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Argent Dawn-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Fozzle House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US16185Not updated
2Chickory UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US15528
3Tominaetor Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US15097
4Raztoka The Wobbly GoblinsArgent Dawn-US14235
5Reciprocate for HordeArgent Dawn-US14102
6Bullymays TenaciousArgent Dawn-US14077
7Dakan The UnaffiliatedArgent Dawn-US13622
8Kotakh Blackfang BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-US13536Not updated
9Gwenoveev  Argent Dawn-US12927Not updated
10Treeslaped  Argent Dawn-US12905
11Marusia Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US12793
12Teckie UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US12698Not updated
13Raelarin Lost and forgotten OnesArgent Dawn-US12535Not updated
14Mahotam Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US12344Not updated
15Findemus  Argent Dawn-US11574
16Tsalagee Deadly DragonsArgent Dawn-US11556Not updated
17Patapouf Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US11543
18Leni The Fading SunArgent Dawn-US11508Not updated
19Midwatch Knights of AnduinArgent Dawn-US11389Not updated
20Tsocow DementedArgent Dawn-US11209
21Factavius ArtOMyst DawningArgent Dawn-US10682
22Rubystone UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US10552
23Nivergate The Shadow RaidersArgent Dawn-US10410
24Bubbayaga FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US10353
25Fiorette AwarenessArgent Dawn-US10216Not updated
26Emmagold  Argent Dawn-US10177Not updated
27Ríta KnightsofpendragonArgent Dawn-US9999
28Tedley  Argent Dawn-US9986Not updated
29Nitimekkiti Legion of LaughterArgent Dawn-US9692Not updated
30Daders The Saints of SurrealArgent Dawn-US9626Not updated
31Gumo Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US9587
32Gazdruid Deadly DragonsArgent Dawn-US9572Not updated
33Airexari Ani AyastigiArgent Dawn-US9557
34Songlilly Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US9554Not updated
35Paltunia  Argent Dawn-US9513Not updated
36Rhacey Firehot DancersArgent Dawn-US9492Not updated
37Valdy DementedArgent Dawn-US9448
38Maube Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US9444
39Squrlylight The CoreArgent Dawn-US9299Not updated
40Nancie The Lights RedemptionArgent Dawn-US9275Not updated
41Maleyla DementedArgent Dawn-US9138
42Koriander Force ReconArgent Dawn-US9108
42Razzberi Force ReconArgent Dawn-US9108
44Arilya Draconic RedemptionArgent Dawn-US9095Not updated
45Stonefly Enclave of the BearArgent Dawn-US9076Not updated
46Carpathian Deadly DragonsArgent Dawn-US9017Not updated
47Gaeriel Bloodbath and BeyondArgent Dawn-US9013
48Azkaban Chillin and KillinArgent Dawn-US8957
49Meshelle FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US8872
50Evs  Argent Dawn-US8845Not updated
51Adoriani The LégionArgent Dawn-US8823Not updated
52Stumbled Virtus InfinitusArgent Dawn-US8812Not updated
53Helendina UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US8789Not updated
54Starmaker Chillin and KillinArgent Dawn-US8785Not updated
54Priori Chillin and KillinArgent Dawn-US8785Not updated
56Amethýst  Argent Dawn-US8689Not updated
57Choosh  Argent Dawn-US8684Not updated
58Grubbypaws Virtus InfinitusArgent Dawn-US8677Not updated
59Barnybus Black PhoenixArgent Dawn-US8666Not updated
60Gezmo DementedArgent Dawn-US8645Not updated
61Kanad Fortune HuntersArgent Dawn-US8636
62Jademarbles JinxedArgent Dawn-US8596Not updated
63Darveld Angels and DemonsArgent Dawn-US8591
63Mikey FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US8591
65Sybilline Chillin and KillinArgent Dawn-US8590Not updated
66Daloras Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US8577
67Stal Royal SteelArgent Dawn-US8569
68Mercyna Silent StrikeArgent Dawn-US8557
69Willope Silver LionsArgent Dawn-US8550Not updated
70Willowess Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US8514
71Berlaidine Heralds of VengeanceArgent Dawn-US8507Not updated
72Elypsuto ArcLightArgent Dawn-US8458Not updated
73Engelier Defenders of AzerothArgent Dawn-US8412Not updated
74Valterra Deaths PlaygroundArgent Dawn-US8404Not updated
75Abajaba Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US8379
76Uthas ExhumedArgent Dawn-US8340
77Humphert VentureArgent Dawn-US8329Not updated
78Prayerz DementedArgent Dawn-US8292Not updated
79Iralai BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US8271
80Ashau The CoreArgent Dawn-US8263
81Cumberbund TalonstrikeArgent Dawn-US8193Not updated
82Furpocolypse TenaciousArgent Dawn-US8134
83Leucine Royal Force of StormwindArgent Dawn-US8133
84Gnoroth Dark FistArgent Dawn-US8117
85Zarishilla Aerthyrian SovereigntyArgent Dawn-US8107
86Edweirdo Order of ChaosArgent Dawn-US8105Not updated
87Orcbuster BaconArgent Dawn-US8083
87Pithian BaconArgent Dawn-US8083
89Oraqle Reckless EndeavorArgent Dawn-US8056Not updated
90Santosoldato STOP DYINGArgent Dawn-US8018Not updated

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