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Aggramar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Eddiewacket UnbrokenAggramar-US22105
2Cebrelas  Aggramar-US21225
3Bagwan Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US18187
4Hilljack The EnclaveAggramar-US16854
5Coulomb ExpiationAggramar-US15819
6Shintorg ExpiationAggramar-US14742
7Caegarmine GnomePunterzAggramar-US14027Not updated
8Sosye The WatchAggramar-US13873Not updated
9Cattabri Part of the ProblemAggramar-US12457
10Jafomogue Unrelenting ChaosAggramar-US12340
11Sunlan Horde HoundsAggramar-US12337Not updated
12Fabrizia Emerald KnightsAggramar-US12271Not updated
13Topwise ButterAggramar-US11924Not updated
14Weneliza ExpiationAggramar-US11865Not updated
15Magileigh JACOBS LADDERAggramar-US11741
16Bubbamcbubba KraptasticAggramar-US11672Not updated
17Halbrech The Super heroesAggramar-US11554
18Cursonmaheed The EnclaveAggramar-US11393
19Zhahora The Super heroesAggramar-US11279
20Xunwei Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US11034
20Vikinglady JACOBS LADDERAggramar-US11034
22Rooascham Altaholics UnitedAggramar-US10918
23Eirenn  Aggramar-US10381Not updated
24Yllapeigga All Most RighteousAggramar-US10341
25Syrene  Aggramar-US10327
26Noobstick InsurrectionAggramar-US10292
27Hiahote  Aggramar-US10264Not updated
28Herroniden Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US10256
29Shaokee  Aggramar-US10144Not updated
30Kalazaar JACOBS LADDERAggramar-US10126
31Cannonjumper Nothing FancyAggramar-US9983
32Teetteet Malicious IntentAggramar-US9943Not updated
33Ablesmiter CANUCKSAggramar-US9770
34Ugnome  Aggramar-US9745
35Renitah The ArmadaAggramar-US9668
36Dajic The CommittedAggramar-US9531
37Rework Emerald KnightsAggramar-US9522
38Helge Malicious IntentAggramar-US9427Not updated
39Vulpes Anduins FistAggramar-US9415
40Akdeth The Super heroesAggramar-US9379
41Silverberry Forgotten OnesAggramar-US9286Not updated
42Pogogo intentAggramar-US9278
43Mysticsmoo ExpiationAggramar-US9262
44Tiohunter BonesAggramar-US9151Not updated
45Lilfossy ExpiationAggramar-US9108
46Gãndalf Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US9082
47Pumptoo alts need money tooAggramar-US9074Not updated
48Sodar My Beef Is StrongAggramar-US8981
48Gronamrath My Beef Is StrongAggramar-US8981
50Soda Fae VictusAggramar-US8962Not updated
51Pandorahh CautionAggramar-US8876
52Dufayel Seekers of TruthAggramar-US8820Not updated
53Groffonk The Knights WatchAggramar-US8809Not updated
54Sugarbaby  Aggramar-US8697Not updated
55Dillicjr Seekers of TruthAggramar-US8627Not updated
56Sephra  Aggramar-US8624Not updated
57Ezrahm Morbid AngelsAggramar-US8597
58Whorthog Flames Of AzerothAggramar-US8571Not updated
59Yalde  Aggramar-US8506
60Solacca CyanateAggramar-US8499Not updated
61Rakshan Iron Cross KnightsAggramar-US8479
62Cherryhunter  Aggramar-US8447Not updated
63Fergolita Para BellumAggramar-US8424Not updated
64Izeabella Order of the Night ElvesAggramar-US8395Not updated
65Cybelliar WhackDonaldsAggramar-US8340
66Nukefusion The Super heroesAggramar-US8295
67Falishes Unleashed RageAggramar-US8288Not updated
68Gornarx Drunken MonkeyAggramar-US8196
69Lightbendyr Guardians Of NordrassilAggramar-US8184Not updated
70Owltalon The NorthenersAggramar-US8182Not updated
71Trollypop All The Way Turned UpAggramar-US8172Not updated
72Pogri Pwncakes and RoflsAggramar-US8170Not updated
73Iwontbanger Solidarity LeagueAggramar-US8124Not updated
74Windleaf The ButchersAggramar-US8123
75Peeppers Final ArmageddonAggramar-US8107Not updated
76Jomilfjo House Of The NightAggramar-US8094Not updated
77Leprichan Pause for the CauseAggramar-US8077
78Sarayanu The Super heroesAggramar-US8058
79Asphenglow Gírls Gone WoWAggramar-US8034Not updated
80Childofgrace Intergalactic PlanetaryAggramar-US8018
81Donnacorlion Intergalactic PlanetaryAggramar-US7999Not updated
82Itybity Charmed OnesAggramar-US7982Not updated
83Bigbigmike  Aggramar-US7975Not updated
84Foshizzmyniz UprisingAggramar-US7970
85Gengiskaan Primal ChaosAggramar-US7969Not updated
86Maxsmush brothers of steelAggramar-US7922Not updated
87Lilarae Shadow LaoAggramar-US7909Not updated
88Kultanen The Shortbread ArmyAggramar-US7893Not updated

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