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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anachronos-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Vandrarens The OutcastzAnachronos-EU15388Not updated
2Lost RebirthAnachronos-EU15217Not updated
3Lunebelle  Anachronos-EU14975Not updated
3Madelion The HordemastersAnachronos-EU14975Not updated
5Korvalol  Anachronos-EU14900Not updated
6Mosusu  Anachronos-EU14799Not updated
7Fatdarter The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU14725Not updated
8Korinne Morelia ViridisAnachronos-EU13372Not updated
9Kalida DiversityAnachronos-EU13015Not updated
10Endimona To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU12596Not updated
11Xianta To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU12087Not updated
12Dragonice Minions Of FateAnachronos-EU11626Not updated
13Borondir The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU11448Not updated
14Duerana CharlatanAnachronos-EU11437Not updated
15Henjomonk Lemon KeyfaceAnachronos-EU11421Not updated
16Wíllí ReckoningAnachronos-EU11247Not updated
17Runestrider Knights of the FrontierAnachronos-EU11183Not updated
18Karakall Knights of the FrontierAnachronos-EU11103Not updated
19Eggs LorewalkersAnachronos-EU10882Not updated
20Namid Hells TigersAnachronos-EU10804Not updated
21Kokoretsi Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU10720Not updated
22Shadowlaura Merry Men of AzerothAnachronos-EU10620Not updated
23Rakiti The Brinx FamilyAnachronos-EU10599Not updated
24Kirii PrawielepsiAnachronos-EU10396Not updated
25Fihnnualla The HordemastersAnachronos-EU10233Not updated
26Calelron YggdrasilAnachronos-EU9856Not updated
27Fokic Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU9616Not updated
28Beezlebub The Alliance EliteAnachronos-EU9614Not updated
29Blitzkriegan alteredegoAnachronos-EU9557Not updated
30Missclio  Anachronos-EU9556Not updated
31Delcapo The Three StoogesAnachronos-EU9531Not updated
32Lulutza VALAHIAAnachronos-EU9481Not updated
33Boredone Messy but EffectiveAnachronos-EU9327Not updated
34Whitevince IterumAnachronos-EU9277Not updated
35Wocky ReckoningAnachronos-EU9073Not updated
36Jét  Anachronos-EU9068Not updated
37Yumsie PapayaAnachronos-EU9022Not updated
38Hatshepsut Tears In HeavenAnachronos-EU9007Not updated
39Deadlyrunes Horde Till I DieAnachronos-EU8958Not updated
40Sstalker Eu RAnachronos-EU8940Not updated
41Thottbott Blades Of GloryAnachronos-EU8939Not updated
42Thepsycho Radiant GloryAnachronos-EU8833Not updated
43Gilvar Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU8811Not updated
44Renju Hells TigersAnachronos-EU8803Not updated
45Dariel The LegacyAnachronos-EU8761Not updated
46Sorsha GOLD KNIGHTSAnachronos-EU8698Not updated
47Lyricfeather BattleMastersAnachronos-EU8658Not updated
48Hellenic alteredegoAnachronos-EU8641Not updated
49Hummut The Midnight WarlordsAnachronos-EU8559Not updated
50Gregen For The HórdeAnachronos-EU8519Not updated
51Borax Blades Of GloryAnachronos-EU8516Not updated
52Rahula The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU8474Not updated
53Altheah WoWaholics AnonymousAnachronos-EU8401Not updated
54Hurgo I RaminghiAnachronos-EU8393Not updated
55Druidjohn Myth of MoonlightAnachronos-EU8388Not updated
56Legionare The Wrath of TempestAnachronos-EU8383Not updated
57Durin The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU8382Not updated
58Milfeig The Art Of WipeAnachronos-EU8345Not updated
59Clamerk The Midnight WarlordsAnachronos-EU8301Not updated
60Jazzixxa Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU8288Not updated
61Ithaari IterumAnachronos-EU8287Not updated
62Hawmonal  Anachronos-EU8266Not updated
63Zloduch StormBladeAnachronos-EU8251Not updated
64Northerner The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU8180Not updated
65Daywalkker Death Before DishonorAnachronos-EU8168Not updated
66Groohl Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU8146Not updated
67Diaolemeni Death Before DishonorAnachronos-EU8122Not updated
68Sutivan Ex InfernaeAnachronos-EU8044Not updated
69Shenn i vampiric touch myselfAnachronos-EU8038Not updated
70Kaxigast Knights of NiAnachronos-EU7957Not updated
71Ryss High CouncilAnachronos-EU7956Not updated
72Mystry HopelessAnachronos-EU7909Not updated
73Exaria DownfallAnachronos-EU7907Not updated
74Kitara The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU7872Not updated
75Zerlina ProsperityAnachronos-EU7844Not updated
76Thearthas Bohemian CovenantAnachronos-EU7831Not updated
77Natusan PuistoKemistit ryAnachronos-EU7782Not updated
78Judog Radiant GloryAnachronos-EU7766Not updated
79Delfis All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU7756Not updated
80Zermatt  Anachronos-EU7663Not updated
81Orrion Blades Of GloryAnachronos-EU7639Not updated
82Morticuss wild cats are not afkAnachronos-EU7627Not updated
83Qindy The GuildAnachronos-EU7583Not updated
84Seljanfentri The LowlandersAnachronos-EU7544Not updated
85Sparrowtje  Anachronos-EU7541Not updated
86Fieryhell BULGARIAAnachronos-EU7528Not updated
86Nimia BULGARIAAnachronos-EU7528Not updated
88Spiritofsea BULGARIAAnachronos-EU7512Not updated
89Hexx VengeanceAnachronos-EU7488Not updated
90Ronghe YggdrasilAnachronos-EU7461Not updated
91Najara  Anachronos-EU7450Not updated
92Diatrix  Anachronos-EU7441Not updated
93Maxima Knights of NiAnachronos-EU7425Not updated
94Erae Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU7405Not updated
95Bu YggdrasilAnachronos-EU7399Not updated

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