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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

US (ES) Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Frostmournë BangBossRagnaros-US103Not updated
2Aborach Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US95Not updated
3Gigantóna  Quel'Thalas-US94Not updated
4Xansara BacklashRagnaros-US90Not updated
5Xenøphics Dargor the ShadowlordRagnaros-US85Not updated
6Lilbax Viva La HuevaQuel'Thalas-US83Not updated
7Deathomega Trying HardRagnaros-US82Not updated
8Hellbow Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US80Not updated
9Nahualt SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US79Not updated
10Grarzug The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US78Not updated
10Voodoø Eye CandyRagnaros-US78Not updated
10Herms FearlessRagnaros-US78Not updated
13Zeeiya  Ragnaros-US77Not updated
14Xaxxs UthopicDrakkari-US76Not updated
14Chapuline VértigoQuel'Thalas-US76Not updated
14Golfire QuantumRagnaros-US76Not updated
14Prìde PvP trainerRagnaros-US76Not updated
14Ope Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US76Not updated
14Littul Orbis de lgnisQuel'Thalas-US76Not updated
20Kanai Ratas VengadorasQuel'Thalas-US75Not updated
20Agathos AgeriumRagnaros-US75Not updated
22Ahari Shameful DisplayRagnaros-US74Not updated
22Verenam Holding The LineDrakkari-US74Not updated
22Korgar IncinerationRagnaros-US74Not updated
22Valkyar  Ragnaros-US74Not updated
22Asdfdsa  Drakkari-US74Not updated
27Perceptiön Bad KarmaRagnaros-US73Not updated
27Belennyer MilleniumRagnaros-US73Not updated
27Vessamoon ImperiumQuel'Thalas-US73Not updated
27Anelîs The Last HopeRagnaros-US73Not updated
31Drackk  Ragnaros-US72Not updated
31Xeneize Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US72Not updated
31Sinester AbsolutionRagnaros-US72Not updated
31Yamelit Semper FíRagnaros-US72Not updated
31Hydrogene Eye CandyRagnaros-US72Not updated
36Destruyedor BLØØDRagnaros-US71Not updated
36Pándamonium KablamRagnaros-US71Not updated
38Bebecita AgeriumRagnaros-US70Not updated
38Andrejinn AnnunakisRagnaros-US70Not updated
38Miguelacho La Nueva HordaRagnaros-US70Not updated
38Stgo ParadigmaQuel'Thalas-US70Not updated
38Senna Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US70Not updated
43Wizza Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US69Not updated
43Hamuko UthopicDrakkari-US69Not updated
43Thorec Crimson ButterflyQuel'Thalas-US69Not updated
46Nataz AfterdawnRagnaros-US68Not updated
46Nekon Bad KarmaRagnaros-US68Not updated
46Gangrelo Soy Un Dinosaurio RawrrRagnaros-US68Not updated
46Lanita Bad KarmaRagnaros-US68Not updated
46Xharpclaw T R I A D ARagnaros-US68Not updated
46Xipetotec Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US68Not updated
46Goldentauren Last TryRagnaros-US68Not updated
46Jisook  Ragnaros-US68Not updated
46Hødeløt  Ragnaros-US68Not updated
46Baharroth La Otra GuildDrakkari-US68Not updated
46Yute Darkness KnightQuel'Thalas-US68Not updated
57Bloodblade Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US67Not updated
57Ashurä ExiliadosRagnaros-US67Not updated
57Michela AbsolutionRagnaros-US67Not updated
60Chocobomb Eye CandyRagnaros-US66Not updated
60Sheyka Eye CandyRagnaros-US66Not updated
60Vakera ApotheosisRagnaros-US66Not updated
60Meephisto BacklashRagnaros-US66Not updated
60Ethmer Kyrie EleisonRagnaros-US66Not updated
60Sóul Dragon CourtRagnaros-US66Not updated
60Androgynous  Ragnaros-US66Not updated
67Keyd UthopicDrakkari-US65Not updated
67Búndin The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US65Not updated
67Netspider NOTHING PERSONALDrakkari-US65Not updated
67Nonn ResurrecciónRagnaros-US65Not updated
67Layger EPSILONRagnaros-US65Not updated
67Purpleice AbsolutionRagnaros-US65Not updated
67Mcdáddy Tidal Wave of FAILRagnaros-US65Not updated
67Dawn Los Tigres Del NorthrendRagnaros-US65Not updated
67Otaku ResurrecciónRagnaros-US65Not updated
67Dizzygirl La mano de sangreQuel'Thalas-US65Not updated
77Bzk Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US64Not updated
77Hunterdeath VértigoQuel'Thalas-US64Not updated
77Korlash Winter WolvesDrakkari-US64Not updated
77Rhuin ApotheosisRagnaros-US64Not updated
77Arkadiano Not In My HouseDrakkari-US64Not updated
77Bleikverga El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US64Not updated
77Almotazim Shameful DisplayRagnaros-US64Not updated
77Powerpally Vinculo FerreoRagnaros-US64Not updated
77Nerdlin Otra Pinche GuildRagnaros-US64Not updated
77Xuenlita IncinerationRagnaros-US64Not updated
77Pleyadess Crimson ButterflyQuel'Thalas-US64Not updated
77Pritiricky Faith No MoreQuel'Thalas-US64Not updated
89Villanna ApotheosisRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Ntyaro Last StandRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Zëphyr Eye CandyRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Ryan Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Ðatank Holding The LineDrakkari-US63Not updated
89Copyright Epic WipeRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Zardös Ferocity llRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Kryptikk MonstersDrakkari-US63Not updated
89Naisab BetrayerRagnaros-US63Not updated
89Jerel Winter WolvesDrakkari-US63Not updated
89Josueeh F O C U SQuel'Thalas-US63Not updated
89Arwenn  Ragnaros-US63Not updated

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