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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arathor-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Wesorcslayer Ancient Knight of LoreArathor-US14085Not updated
2Solinar Sleep Is OverratedArathor-US13988Not updated
3Doora Bloodbath and BeyondArathor-US13337Not updated
4Joeber Random violenceArathor-US13028Not updated
5Drmoreau One hundred proofArathor-US12887Not updated
6Quintilian Fish and FrogsArathor-US12322Not updated
7Kliban Thirteen WarriorsArathor-US12297Not updated
8Todesblatt HalcyonArathor-US11986Not updated
9Graywolfman NightStalkersArathor-US10973Not updated
10Mishakal Midnight MaraudersArathor-US10842Not updated
11Ploppy Crux of HumanityArathor-US10692Not updated
12Leeti Guardians of the GodsArathor-US10400Not updated
13Galana Never Enough TimeArathor-US10236Not updated
14Darindre Never Enough TimeArathor-US10150Not updated
15Vendictive GambitArathor-US10149Not updated
16Fenryr NocuousArathor-US10028Not updated
17Taintèd Baddies IncArathor-US10009Not updated
18Aylanna Light of DawnArathor-US9952Not updated
19Graemyst Crux of HumanityArathor-US9828Not updated
20Tumbleweed Crux of HumanityArathor-US9807Not updated
21Culoculo Royal House of AzerothArathor-US9747Not updated
22Zëus  Arathor-US9707Not updated
23Frostloins  Arathor-US9648Not updated
24Raynai  Arathor-US9501Not updated
25Joedust CraftmastersArathor-US9468Not updated
26Lurine VäloRArathor-US9388Not updated
27Ironstem Ironstem MountainsArathor-US9342Not updated
28Similuoscar Dragonslayers UnitedArathor-US9326Not updated
29Dartharty CrisisArathor-US9286Not updated
30Sarahlinii apocolypsArathor-US9261Not updated
31Scratchin Window Lickin GoodArathor-US9122Not updated
32Mittenz Arathor NomadsArathor-US9040Not updated
33Cuzimmarogue PantheonArathor-US8987Not updated
34Dazik  Arathor-US8902Not updated
35Getgomag GambitArathor-US8885Not updated
36Shroomgirl Duct Tape ForceArathor-US8878Not updated
37Warkene Epic Holdings IncArathor-US8844Not updated
38Elua Fairy TailArathor-US8826Not updated
39Starlyte CònquestArathor-US8799Not updated
40Itakemine Sanctified FuryArathor-US8793Not updated
41Lonelyinil Jack Of All TradesArathor-US8718Not updated
42Lyda Worst Case ScenarioArathor-US8683Not updated
43Chasmyr  Arathor-US8679Not updated
44Fngcaspian Kingdom of LightArathor-US8637Not updated
45Nombulus Worst Case ScenarioArathor-US8615Not updated
46Kayleen  Arathor-US8607Not updated
47Troublemaker RavenousArathor-US8605Not updated
48Eshdruid HARMArathor-US8504Not updated
49Taiss Crux of HumanityArathor-US8476Not updated
50Charmiñg NOOBS AHOYArathor-US8446Not updated
51Ydareyou OUTSIDERSArathor-US8429Not updated
52Khalith The UndergroundArathor-US8402Not updated
53Annella The AncientsArathor-US8375Not updated
54Limbo Kalimdor SlackersArathor-US8255Not updated
55Spellwind LogicalArathor-US8254Not updated
56Symphany GambitArathor-US8152Not updated
57York Midnight MaraudersArathor-US8103Not updated
58Miraina GhostWolf ClanArathor-US8080Not updated
59Yonae  Arathor-US8051Not updated
60Amoriel Masters of MayhemArathor-US8013Not updated
61Myelle Crux of HumanityArathor-US7958Not updated
62Gushan CrisisArathor-US7949Not updated
63Çrimson KinoahiArathor-US7948Not updated
64Kaeyethian The Horns of AzerothArathor-US7917Not updated
65Ripchord Crux of HumanityArathor-US7907Not updated
66Drtamer Pug ItArathor-US7900Not updated
67Leiarra The UndergroundArathor-US7878Not updated
68Iwanna One hundred proofArathor-US7876Not updated
69Ohshizzel Gold and GloryArathor-US7863Not updated
70Shaalyna Royal House of AzerothArathor-US7857Not updated
71Bindo X RaidedArathor-US7851Not updated
72Oshoinfinite  Arathor-US7810Not updated
73Moonturkey Savage DarknessArathor-US7791Not updated
74Sloshshade Duct Tape ForceArathor-US7789Not updated
75Kurze Midnight MaraudersArathor-US7759Not updated
76Cub NightStalkersArathor-US7750Not updated
77Zugthug Order Of The Golden DawnArathor-US7748Not updated
78Aemira The UndergroundArathor-US7673Not updated

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