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Akama-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Thaneroland Simple MechanicsAkama-US14118
2Munchia Rage QuitAkama-US13184
3Wence  Akama-US12240
4Bellestarr Go Pug YourselfAkama-US11265Not updated
5Prototype Life SentenceAkama-US9979
6Dagonpacdad Simple MechanicsAkama-US9880
7Vimsalodine FÉÅRAkama-US9797
8Korloth WarpathAkama-US9627
9Annimositty HØSTILEAkama-US9612Not updated
10Astra Midnight IllusionAkama-US9511
11Mckinzie Midnight IllusionAkama-US9454
12Tyruscobb Thats What She SaìdAkama-US9273
13Kinkykelly WulfenAkama-US9134
14Olorii WulfenAkama-US9088
15Dekkan Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US8865
16Kachabby Elwynn GuardAkama-US8713
17Arkyon  Akama-US8482Not updated
18Tarå AbsôlutiônAkama-US8434Not updated
19Coal Chaotic OrderAkama-US8420
19Oats  Akama-US8420
21Sarnerkus Will Strip For GoldAkama-US8411Not updated
22Sammey SalvationAkama-US8361Not updated
23Stronne Grey FoxAkama-US8337Not updated
24Eldaar Chaotic OrderAkama-US8308Not updated
25Rohnin Forged in BloodAkama-US8191Not updated
26Freefallen Border PatrolAkama-US8074Not updated
27Luckyknight Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US8002Not updated
28Nonofmeleft SubwayEatFleshAkama-US8000
29Gunnthor Go Pug YourselfAkama-US7860Not updated
30Krittikal GoodfellasAkama-US7834Not updated
31Crazycrits Destructive DeedsAkama-US7810
31Heyshammy Destructive DeedsAkama-US7810
33Wholphe SubwayEatFleshAkama-US7744Not updated
34Kindalu Thats What She SaìdAkama-US7735
35Muzid Midnight IllusionAkama-US7714
36Dshae  Akama-US7685
37Collassus Cyanide and HappinessAkama-US7669Not updated
38Oohlaalaa Forged in BloodAkama-US7660Not updated
39Wynterr averagejoesAkama-US7594
40Tofastforyou Simple MechanicsAkama-US7512
41Lizbee OmnipresentAkama-US7419
42Pandaura Simple MechanicsAkama-US7400
43Raynbow Main ContendersAkama-US7392Not updated
44Valtoryan Simple MechanicsAkama-US7356
45Smyert Renatus Ex FavillaAkama-US7275
46Merlinium We are IncAkama-US7130
47Ndisla Big MojoAkama-US7101Not updated
48Lorriebrant Honor CodeAkama-US7007
49Stinkrot Voodoo LoungeAkama-US6996
50Jimmydiesel  Akama-US6994
51Stabbsy Destructive DeedsAkama-US6859Not updated
52Janeä PhenomAkama-US6841Not updated
53Floralee Blood BrothersAkama-US6828Not updated
54Convic Natural Born KillerAkama-US6810Not updated
55Ripmacdre DefenestrationAkama-US6706
56Dragginball Grey FoxAkama-US6676Not updated
56Hammett Thats What She SaìdAkama-US6676
58Sunnight Acquired TasteAkama-US6673
59Missava Border PatrolAkama-US6663Not updated
60Rezzen The Path of WisdomAkama-US6632Not updated
61Tristanya SanityAkama-US6623
62Fadain Du Vrangr GataAkama-US6608Not updated
63Wolpherton Du Vrangr GataAkama-US6605Not updated
64Jekod Du Vrangr GataAkama-US6604Not updated
65Cecie Banana RepublicAkama-US6590Not updated
66Bambooyeah  Akama-US6494Not updated
67Emilena Kings of MediocrityAkama-US6484Not updated
68Vivianian WarpathAkama-US6432Not updated
69Relentluss LethalAkama-US6426Not updated
70Berylie  Akama-US6387Not updated
71Bruwlwulf The Bringers of DeathAkama-US6340Not updated
72Gìn The Walkìng DeadAkama-US6318Not updated
73Somiatra  Akama-US6311Not updated
73Mahkah Life SentenceAkama-US6311
75Miroshock Go Pug YourselfAkama-US6280Not updated
76Teekayoh  Akama-US6265Not updated
77Corpsethree Under PressureAkama-US6249
78Mysticfour WarpathAkama-US6248
79Grayfist  Akama-US6218Not updated
80Heartcaster WarpathAkama-US6200
81Shameléss Midnight IllusionAkama-US6179
82Grayfel IllumnatiAkama-US6104Not updated
83Qwickdraw SanityAkama-US6093
83Garrote Critical MassAkama-US6093
83Qwikdraw Critical MassAkama-US6093
86Mandraake  Akama-US6050
87Updraft  Akama-US6035Not updated
88Rekless Forged in BloodAkama-US6034Not updated
89Fateal UD FlyersAkama-US6025Not updated
89Fatefish UD FlyersAkama-US6025Not updated
91Elijudy KersplatAkama-US6022Not updated
92Wørmwøød SanityAkama-US6019
93Beolis  Akama-US6003Not updated

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