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Arygos-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Quicker ImmortaIArygos-US14850Not updated
2Foam AmbivalenceArygos-US14742Not updated
3Mortgage AwesomenessArygos-US14565Not updated
4Bheem expertistArygos-US13857
5Epix The Clucker ArmyArygos-US13079
6Maddogmel Legion of HeroesArygos-US12867Not updated
7Sgtrockk Honor RisingArygos-US12527Not updated
8Jeanne Square PegsArygos-US12254
9Roewin LegionairsArygos-US11910Not updated
10Frostblazen Insane maniacsArygos-US11445
11Andrala WrathfulArygos-US11437Not updated
12Nofreerides Critical HitArygos-US11061Not updated
13Carrottop Fighters of ArygosArygos-US10637Not updated
14Whitiee Midnight AssassinsArygos-US10380Not updated
15Cirnek InvìctusArygos-US10341
16Porber Supreme CouncilArygos-US10241
17Balrog IsenwulfArygos-US10142Not updated
18Beautefatale Spirits of DurotanArygos-US10136
18Grosbonda Spirits of DurotanArygos-US10136
20Morpion Honor RisingArygos-US10023Not updated
21Lilvixen Critical HitArygos-US9998
22Shamme Knights TemplarArygos-US9848
23Enanoputo We Know GirlsArygos-US9844Not updated
24Arwën MiseryArygos-US9794Not updated
25Magnificò LifebloodArygos-US9751
25Draxiticus Rising PhoenixArygos-US9751Not updated
27Aeosa Aggressive PerfectorArygos-US9500Not updated
28Deathangel The SocietyArygos-US9433
29Allyana Rising PhoenixArygos-US9424Not updated
30Kelyndor I Love This PlanArygos-US9420
31Myshella ImmortaIArygos-US9355
32Xarina EscapeArygos-US9333Not updated
33Fafallia LegionairsArygos-US9320
34Khaat MorníngWood Logging CoArygos-US9301Not updated
35Zrake Spirits of DurotanArygos-US9261Not updated
35Cuna Spirits of DurotanArygos-US9261Not updated
37Dragonstorm The Flaming GazeArygos-US9242
38Perdida The Clucker ArmyArygos-US9239
39Fastblade Noble AssemblyArygos-US9221Not updated
40Samelli  Arygos-US9022Not updated
41Dùne VindicationArygos-US8936
42Gwailo Critical HitArygos-US8889
43Basdelaine Dawn of AscensionArygos-US8858Not updated
44Omfgbearform Onyx TwilightArygos-US8797
45Pinnacle Knights TemplarArygos-US8773Not updated
46Pennysue Fighters of ArygosArygos-US8764Not updated
47Elura Critical HitArygos-US8744
48Salimar Who Pulled ThatArygos-US8688
49Lölcat  Arygos-US8687Not updated
50Demandred Supreme CouncilArygos-US8665
51Shaded Who Pulled ThatArygos-US8651
52Bomble  Arygos-US8570Not updated
53Drunknfool Pirates of RumArygos-US8550
54Lithelin Critical HitArygos-US8453
55Francisa War AngelsArygos-US8424Not updated
56Achlis Zingas GhostArygos-US8409
57Dethkiller Cedo NulliArygos-US8322
58Ferrin XanijhArygos-US8270
59Cassidy The DrunksArygos-US8207
60Saintkargoth Critical HitArygos-US8179
61Jåckflåsh  Arygos-US8166Not updated
62Saendrah The Flaming GazeArygos-US8048Not updated
62Bacon  Arygos-US8048Not updated
64Thunderhart Drunken Pirates BrigadeArygos-US8034Not updated
65Abdiel  Arygos-US8021
66Kerbron Good CompanyArygos-US8019Not updated
67Tehunt Exceeds ExpectationsArygos-US7965Not updated
68Glôbal Afflicted SoulsArygos-US7955
68Grëko Afflicted SoulsArygos-US7955Not updated
70Harajuku MasqueradeArygos-US7924Not updated
71Bigdawgy ZeeZArygos-US7901
71Hypocrite Grim CouncilArygos-US7901Not updated
73Fredreck Legendary SoldiersArygos-US7845
74Karcuss  Arygos-US7813Not updated
75Zean KatetArygos-US7800
76Acelocke Legions of LolthArygos-US7757Not updated
77Aidenater Rising PhoenixArygos-US7750Not updated
78Darklands Dead Mans PartyArygos-US7723
79Tyrarana EscapeArygos-US7721Not updated
80Pdaria The Hand of ReckoningArygos-US7705
81Iwilkilagain Pirates of RumArygos-US7686
82Ladielockz The HomesteadArygos-US7647Not updated
83Bras EnvyArygos-US7633Not updated
84Cuddler Who Pulled ThatArygos-US7603
84Chiching Who Pulled ThatArygos-US7603
84Ignitious Who Pulled ThatArygos-US7603
84Elyrea Who Pulled ThatArygos-US7603
88Anduiil Critical HitArygos-US7593
89Poisonoflove The TemptationsArygos-US7581
90Tutru HoldMyBeerNWatchThisArygos-US7550
91Ferengì Called You OutArygos-US7544
92Aulisa We Hate WinningArygos-US7482

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