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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anub'arak-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Magôr StormcatcherAnub'arak-EU16368Not updated
2Giondoh Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU15389Not updated
3Yelims  Anub'arak-EU14236Not updated
4Xantorus mag PilzeAnub'arak-EU13848Not updated
5Exxtreme OblivionAnub'arak-EU13601Not updated
6Emilyrose Empty TankardAnub'arak-EU12561Not updated
7Cartdemand Das LegatAnub'arak-EU12435Not updated
8Izara HypeAnub'arak-EU12028Not updated
9Bloodymarci Empty TankardAnub'arak-EU11588Not updated
10Rexâr HeroesAnub'arak-EU11278Not updated
11Kitý Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU11152Not updated
12Littlepray BurningWheelsAnub'arak-EU10646Not updated
13Tomaba BurningWheelsAnub'arak-EU10572Not updated
14Hemmî Secret ServiceAnub'arak-EU10235Not updated
15Ilneval BluttäuferAnub'arak-EU9953Not updated
16Chamdorina  Anub'arak-EU9718Not updated
17Astys  Anub'arak-EU9471Not updated
18Staxdak For The SheepAnub'arak-EU9450Not updated
19Heilblutelfi Illusion of BloodAnub'arak-EU9402Not updated
20Samanilak For The SheepAnub'arak-EU9384Not updated
21Fjiona  Anub'arak-EU9338Not updated
22Kanu HeroesAnub'arak-EU9221Not updated
23Succy InglouriusBasterdsAnub'arak-EU9131Not updated
24Mînorîty OblivionAnub'arak-EU8814Not updated
25Minørîty Knights of InfinityAnub'arak-EU8723Not updated
26Neppun Schlächter des WichtsAnub'arak-EU8625Not updated
27Noola RedhandsAnub'arak-EU8576Not updated
28Blässe The WarriorsAnub'arak-EU8494Not updated
29Azrani Die KlingenhügelbandeAnub'arak-EU8402Not updated
30Sharkayne EternalAnub'arak-EU8381Not updated
31Plüschprumm Rising ChaosAnub'arak-EU8361Not updated
32Monchhichi Rising PhoenixAnub'arak-EU8351Not updated
33Schubert For The SheepAnub'arak-EU8284Not updated
34Ellibys Der alte OrdenAnub'arak-EU8267Not updated
35Zähnéknirsch Orgrimmars CowboysAnub'arak-EU8244Not updated
35Hachikóò RelaxedAnub'arak-EU8244Not updated
37Shafeya Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU8115Not updated
38Epidermis Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU8110Not updated
38Trotula Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU8110Not updated
40Shova choke on thisAnub'arak-EU8088Not updated
41Myrthar RedhandsAnub'arak-EU8074Not updated
42Brokdul RedhandsAnub'arak-EU8071Not updated
42Tierpixx RedhandsAnub'arak-EU8071Not updated
44Ubuku RedhandsAnub'arak-EU8067Not updated
45Críxus The WarriorsAnub'arak-EU8037Not updated
46Shèila The WarriorsAnub'arak-EU8036Not updated
46Goldscar The WarriorsAnub'arak-EU8036Not updated
48Chîlos RedhandsAnub'arak-EU7994Not updated
48Mynomias RedhandsAnub'arak-EU7994Not updated
50Tirzâ BluttäuferAnub'arak-EU7993Not updated
50Babajâga BluttäuferAnub'arak-EU7993Not updated
52Hatorihanzô hat seine eigene GildeAnub'arak-EU7992Not updated
53Kikidee SchmoblivionAnub'arak-EU7909Not updated
54Weißer RenascenceAnub'arak-EU7866Not updated
55Ringly  Anub'arak-EU7713Not updated
56Aphaea ANGAnub'arak-EU7674Not updated
57Shurakai Die WeltenwandererAnub'arak-EU7645Not updated
58Chalimdudu  Anub'arak-EU7632Not updated
59Aladina Heimat des LichtsAnub'arak-EU7613Not updated
60Erlkoenig  Anub'arak-EU7612Not updated
61Goldchen Orgrimmars CowboysAnub'arak-EU7482Not updated
62Milady Legion Of WrathAnub'arak-EU7432Not updated
63Pepito  Anub'arak-EU7397Not updated
64Tauranto  Anub'arak-EU7339Not updated
65Horusazalen SokarAnub'arak-EU7281Not updated
66Absûrd RedhandsAnub'arak-EU7105Not updated
67Zozoria StormcatcherAnub'arak-EU7101Not updated
68Mánû Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU7057Not updated
69Rarity OblivionAnub'arak-EU7055Not updated
70Fynvola Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU7041Not updated
71Thedarkside GildenlosAnub'arak-EU7037Not updated
72Rwl  Anub'arak-EU7032Not updated
73Sakaia DoomhammerAnub'arak-EU7022Not updated
74Dyni RedhandsAnub'arak-EU7020Not updated
75Hannibáll RenascenceAnub'arak-EU6995Not updated
76Kastagier DevinitasAnub'arak-EU6992Not updated
77Nykoh ist totAnub'arak-EU6977Not updated
78Stuzn CARNAGEAnub'arak-EU6969Not updated
79Nalliya The WarriorsAnub'arak-EU6931Not updated
80Guówáng The Last JudgementAnub'arak-EU6915Not updated
81Urubar The StonedcuttersAnub'arak-EU6899Not updated
82Tatanov Die SeelenwächterAnub'arak-EU6867Not updated
83Wordon Last SolutionAnub'arak-EU6851Not updated
84Gauri  Anub'arak-EU6818Not updated
85Theandor StormcatcherAnub'arak-EU6812Not updated
86Korthor Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6807Not updated
87Gazeran SchwarzeGardeAnub'arak-EU6796Not updated
87Nimo Legion Of WrathAnub'arak-EU6796Not updated
87Bobta Legion Of WrathAnub'arak-EU6796Not updated
90Tibbers For The SheepAnub'arak-EU6779Not updated
91Kyliá Born to PlayAnub'arak-EU6770Not updated
92Oet Die Anonymen WiperAnub'arak-EU6740Not updated
93Dillinja Just SkillAnub'arak-EU6718Not updated
94Lavendia Blood NightmareAnub'arak-EU6683Not updated

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