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Aerie Peak-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gildina Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US22723
2Zeusprime P A N T H E O NAerie Peak-US16109Not updated
3Yinzseng My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US15713Not updated
4Skyquake The Alliance NationAerie Peak-US15358Not updated
5Dakhon Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US15101
6Phaedrynn Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US14943
7Doreign Convert to Raid OrdosAerie Peak-US14882Not updated
8Perillica PeachesAerie Peak-US14848
9Selentheela Convert to Raid AzuregosAerie Peak-US14626
10Euripedes PeachesAerie Peak-US14599
11Galinada KìndredAerie Peak-US14429
12Krakatit Fire In The HoleAerie Peak-US14404
13Tutonious Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US14367
14Carlgangsta Nine DragonsAerie Peak-US14247
15Wudicethern Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US14197
16Beardymctug GOMLAerie Peak-US14182
17Mexiico Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US14177
18Cloveresque AloneAerie Peak-US14016
19Orlöck The Unforsaken OnesAerie Peak-US13931
20Helenzaas ReckoningAerie Peak-US13857Not updated
21Magdelia The ORLY FactorAerie Peak-US13333Not updated
22Siinful ØNYXAerie Peak-US13152Not updated
23Rogurex Fire In The HoleAerie Peak-US12923Not updated
24Tiberria AloneAerie Peak-US12890
25Hidepeeler Nocturne AeternusAerie Peak-US12522
26Prema Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US12419
27Swoth InsanityAerie Peak-US12300
28Hunmal The Knights of ExcaliburAerie Peak-US12234
29Klydasaurus AloneAerie Peak-US12083
30Johnnie AloneAerie Peak-US12077
31Dusksky  Aerie Peak-US12047Not updated
32Groundpork Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US11988
33Nadrud Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US11904
34Ninaw Righteous FlameAerie Peak-US11869Not updated
35Muaddeb The Crimson KnightsAerie Peak-US11779
36Nymphis Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US11734
37Bacishunter BorderlineAerie Peak-US11725Not updated
38Mockingj Convert to Raid OrdosAerie Peak-US11668
39Jaylec Knights who say NeeAerie Peak-US11644
40Sorideed Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US11629
41Eyehunter Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US11384
42Nefariousnes Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US11341
43Decembersnow AloneAerie Peak-US11303
44Kaileey The Forsaken BladeAerie Peak-US11231
45Kalmuneiu OutlandersAerie Peak-US11019
46Ceressa Wayward EnforcersAerie Peak-US10944
47Virial  Aerie Peak-US10905Not updated
48Evilpatty  Aerie Peak-US10864Not updated
49Pphineas Knights who say NeeAerie Peak-US10806
49Padishar True Holy KnightsAerie Peak-US10806Not updated
51Cogcog Band of MisfitsAerie Peak-US10743
52Amoramune Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US10739
53Tarksheena Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US10725
54Pain AloneAerie Peak-US10677Not updated
55Gladeion Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US10630
56Ñotar Heritage CircleAerie Peak-US10587
57Shocktrauma Convert to Raid AzuregosAerie Peak-US10527
58Axelle AloneAerie Peak-US10471Not updated
59Sencerity The Forsaken BladeAerie Peak-US10436
60Alej Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US10420
61Vdrac Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US10419
62Alejandrino Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US10417
63Indigoeve Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US10384
64Nolady The ORLY FactorAerie Peak-US10355Not updated
65Kannon Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US10318
66Zanetruweil Valendors RetreatAerie Peak-US10265
67Roscar Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US10187
68Altessa Echoes of ValorAerie Peak-US10078
69Anndaese Mail EnhancementAerie Peak-US10013Not updated
70Velarenna TaintedWarAerie Peak-US9983Not updated
71Padgarlon  Aerie Peak-US9979Not updated
72Fearthesteer Doomgods of ApocalypseAerie Peak-US9972Not updated
73Miles Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US9959
74Iamsix Booty Bay Surf ClubAerie Peak-US9956
75Dessais Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US9930
76Hawkbow ReckoningAerie Peak-US9923Not updated
77Tygart Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US9901
78Christena  Aerie Peak-US9900Not updated
79Morace PeachesAerie Peak-US9893
80Sikozu Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US9880
81Wyteman The ORLY FactorAerie Peak-US9859Not updated
82Lirri Midnight FireAerie Peak-US9849Not updated
83Mengeloticus Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US9823
84Sciatika  Aerie Peak-US9817Not updated
85Glix UnrivaledAerie Peak-US9781
86Zipped  Aerie Peak-US9704Not updated
87Barzona FORSAKEN RAGEAerie Peak-US9701Not updated
88Totemoff Echoes of ValorAerie Peak-US9675
89Kaotick UprisingAerie Peak-US9668
90Xaberier My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US9619
91Tallmia Convert to Raid AzuregosAerie Peak-US9615Not updated
92Lìttledot Uniqueness To GoAerie Peak-US9598
93Sunletters Convert to Raid MoonfangAerie Peak-US9548
93Omorose InsanityAerie Peak-US9548
95Ariaas  Aerie Peak-US9516Not updated
96Swinkdk Crtl Alt EliteAerie Peak-US9511Not updated
97Dalziel Burnt By HonorAerie Peak-US9502
98Rabidwarlock Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US9482
98Ocra InsanityAerie Peak-US9482
100Roncoleman Stock UIAerie Peak-US9461

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