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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Nymus TNTArea 52-US20768Not updated
2Taoshhi RigorousArea 52-US20547Not updated
3Wargla Sometimes I CryArea 52-US19499Not updated
4Boomerbank No CommentArea 52-US18522Not updated
5Vyrolent Still SmilingArea 52-US18217Not updated
6Zandalaria AffinityArea 52-US17889Not updated
7Belledejour RepriseArea 52-US17857Not updated
8Nihi Delicious CakeArea 52-US17797Not updated
9Cherrysmooth Exiled RenegadesArea 52-US17466Not updated
10Phonak The Dark RidersArea 52-US16807Not updated
11Namrevlis complexityArea 52-US16372Not updated
12Picklles Motley CrewArea 52-US16241Not updated
13Eklipsa CultArea 52-US15876Not updated
14Chikeez Legacy RebornArea 52-US15752Not updated
15Gajintroz  Area 52-US15362Not updated
16Missqq XTCArea 52-US15335Not updated
17Spazzmo  Area 52-US15255Not updated
18Pomey EpitaphArea 52-US15223Not updated
19Glennellen Demented AsylumArea 52-US15218Not updated
20Smokinele We Dont Believe In FCsArea 52-US15195Not updated
21Jivve Midnight BloodbathArea 52-US15135Not updated
22Careem Delicious CakeArea 52-US15083Not updated
23Karhop  Area 52-US15047Not updated
24Dielemma Access DeniedArea 52-US15040Not updated
25Alshandra The Tiggity TigerArea 52-US15033Not updated
26Krool ScourgeArea 52-US14931Not updated
27Tissuetank Something EpicArea 52-US14870Not updated
28Proustite  Area 52-US14801Not updated
29Padawani Glorious DeathArea 52-US14695Not updated
30Newjack UnRestrainableArea 52-US14690Not updated
31Birdythief Stormrage MizfitzArea 52-US14554Not updated
32Grukel LeviathanArea 52-US14500Not updated
33Darkclone  Area 52-US14476Not updated
34Frrtt  Area 52-US14475Not updated
35Bowmebaby Hate LevelingArea 52-US14469Not updated
36Gloyn Natural SelectionArea 52-US14428Not updated
36Gragold Pancarte PowerArea 52-US14428Not updated
36Jadde Pancarte PowerArea 52-US14428Not updated
36Tondeuses Pancarte PowerArea 52-US14428Not updated
36Dubsteppa Pancarte PowerArea 52-US14428Not updated
36Béatrice Pancarte PowerArea 52-US14428Not updated
42Chucknoland Legacy RebornArea 52-US14425Not updated
43Jyzabel Pancarte PowerArea 52-US14329Not updated
44Treeminator Undercity Tanning StudioArea 52-US14317Not updated
45Darkconda  Area 52-US14277Not updated
46Skaul Novus ChalybsArea 52-US14276Not updated
47Antihose Knights of ArcaniaArea 52-US14252Not updated
48Nakata Adult Subject MatterArea 52-US14250Not updated
49Cinged ScornArea 52-US14201Not updated
50Fouraiurs We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US14146Not updated
51Aangepanda UnityArea 52-US14076Not updated
52Kelovathus Bandage BrigadeArea 52-US14052Not updated
53Khornoch EchoesArea 52-US14013Not updated
54Rishal Bringers of The Dark AgeArea 52-US13990Not updated
55Taurriel GuidanceArea 52-US13948Not updated
56Lionessa UnityArea 52-US13796Not updated
57Dotyoutoo RigorousArea 52-US13734Not updated
58Màrk  Area 52-US13645Not updated
59Bladewalker Kills Internet MonstersArea 52-US13623Not updated
60Hawtcharli VirtueArea 52-US13555Not updated
61Bläckend Titans of the HordeArea 52-US13554Not updated
62Alazif  Area 52-US13492Not updated
63Mizumae Siege the DayArea 52-US13407Not updated
64Leggybrunett We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US13397Not updated
65Purrdy MaturityArea 52-US13307Not updated
66Ässandra Star PowerArea 52-US13184Not updated
67Suffa  Area 52-US13175Not updated
68Smallsauce Adult Subject MatterArea 52-US13044Not updated
69Yozeed We Quest in the NudeArea 52-US12970Not updated
70Kelabris  Area 52-US12722Not updated
71Sadclown RenascentiaArea 52-US12576Not updated
72Serpentino Natural SelectionArea 52-US12548Not updated
73Krylose Extreme VengeanceArea 52-US12528Not updated
74Kailao SêrenityArea 52-US12519Not updated
75Strogart Demonic ChronicArea 52-US12515Not updated
76Bernahirn DayBreakersArea 52-US12438Not updated
77Oengus  Area 52-US12432Not updated
78Premiya IMPULSÍVEArea 52-US12424Not updated
79Veretine RigorousArea 52-US12413Not updated
80Euphela Stone LegionArea 52-US12406Not updated
81Gobeklitepe ExpandablesArea 52-US12349Not updated
82Aalf Natural SelectionArea 52-US12286Not updated
83Johnnieboy Defiant UnityArea 52-US12283Not updated
84Narmooto  Area 52-US12243Not updated
85Enotik  Area 52-US12235Not updated
86Littlebites Time LordArea 52-US12075Not updated
87Arinelle Not Enough Runic PowerArea 52-US12066Not updated
87Inoraa Not Enough Runic PowerArea 52-US12066Not updated
89Moheekan UnRestrainableArea 52-US12004Not updated
90Suecherself Hots Dots N Kidney ShotsArea 52-US11976Not updated
91Breydar The ChösenArea 52-US11961Not updated
92Peppurr  Area 52-US11939Not updated
93Stvivian EnigmaticsArea 52-US11883Not updated
94Bluedapple EnigmaticsArea 52-US11780Not updated
95Gluttôny  Area 52-US11737Not updated
96Razziee Legion of DoomArea 52-US11711Not updated
97Pumpernickel The MenagerieArea 52-US11688Not updated
98Sazhara Forcible ViolationArea 52-US11656Not updated
99Pataloni Legeñds of DraenorArea 52-US11629Not updated
99Bloodreine Crimson SnowArea 52-US11629Not updated

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