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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aggramar-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Bienie VIS HONORAggramar-EU24626Not updated
2Leony Royal Night ElfsAggramar-EU24578Not updated
3Yalana CasualAggramar-EU21933Not updated
4Zous Royal Night ElfsAggramar-EU21120Not updated
5Føy Royal Night ElfsAggramar-EU20674Not updated
6Shzar  Aggramar-EU15712Not updated
7Badjolka Bludgeoned to DeathAggramar-EU15669Not updated
8Azires Continental DriftAggramar-EU15657Not updated
9Druff VIS HONORAggramar-EU15232Not updated
10Xithus AnathemasAggramar-EU15186Not updated
11Chebychev AnathemasAggramar-EU14644Not updated
12Nalgny ShmongAggramar-EU14375Not updated
13Mulette ShmongAggramar-EU14279Not updated
14Wickedsikass AnathemasAggramar-EU14265Not updated
15Bava  Aggramar-EU14216Not updated
16Daddlarn  Aggramar-EU14198Not updated
17Qliqo AetherAggramar-EU14106Not updated
18Chipogchap Royal Night ElfsAggramar-EU13925Not updated
19Panbienie  Aggramar-EU13493Not updated
20Morepower  Aggramar-EU13040Not updated
21Melandroso Warseeker TribeAggramar-EU12900Not updated
22Mixine The AscensionAggramar-EU12850Not updated
23Sweetassugar The Valiant Death BladesAggramar-EU12561Not updated
24Comanu Disciples of the WatchAggramar-EU11897Not updated
25Corepower Tempest WrathAggramar-EU11852Not updated
26Wilbor  Aggramar-EU11630Not updated
27Cheyne Spellbinders EliteAggramar-EU11126Not updated
28Leztnew The True BeliefAggramar-EU10850Not updated
29Lugìa Deeprun Pest ControlAggramar-EU10771Not updated
30Jadik NevermindAggramar-EU10472Not updated
31Grimses Guardian AngelsAggramar-EU10355Not updated
32Skylina The Brave Three HundredAggramar-EU10223Not updated
33Seduran E N I G M AAggramar-EU10200Not updated
34Kauen ReapersAggramar-EU10046Not updated
34Saddan ReapersAggramar-EU10046Not updated
36Pyren E N I G M AAggramar-EU10035Not updated
37Nemesishunt Alter Ego'sAggramar-EU9975Not updated
38Doomtooth The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU9949Not updated
39Hellcrusher  Aggramar-EU9913Not updated
40Gazhel QUEEN LOLOAggramar-EU9864Not updated
41Tuvor PVP PSYCHOSAggramar-EU9822Not updated
42Snuffell Warseeker TribeAggramar-EU9795Not updated
43Morgánna  Aggramar-EU9781Not updated
44Hwitebear Fluffy VampiresAggramar-EU9746Not updated
45Qeliria Horde of ShadowsAggramar-EU9733Not updated
46Goruld SabreAggramar-EU9695Not updated
47Suzanne SabreAggramar-EU9504Not updated
48Mekon Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU9457Not updated
49Heavensfury  Aggramar-EU9192Not updated
50Kags Immortal GuardiansAggramar-EU9104Not updated
51Prozit Unleashed ChaosAggramar-EU9079Not updated
52Darkfallenn Anger ManagementAggramar-EU9070Not updated
53Nemesismage Alter Ego'sAggramar-EU8997Not updated
54Wivv Les Mort DansantAggramar-EU8989Not updated
55Onyxiàkiller Death In The ShadowsAggramar-EU8958Not updated
56Zilma CasualAggramar-EU8926Not updated
57Charliebear The New World HordersAggramar-EU8878Not updated
58Hellcome Alter Ego'sAggramar-EU8862Not updated
59Reirden The chosen onezAggramar-EU8848Not updated
60Thandrill Continental DriftAggramar-EU8808Not updated
61Krennick The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU8791Not updated
62Mannon E N I G M AAggramar-EU8736Not updated
63Dask The True BeliefAggramar-EU8713Not updated
64Nivivane Fluffy VampiresAggramar-EU8694Not updated
65Belit Omega ChapterAggramar-EU8674Not updated
66Lewick cynergyAggramar-EU8639Not updated
67Dirtyfrank LegacyAggramar-EU8636Not updated
68Harlan TurtlesAggramar-EU8573Not updated
69Guapita Cratos MetisAggramar-EU8446Not updated
70Mohave  Aggramar-EU8440Not updated
71Orlik  Aggramar-EU8382Not updated
72Monjet Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU8338Not updated
73Wivel CasualAggramar-EU8259Not updated
74Mooheffner No PressureAggramar-EU8258Not updated
75Scrib Hit That GnomeAggramar-EU8212Not updated
76Anonx GAME OVERAggramar-EU8207Not updated
77Mystia Chaotic IllusionAggramar-EU8205Not updated
78Thelyn  Aggramar-EU8179Not updated
79Thadelia Guardian AngelsAggramar-EU8169Not updated
80Jézrael The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU8136Not updated
81Healyourbutt F R E DAggramar-EU8066Not updated
82Bluerizla STRONGHOLDAggramar-EU8057Not updated
83Atargatis BlackmoonzAggramar-EU8014Not updated
84Blakee The Emerald KnightsAggramar-EU7959Not updated
85Jigsaw E X O D U SAggramar-EU7916Not updated
86Satre DreamweaversAggramar-EU7892Not updated

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