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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Yaguar SWAnTArthas-EU19028Not updated
2Syrene SWAnTArthas-EU17894Not updated
2Neve SWAnTArthas-EU17894Not updated
2Philea SWAnTArthas-EU17894Not updated
2Conny SWAnTArthas-EU17894Not updated
2Rabamsel SWAnTArthas-EU17894Not updated
7Dorle SWAnTArthas-EU17726Not updated
7Sinter SWAnTArthas-EU17726Not updated
7Salifer SWAnTArthas-EU17726Not updated
7Giana SWAnTArthas-EU17726Not updated
11Venorsch  Arthas-EU17575Not updated
12Rotkäppchên SymphoniaArthas-EU15801Not updated
13Hreaper Delibrium DraconisArthas-EU15573Not updated
14Cheyla Die KolonieArthas-EU15037Not updated
15Lipan NoxiousArthas-EU14896Not updated
16Umbrifer Ignis DraconisArthas-EU14869Not updated
17Mikagua  Arthas-EU14864Not updated
18Scholastica Ignis DraconisArthas-EU14327Not updated
19Darksh Alliance of TarsonisArthas-EU13450Not updated
20Fehromon New BeginningArthas-EU12707Not updated
21Warpat SWAnTArthas-EU12376Not updated
22Wolveriná ExtasiaArthas-EU12010Not updated
23Aerodyn Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU12006Not updated
24Ois EndArthas-EU11927Not updated
25Dk  Arthas-EU11925Not updated
26Jo phrArthas-EU11689Not updated
27Lafinia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU11589Not updated
27Miala Ignis DraconisArthas-EU11589Not updated
27Lieselotta EngelskriegerArthas-EU11589Not updated
30Düstargajaga Haus MoriturusArthas-EU11428Not updated
31Thorgar WaldwölfeArthas-EU10778Not updated
32Âryana Wahre BlödsinnArthas-EU10592Not updated
33Kakir  Arthas-EU10430Not updated
34Tine Die UnbelehrbarenArthas-EU10320Not updated
35Shanón Delibrium DraconisArthas-EU10313Not updated
36Naeo Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU10051Not updated
37Tëmpler I Soylent Green IArthas-EU9919Not updated
38Dönerbrötche NoxiousArthas-EU9792Not updated
39Destructine GorillazArthas-EU9762Not updated
40Hesy NoxiousArthas-EU9470Not updated
41Kaki  Arthas-EU9409Not updated
42Beeflee The AvengersArthas-EU9365Not updated
43Erkolaron  Arthas-EU9332Not updated
44Alkaselzer Embers of HellArthas-EU9252Not updated
45Shanna THGArthas-EU9249Not updated
46Orzahn  Arthas-EU9194Not updated
47Byam NextArthas-EU9073Not updated
48Querex Krush kill n DestroyArthas-EU8950Not updated
49Dayspring xPLoreArthas-EU8922Not updated
50Dahow IncinerateArthas-EU8859Not updated
51Hexilein UNEXPECTEDArthas-EU8839Not updated
52Calamitas Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU8834Not updated
53Vonir ElysionArthas-EU8768Not updated
54Zooace AmityArthas-EU8672Not updated
55Artelol BAfHArthas-EU8592Not updated
56Lâdydeâth Independent GamingArthas-EU8440Not updated
57Cromanus ElysionArthas-EU8403Not updated
58Lacrimae xPLoreArthas-EU8362Not updated
59Ophira xPLoreArthas-EU8332Not updated
60Discha xPLoreArthas-EU8092Not updated
61Khayah Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU8088Not updated
62Littlelinna  Arthas-EU8003Not updated
63Bigum TitansArthas-EU7946Not updated
64Deadkyd IcepeopleArthas-EU7929Not updated
65Jágo  Arthas-EU7926Not updated
66Mágie Viri FortisArthas-EU7845Not updated
67Diven IncinerateArthas-EU7839Not updated
68Vênser Macht der FreundschaftArthas-EU7826Not updated
69Yôru Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU7789Not updated
70Aokiji Play Lame Get FameArthas-EU7778Not updated
71Havanaclub Delibrium DraconisArthas-EU7746Not updated
72Ilijana NordallianzArthas-EU7740Not updated
73Knirpix Silver KnightsArthas-EU7728Not updated
74Lefaria Men at WorkArthas-EU7712Not updated
74Fínja Men at WorkArthas-EU7712Not updated
76Drugon So SorryArthas-EU7709Not updated
77Nastrasza Punishers of UranusArthas-EU7674Not updated
78Maxhex  Arthas-EU7649Not updated
78Toastys I Destruktive Brut IArthas-EU7649Not updated
80Ragnoar  Arthas-EU7614Not updated
80Zardist Wicked IncArthas-EU7614Not updated
82Blutwolf THGArthas-EU7586Not updated
83Schönheit Die KolonieArthas-EU7574Not updated
84Clayr One Man ArmyArthas-EU7544Not updated
85Jazzme Ignis DraconisArthas-EU7539Not updated
86Tobinho  Arthas-EU7516Not updated
87Barundarr NoFearArthas-EU7514Not updated
88Schaitran Fairy TailsArthas-EU7462Not updated
89Anorica ValhallaArthas-EU7456Not updated
90Tobinhoqte Die Elite der XøreArthas-EU7442Not updated
91Sôfti  Arthas-EU7416Not updated
92Vayu StyxArthas-EU7407Not updated
93Ectharien WaldwölfeArthas-EU7400Not updated
94Urka Blood of DeathArthas-EU7395Not updated
95Dingsbert NoxiousArthas-EU7390Not updated
95Zergbert NoxiousArthas-EU7390Not updated
97Endera ImpactArthas-EU7385Not updated

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