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Wrathbringer-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Smuddayo Why MeWrathbringer-EU118
1Shareyá Why MeWrathbringer-EU118Not updated
3Wallshôk Why MeWrathbringer-EU113
4Lozari Why MeWrathbringer-EU106Not updated
5Dwarfhrle Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU103Not updated
6Narash Why MeWrathbringer-EU97
7Derpy Why MeWrathbringer-EU96
8Xérwo Why MeWrathbringer-EU95
8Salakin Why MeWrathbringer-EU95Not updated
10Catharine  Wrathbringer-EU93Not updated
11Pariah Why MeWrathbringer-EU92Not updated
11Wolki Why MeWrathbringer-EU92Not updated
13Finschmeistr Why MeWrathbringer-EU91
14Incredibull ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU90
15Fuulm Why MeWrathbringer-EU89
15Iradis  Wrathbringer-EU89Not updated
17Baria Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU88Not updated
17Drexecute AnathemaWrathbringer-EU88Not updated
17Golandrion  Wrathbringer-EU88Not updated
20Bifilord Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU87
20Laserkimuh  Wrathbringer-EU87Not updated
22Wrathurion Why MeWrathbringer-EU85Not updated
23Terac Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU84
23Partysoft  Wrathbringer-EU84Not updated
25Thova Why MeWrathbringer-EU81Not updated
26Sariri BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU80
26Forensic Politically IncorrectWrathbringer-EU80
26Kuffar Politically IncorrectWrathbringer-EU80Not updated
26Blechberta Why MeWrathbringer-EU80Not updated
30Irkalla  Wrathbringer-EU79Not updated
31Khmera I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU78
32Irrwisch Visio AeternaWrathbringer-EU77
32Preylol Why MeWrathbringer-EU77
32Tappsbär  Wrathbringer-EU77Not updated
32Sylary BLUTMONDWrathbringer-EU77Not updated
36Rosí Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU76Not updated
36Vendrell Carpe diemWrathbringer-EU76Not updated
36Dèxtér Why MeWrathbringer-EU76
36Mantycore UnionWrathbringer-EU76Not updated
36Nastyxx  Wrathbringer-EU76Not updated
41Xynthi ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU75
41Eiji Why MeWrathbringer-EU75
43Ghulemie Why MeWrathbringer-EU74
43Tézzla HarlequinWrathbringer-EU74Not updated
43Darkfool  Wrathbringer-EU74Not updated
43Redditmauser  Wrathbringer-EU74Not updated
47Ohdämn Why MeWrathbringer-EU73
47Phydra Awoken KitesWrathbringer-EU73
47Biorcfi  Wrathbringer-EU73Not updated
47Jokonar  Wrathbringer-EU73Not updated
51Belïar Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU72
51Bibop BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU72
51Ulimeâ Mists of PandaramaWrathbringer-EU72
51Adelruna  Wrathbringer-EU72Not updated
51Rotriguez  Wrathbringer-EU72Not updated
51Netariel Why MeWrathbringer-EU72Not updated
57Rustý  Wrathbringer-EU71Not updated
57Wotakaat intactilisWrathbringer-EU71
57Monta Team brutal DeluxeWrathbringer-EU71Not updated
57Kkfluttershy Why MeWrathbringer-EU71Not updated
57Siggor Why MeWrathbringer-EU71Not updated
57Gubly  Wrathbringer-EU71Not updated
57Artume  Wrathbringer-EU71Not updated
57Mísstrêss Awesome RateDWrathbringer-EU71Not updated
65Cruzar Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU70
65Helgard ScytheWrathbringer-EU70
65Nuroxx Why MeWrathbringer-EU70Not updated
65Muhsketier  Wrathbringer-EU70Not updated
69Mahisha I Am LegendWrathbringer-EU69Not updated
69Shinyi nuisanceWrathbringer-EU69Not updated
69Khazidhea  Wrathbringer-EU69Not updated
69Keshi Not Enough SWAGWrathbringer-EU69Not updated
69Selenia AnathemaWrathbringer-EU69Not updated
69Tzok HUFPOWER INCWrathbringer-EU69Not updated
75Quekose HarlequinWrathbringer-EU68
75Najca Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU68
75Séifê Why MeWrathbringer-EU68
75Telky  Wrathbringer-EU68
75Calìa  Wrathbringer-EU68Not updated
75Sillepille Why MeWrathbringer-EU68Not updated
75Tanuki Why MeWrathbringer-EU68Not updated
75Câlimero Why MeWrathbringer-EU68Not updated
75Zeli death and decayWrathbringer-EU68Not updated
84Dachdaggerin SelfmadeWrathbringer-EU67
84Lezli SynergieWrathbringer-EU67
84Olleros Team brutal DeluxeWrathbringer-EU67Not updated
84Syrya Têars of BloodWrathbringer-EU67Not updated
84Aschláy  Wrathbringer-EU67Not updated
84Asce harmful clownsWrathbringer-EU67Not updated
84Sporb Why MeWrathbringer-EU67Not updated
84Nee  Wrathbringer-EU67Not updated
84Growley  Wrathbringer-EU67Not updated
93Pfeiline Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU66
93Kru ScytheWrathbringer-EU66
93Vicemagic StonetreesWrathbringer-EU66
93Zêljko Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU66
93Myno Why MeWrathbringer-EU66
93Türzueszieht  Wrathbringer-EU66Not updated
93Dyss Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU66Not updated
93Xantcha Ancients of AzerothWrathbringer-EU66Not updated

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