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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-KR Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1귀족클럽웨이터 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR51Not updated
1암소핫한누나 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR51Not updated
3참회합니다 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR46Not updated
3Glaivetoss SOULMATEZul'jin-KR46Not updated
5더얀 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR40Not updated
6노움키만한총 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR37Not updated
6오리온예링 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR37Not updated
8비라코챠 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR35Not updated
8쩌는암내 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR35Not updated
8큰프 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR35Not updated
11Gorillawow SOULMATEZul'jin-KR34Not updated
11소울아쳐 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR34Not updated
13세염이 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR32Not updated
14꽃보다죽탱 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR29Not updated
15젝스페로옹 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR27Not updated
15Xienos SOULMATEZul'jin-KR27Not updated
15Idealworld SOULMATEZul'jin-KR27Not updated
18사제함해 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR25Not updated
18나는변신도한다 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR25Not updated
20허씨핑 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR24Not updated
20미소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR24Not updated
20동정졸업실패 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR24Not updated
23죽다살았소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR23Not updated
24마산주민 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR22Not updated
25전사하심 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR21Not updated
26함만봐주소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR19Not updated
26초짜법사입니다 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR19Not updated
26내손을잡아바 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR19Not updated
26곰발의집행관 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR19Not updated
30쿤전 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR18Not updated
30애운 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR18Not updated
32비추천 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR17Not updated
32후렛샤 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR17Not updated
34배모찌 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR16Not updated
34바가소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR16Not updated
34흑집사가몬 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR16Not updated
34르초 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR16Not updated
38침대위의흔적 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR15Not updated
39Dpsecx SOULMATEZul'jin-KR13Not updated
39이앙기 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR13Not updated
39천상의예리함 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR13Not updated
39당신눈동자에건배 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR13Not updated
39Paceman SOULMATEZul'jin-KR13Not updated
39과거를묻지마세요 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR13Not updated
45애싯기 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR12Not updated
45Tlqktm SOULMATEZul'jin-KR12Not updated
45광전의집행관 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR12Not updated
48우수품질 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR10Not updated
48꼰솔라따 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR10Not updated
50서린화 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR9Not updated
50뉴턴트롤 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR9Not updated
50영원한친구가 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR9Not updated
53누님꽃 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR7Not updated
53날아라콧털 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR7Not updated
53Tryndamiar SOULMATEZul'jin-KR7Not updated
53블랙코뿔소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR7Not updated
57난데요 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR6Not updated
57북창동김마담 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR6Not updated
57Moonky SOULMATEZul'jin-KR6Not updated
60Choire SOULMATEZul'jin-KR5Not updated
60Killberg SOULMATEZul'jin-KR5Not updated
60정보계 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR5Not updated
60곤쉬 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR5Not updated
60사당동성기사 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR5Not updated
65레이드왕탱킹 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR4Not updated
65네로안 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR4Not updated
65그뉵게이 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR4Not updated
65네티엘 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR4Not updated
65백색냥이 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR4Not updated
70삼도수군통제사 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR3Not updated
70좀죽으라고 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR3Not updated
70블사제 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR3Not updated
73선조의부름 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73난데요팔라딘 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73난데요흑마법사 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73예견된승리 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73파도몰이 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73깍꿍깍꿍기요미 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73Trollsha SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73노완주백통 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73꿍별 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
73Snowdeal SOULMATEZul'jin-KR2Not updated
83이제왔소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83난데요데스나이트 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83영업소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83전투실행투 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83Deathrouge SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83제퍼슨리크빌 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83엣흐프레소 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83쿠지군 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
83핑크에로우 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR1Not updated
92천상의섹시함 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR0Not updated
92본도 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR0Not updated
92귀농한왕자님 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR0Not updated
92하얀부엉 SOULMATEZul'jin-KR0Not updated

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