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Ysera-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Meena Durus MentiriYsera-EU72
2Killuqt Durus MentiriYsera-EU70
3Shijera Durus MentiriYsera-EU69
4Blackwulf Durus MentiriYsera-EU68
5Tourniquet Durus MentiriYsera-EU64
6Brand Durus MentiriYsera-EU63
7Sehraza Durus MentiriYsera-EU61Not updated
8Sitan Durus MentiriYsera-EU60
8Rovinas Durus MentiriYsera-EU60
10Ysann Durus MentiriYsera-EU58
10Aurala Durus MentiriYsera-EU58Not updated
12Ellinja Durus MentiriYsera-EU57Not updated
13Isli Durus MentiriYsera-EU56
14Dimonty Durus MentiriYsera-EU55
14Dirtaani Durus MentiriYsera-EU55Not updated
16Baruk Durus MentiriYsera-EU54
17Tassalya Durus MentiriYsera-EU53Not updated
18Blindeye Durus MentiriYsera-EU52
18Ericmezpok Durus MentiriYsera-EU52
18Lékar Durus MentiriYsera-EU52Not updated
18Censored Durus MentiriYsera-EU52Not updated
22Ossitry Durus MentiriYsera-EU51
22Fasul Durus MentiriYsera-EU51Not updated
22Serîla Durus MentiriYsera-EU51
22Lightníng Durus MentiriYsera-EU51
22Angryduck Durus MentiriYsera-EU51Not updated
27Rabbít Durus MentiriYsera-EU49Not updated
28Isoldeübel Durus MentiriYsera-EU48Not updated
29Didudu Durus MentiriYsera-EU47Not updated
30Fellhuf Durus MentiriYsera-EU46
30Barrús Durus MentiriYsera-EU46Not updated
30Gêronimo Durus MentiriYsera-EU46Not updated
30Lysiana Durus MentiriYsera-EU46Not updated
30Sweetsnow Durus MentiriYsera-EU46Not updated
30Milarepa Durus MentiriYsera-EU46Not updated
36Xyriana Durus MentiriYsera-EU45
36Ferensa Durus MentiriYsera-EU45
36Keóna Durus MentiriYsera-EU45Not updated
36Cherti Durus MentiriYsera-EU45Not updated
36Thimôr Durus MentiriYsera-EU45Not updated
36Therealbigg Durus MentiriYsera-EU45Not updated
42Brizzel Durus MentiriYsera-EU44
42Blackcube Durus MentiriYsera-EU44Not updated
42Böhsebarbie Durus MentiriYsera-EU44Not updated
45Skalron Durus MentiriYsera-EU43
45Anuell Durus MentiriYsera-EU43Not updated
45Amróth Durus MentiriYsera-EU43Not updated
48Zariah Durus MentiriYsera-EU42
48Bárá Durus MentiriYsera-EU42Not updated
48Merixan Durus MentiriYsera-EU42Not updated
48Dysteria Durus MentiriYsera-EU42Not updated
52Nevar Durus MentiriYsera-EU41Not updated
52Aruruu Durus MentiriYsera-EU41
52Masran Durus MentiriYsera-EU41Not updated
52Hothotundtot Durus MentiriYsera-EU41Not updated
56Gurumbai Durus MentiriYsera-EU40
56Salfalur Durus MentiriYsera-EU40Not updated
58Pugz Durus MentiriYsera-EU39
58Akenia Durus MentiriYsera-EU39
58Vips Durus MentiriYsera-EU39Not updated
61Yâlia Durus MentiriYsera-EU38
62Dendi Durus MentiriYsera-EU37
62Marterpfahl Durus MentiriYsera-EU37
62Brombur Durus MentiriYsera-EU37Not updated
65Ragnarök Durus MentiriYsera-EU36
65Soulstorm Durus MentiriYsera-EU36Not updated
65Brainwasher Durus MentiriYsera-EU36Not updated
68Stippgirl Durus MentiriYsera-EU35
68Phenelo Durus MentiriYsera-EU35
70Zornbringer Durus MentiriYsera-EU34
70Shanloang Durus MentiriYsera-EU34
70Tekia Durus MentiriYsera-EU34Not updated
70Senariara Durus MentiriYsera-EU34Not updated
70Alyshia Durus MentiriYsera-EU34Not updated
75Freedegoa Durus MentiriYsera-EU32
75Nachtsturm Durus MentiriYsera-EU32Not updated
75Dmvips Durus MentiriYsera-EU32Not updated
78Tollo Durus MentiriYsera-EU31
78Winnetwo Durus MentiriYsera-EU31
78Palatius Durus MentiriYsera-EU31Not updated
81Rohrschach Durus MentiriYsera-EU30
81Lauren Durus MentiriYsera-EU30Not updated
81Ívy Durus MentiriYsera-EU30Not updated
84Heilicos Durus MentiriYsera-EU29
85Pascâi Durus MentiriYsera-EU28
85Tember Durus MentiriYsera-EU28
85Gardonoflife Durus MentiriYsera-EU28
88Dinâ Durus MentiriYsera-EU27Not updated
89Athorus Durus MentiriYsera-EU26Not updated
89Lillíth Durus MentiriYsera-EU26Not updated
91Bioflâx Durus MentiriYsera-EU23Not updated
91Safthainie Durus MentiriYsera-EU23Not updated
93Calibso Durus MentiriYsera-EU22
94Ylohr Durus MentiriYsera-EU21Not updated
94Neíd Durus MentiriYsera-EU21Not updated
94Chetsy Durus MentiriYsera-EU21Not updated
97Sidonis Durus MentiriYsera-EU18
98Iltísmaul Durus MentiriYsera-EU17
99Smártíe Durus MentiriYsera-EU15
100Playber Durus MentiriYsera-EU14Not updated

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