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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

KR Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Mistyclaw 다덤벼시발라마Windrunner-KR24486Not updated
2크라스누이베첼 감자 캐러 간다더니 등에 흙은 왜 묻니Hellscream-KR24426Not updated
3꽁딩 로데론의 망령Azshara-KR24075Not updated
4Respiration 차가운 도시남녀의 행복한 세계Durotan-KR22259Not updated
5꼭미남트롤  Azshara-KR22067Not updated
6불꽃천사 The Never LandBurning Legion-KR21230Not updated
7Zelgadis 호드의 꿈Burning Legion-KR20515Not updated
8레알똥키호테 Seven StarZul'jin-KR20119Not updated
9홀로걷는방랑자 뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡뿅뿡Durotan-KR20075Not updated
10명품시인과나 Landing CraftCenarius-KR18202Not updated
11사라샤먼 헨델과그랬대Windrunner-KR17955Not updated
12스톰울프걸 과일나라Burning Legion-KR17720Not updated
13금기헌터 GTNBurning Legion-KR17516Not updated
14Chimaera 사랑은다시믿음다시찾음다시기다림Deathwing-KR17262Not updated
14판다나한 사랑은다시믿음다시찾음다시기다림Deathwing-KR17262Not updated
16워든오브엔젤 THe BloSSomWindrunner-KR17195Not updated
17Pcatsby 차가운 도시 남자Hyjal-KR17166Not updated
18Wadadat  Durotan-KR16932Not updated
19켄시료 향 수Durotan-KR16927Not updated
19주우키 검은 도적단Zul'jin-KR16927Not updated
21Silverchaser 참 좋은 인연Burning Legion-KR16848Not updated
22고통의상징  Durotan-KR16800Not updated
22알파테크닉  Durotan-KR16800Not updated
24광기법사 그리핀도르Burning Legion-KR16746Not updated
25등쿨리아  Deathwing-KR16722Not updated
25등쿨리뇬  Deathwing-KR16722Not updated
27Legendmagic  Deathwing-KR16692Not updated
28류린 볼빅팩토리Burning Legion-KR16638Not updated
29Secretum 북태평양고기압Azshara-KR16588Not updated
30이원구 깃 클 러Hyjal-KR16360Not updated
31도화림 중화요리Azshara-KR16326Not updated
32노움남자전사 Beyond the StarsBurning Legion-KR16263Not updated
33독도에핀수선화 Pride of KargathDeathwing-KR16215Not updated
34뚱이곰 LOVE CATZul'jin-KR16193Not updated
35엘다이어 The skyWindrunner-KR16137Not updated
36복술복술한복술 Rotten Apple of GulDanZul'jin-KR16102Not updated
37Zombotany 리로이 젠킨스Hellscream-KR16056Not updated
38야옹꺼이 지금그장비에잠이옵니까Cenarius-KR15731Not updated
39킬비  Burning Legion-KR15680Not updated
40테러블 볼빅팩토리Burning Legion-KR15669Not updated
40듀스 볼빅팩토리Burning Legion-KR15669Not updated
42짱배엄마 UbiquitousAzshara-KR15535Not updated
43애수가이 아즈사관학교Azshara-KR15271Not updated
44미들 아이덴티티Zul'jin-KR15255Not updated
44쿠로하데스 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR15255Not updated
46Nekoyuhki WannabEWindrunner-KR15207Not updated
47Nekoyuki  Wildhammer-KR15160Not updated
48평작 Love HolicHyjal-KR15150Not updated
48명사수 Love HolicHyjal-KR15150Not updated
50하동청매실 Miss Moonlight ReissueCenarius-KR15089Not updated
51유키뽕 WannabEWindrunner-KR15041Not updated
52Gadget Made in Jjang GeDeathwing-KR14956Not updated
53마나를품은작은새 해 와 달Durotan-KR14924Not updated
54쎄올이 A N C H O RCenarius-KR14921Not updated
55Airplay Made in Jjang GeDeathwing-KR14901Not updated
56무도전설 아로미Burning Legion-KR14886Not updated
57네코유키뽕 WannabEWindrunner-KR14883Not updated
57티키뿅 WannabEWindrunner-KR14883Not updated
59사수시라노 판다리아의 바다Cenarius-KR14793Not updated
60Parvati Only when i sleepZul'jin-KR14710Not updated
61Yunalescca WarehouseZul'jin-KR14668Not updated
62홍독순 레퀴엠Hellscream-KR14636Not updated
63카리브 The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
63Crazybull The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
63Newmachine The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
63천강북두 The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
63더티써커 The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
63Caprice The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
63Kobra The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14572Not updated
70Gajet The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14570Not updated
71주백통 The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14558Not updated
72에코나비고 The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14538Not updated
73훈수  Cenarius-KR14504Not updated
74정관장하드 WarehouseZul'jin-KR14462Not updated
75Sheherazade WarehouseZul'jin-KR14461Not updated
75Lucrecia WarehouseZul'jin-KR14461Not updated
75Andromeda WarehouseZul'jin-KR14461Not updated
75Cupini WarehouseZul'jin-KR14461Not updated
75Cromie WarehouseZul'jin-KR14461Not updated
80퍼퍼스 The ShadoWZul'jin-KR14457Not updated
81봉팔이엄마 유 단 자Zul'jin-KR14450Not updated
81Daenerys WarehouseZul'jin-KR14450Not updated
83전경앓이  Windrunner-KR14446Not updated
84Risingforce 템 파기하다 거래걸지마 이 신발색깔Deathwing-KR14304Not updated
84Hotblast 템 파기하다 거래걸지마 이 신발색깔Deathwing-KR14304Not updated
84Holyblast 템 파기하다 거래걸지마 이 신발색깔Deathwing-KR14304Not updated
87팜므파탈경이  Deathwing-KR14287Not updated
88쒜바스찬  Azshara-KR14281Not updated
89초극강 쌈장Cenarius-KR14280Not updated
90루인즈  Burning Legion-KR14224Not updated
91Malrory WarehouseZul'jin-KR14195Not updated
92조경사 다덤벼시발라마Windrunner-KR14145Not updated
93비포미드나잇 Aurora AustralCenarius-KR14138Not updated
94바람타기 천사들의모임Azshara-KR14135Not updated
95은빛쉬리  Deathwing-KR14128Not updated
96플렉스태국어 순순히금을넘기면유혈사태는일어나지않을것입니다Burning Legion-KR14070Not updated
97그대꿈속으로 레퀴엠Deathwing-KR14022Not updated
98일다나흐 정예Hellscream-KR14003Not updated
98이스바덴 사신Hellscream-KR14003Not updated
98스카사하 정예Hellscream-KR14003Not updated

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