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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Drflu The UnderdogsArthas-US24844Not updated
2Lutes InstinctiveArthas-US19172Not updated
3Liili RwCArthas-US15336Not updated
4Tysha Sad PandäArthas-US14905Not updated
5Wenllh NANANANANANANANA BATMANArthas-US14751Not updated
6Berye  Arthas-US14690Not updated
7Hellebore Knights of ShadowArthas-US14440Not updated
8Dërka ImperviousArthas-US14368Not updated
9Cheechmarin In The MeantimeArthas-US14151Not updated
10Angelldust BloodthirstyArthas-US14100Not updated
11Hokege The Selected FewArthas-US12897Not updated
12Kìngslayer  Arthas-US12859Not updated
13Nekronic PurityArthas-US12209Not updated
14Opally just tha tipArthas-US12110Not updated
15Zvër  Arthas-US12045Not updated
16Mydoc Rogues take zero skillArthas-US11979Not updated
17Shneider Raw TalentArthas-US11953Not updated
18Celeena MutationArthas-US11750Not updated
19Tabaxle Face SmashersArthas-US11660Not updated
20Zoinx From The InternetArthas-US11590Not updated
21Spudzz  Arthas-US11583Not updated
22Friscette  Arthas-US11399Not updated
23Phogo NoBigDealArthas-US11111Not updated
24Cuddlyangel Reckless AscensionArthas-US10725Not updated
25Camikins StaticArthas-US10277Not updated
26Dizzy Villains on VacationArthas-US10216Not updated
27Kromme  Arthas-US10201Not updated
28Keethstone BloodthirstyArthas-US10155Not updated
29Chakra The Selected FewArthas-US10125Not updated
30Krisanthîmum The Final CommandArthas-US10088Not updated
31Timhill The JustifiedArthas-US9977Not updated
32Zoffie Ook You in the DookerArthas-US9962Not updated
33Mikeymikeaa Damage ControlArthas-US9944Not updated
34Dertraz Identity CrisisArthas-US9938Not updated
35Etherealeyes Kraklenheit IndustriesArthas-US9903Not updated
36Celesse Phoenix FlameArthas-US9897Not updated
37Raguth  Arthas-US9773Not updated
38Mizzguided NevermoreArthas-US9746Not updated
39Palnighter MSTRKRFTArthas-US9733Not updated
40Moosecular Is EvilArthas-US9666Not updated
41Fantacy MethodArthas-US9577Not updated
42Floryan The EternalsArthas-US9575Not updated
43Kerrchak AdelanteArthas-US9544Not updated
44Karjay RiotRiotArthas-US9471Not updated
45Neyzut M I CArthas-US9462Not updated
46Nightelfmage Dreams of an AbsolutionArthas-US9361Not updated
47Kiddrocks STRENGTHArthas-US9286Not updated
48Amisitia DowntimeArthas-US9246Not updated
49Sorankar Pants OptionalArthas-US9156Not updated
50Edrei The SwornArthas-US9100Not updated
51Plaguelord Wage WarArthas-US9004Not updated
52Lishrå InstinctiveArthas-US8975Not updated
53Doriann  Arthas-US8901Not updated
54Haircuts Stormwinds FinestArthas-US8881Not updated
55Molice Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US8866Not updated
56Nòóß  Arthas-US8853Not updated
57Jadeddawn R U S HArthas-US8843Not updated
58Angrydots Turn Down Pa QueArthas-US8796Not updated
59Caspus SECURITYArthas-US8790Not updated
60Hoophero Yuru YuriArthas-US8769Not updated
61Pyna Saeteurn FamilyArthas-US8741Not updated
62Bäldür AdelanteArthas-US8735Not updated
63Zhidit Jump ClubArthas-US8636Not updated
64Macphisto DrainlifeArthas-US8592Not updated
65Hecatombe Id Crit ThatArthas-US8553Not updated
66Nightshade StylesArthas-US8543Not updated
67Anhell Matt DamonArthas-US8513Not updated
68Styxs The RegimeArthas-US8510Not updated
69Leshrem Situational AwarenessArthas-US8482Not updated
70Derdorx MutationArthas-US8426Not updated
71Bloodyoffal Morning AfterArthas-US8386Not updated
72Jenstar StaticArthas-US8373Not updated
73Syrinal Marshmallow CupcakesArthas-US8318Not updated
74Spinachdip AdelanteArthas-US8288Not updated
75Kezagain  Arthas-US8245Not updated
76Sadkitty NECKBEARDArthas-US8186Not updated
77Jd ClarityArthas-US8184Not updated
78Bromeliad SkillArthas-US8143Not updated
79Truestory District TwelveArthas-US8118Not updated
80Hagra Destroyer of FishArthas-US8087Not updated
81Ructurus Dragons BreathArthas-US8068Not updated
81Kalyyn MaraudersArthas-US8068Not updated
83Chronyz kitty catArthas-US8064Not updated
84Obris StaticArthas-US8058Not updated
85Krasnal Houses of the HolyArthas-US8056Not updated
86Paltarr Double GArthas-US8055Not updated
87Bohemian Knights of ShadowArthas-US8048Not updated

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