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Zul'jin-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Greenteax  Zul'jin-US126
2Blkfacedmage DualityZul'jin-US123
3Scorcher EntropiZul'jin-US115
4Xahll DualityZul'jin-US110
5Yata Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US109
6Vantro MightZul'jin-US108
7Kamslock DualityZul'jin-US105
8Cleoboltra Exiled LegionZul'jin-US104
9Stunzie Such Guild Much WipeZul'jin-US101
9Kittyleap Exiled LegionZul'jin-US101
11Vasala Misfit ToysZul'jin-US99
11Koilqt PerceptionZul'jin-US99
13Brunnorx Exiled LegionZul'jin-US97
13Facebreakqt Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US97
15Smaff MightZul'jin-US96
15Xizta SubjugateZul'jin-US96Not updated
17Smertrius Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US93
17Pokèball Donut TruckZul'jin-US93
19Qrk Exiled LegionZul'jin-US92
19Grane EntropiZul'jin-US92
19Vorpstar  Zul'jin-US92Not updated
19Shuvuu  Zul'jin-US92Not updated
23Ankhashaman Exiled LegionZul'jin-US91
23Kronna DualityZul'jin-US91
23Mojobrojo RUIZul'jin-US91Not updated
26Myzery MisfortuneZul'jin-US90
26Galford EntropiZul'jin-US90
28Gylgamessh Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US89
28Providance TriviumZul'jin-US89
28Bewbzlol  Zul'jin-US89Not updated
28Rhinoleum Exiled LegionZul'jin-US89
28Shock Such Guild Much WipeZul'jin-US89Not updated
33Czerr MightZul'jin-US88
33Maximum DualityZul'jin-US88
33Vanarina Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US88
36Shandaren MightZul'jin-US87
36Amika MightZul'jin-US87
36Biobroly DualityZul'jin-US87
36Idkfa Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US87
40Knifèparty EterniumZul'jin-US86
40Dhoulmagus EntropiZul'jin-US86
42Unimpressive EruditeZul'jin-US85
42Iceis Vae VictaeZul'jin-US85
42Fakeafk DumpstersZul'jin-US85
42Jaron Exiled LegionZul'jin-US85
42Skillcapper TMZul'jin-US85
47Prda DualityZul'jin-US84
47Kraixx EruditeZul'jin-US84Not updated
47Hermitspal Vae VictaeZul'jin-US84
47Spàmsmolytic Elite ReckoningZul'jin-US84
47Phoebë IgniteZul'jin-US84Not updated
52Zodd DualityZul'jin-US83
52Ultima MightZul'jin-US83
52Edmerlin EntropiZul'jin-US83
52Recidivist Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US83
52Numbaonedad  Zul'jin-US83Not updated
52Zinpo An SheZul'jin-US83
52Zanfu Assume The PositionZul'jin-US83
52Mydkhaswarts ImmortalisZul'jin-US83
52Seriphina DivideZul'jin-US83Not updated
52Perfuro  Zul'jin-US83Not updated
52Nintai TMZul'jin-US83Not updated
63Jasonzar MightZul'jin-US82
63Enh Impending DoomZul'jin-US82Not updated
63Thrawna EruditeZul'jin-US82
63Karineh Muffin TopZul'jin-US82
63Roserage  Zul'jin-US82Not updated
68Bty DualityZul'jin-US81
68Phoenixshock SystematicZul'jin-US81
68Skorgelol DivideZul'jin-US81
68Hyperspace Exiled LegionZul'jin-US81
68Starlees DivideZul'jin-US81
68Uglypanda Abusement ParkZul'jin-US81
68Stylekk ProdigyZul'jin-US81Not updated
68Toriblacklol ProdigyZul'jin-US81
68Idril  Zul'jin-US81Not updated
77Chambersiz Exiled LegionZul'jin-US80
77Asher  Zul'jin-US80Not updated
77Dpmaster An SheZul'jin-US80
77Tzippy An SheZul'jin-US80Not updated
77Blightlenox Exiled LegionZul'jin-US80Not updated
77Bowlegged BoundZul'jin-US80
77Funshïnebear  Zul'jin-US80
84Konarbona MightZul'jin-US79
84Pazzuz Mayhems ReckoningZul'jin-US79
84Quin MightZul'jin-US79
84Bigeager The I in TeamZul'jin-US79
84Totfc  Zul'jin-US79Not updated
84Enigma FocusZul'jin-US79Not updated
84Blìtz I I IZul'jin-US79
84Harunyan  Zul'jin-US79Not updated

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