-US9179Not updated
57Missymay Omens of WarArygos-US9047Not updated
58Raazor Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US9027Not updated
59Rockyrogue BloodreignArygos-US8990Not updated
60Northrnlite ZeeZArygos-US8930Not updated
61Maugus Good CompanyArygos-US8900Not updated
62Bibarti Critical HitArygos-US8864Not updated
63Elura Critical HitArygos-US8773Not updated
64Pincherle VindicationArygos-US8737Not updated
65Aponecrosis Hack the PlanetArygos-US8720Not updated
66Dethkiller Cedo NulliArygos-US8682Not updated
67Madmistra Manic BlazeArygos-US8645Not updated
68Katrynna VindicationArygos-US8608Not updated
69Drunknfool Pirates of RumArygos-US8550Not updated
70Killinggang Legendary SoldiersArygos-US8437Not updated
71Huntingladie The HomesteadArygos-US8412Not updated
72Dockers  Arygos-US8375Not updated
73Cassidy The DrunksArygos-US8331Not updated
74Saintkargoth Critical HitArygos-US8316Not updated
75Anthracite MasqueradeArygos-US8230Not updated
76Dangle AmbivalenceArygos-US8219Not updated
77Abdiel Anonymous SquirrelsArygos-US8117Not updated
78Maramage Who Pulled ThatArygos-US8086Not updated
79Emeridia Afflicted SoulsArygos-US8053Not updated
80Miarai The Flaming GazeArygos-US8048Not updated
80Bacon  Arygos-US8048Not updated
82Thunderhart Drunken Pirates BrigadeArygos-US8034Not updated
83Maddosk Who Pulled ThatArygos-US8025Not updated
84Angelkisses  Arygos-US8021Not updated
85Fredreck Legendary SoldiersArygos-US7999Not updated
86Kaleesii Afflicted SoulsArygos-US7982Not updated
87Zahnreigh Angelic WrathArygos-US7973Not updated

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