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Winterhoof-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Alpinestar  Winterhoof-US90Not updated
2Ginafae House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US89
3Olympián Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US82
4Necrolous The MooninitesWinterhoof-US77Not updated
5Adreená Strange BrewWinterhoof-US76
6Greasybeard Hairy Barrel Chested MenWinterhoof-US74
7Aiurus RubiconWinterhoof-US71
8Snickerdodl Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US70
8Neodragoon  Winterhoof-US70Not updated
8Alluget Ebony MasksWinterhoof-US70
8Shadeofjindo Super FriendsWinterhoof-US70Not updated
12Zalthaz  Winterhoof-US69
12Garrovar Pain VendorWinterhoof-US69
12Whabagspace HarmWinterhoof-US69Not updated
15Dodi The Riddle of SteelWinterhoof-US68Not updated
15Pinkiepie makaveliWinterhoof-US68Not updated
15Dc  Winterhoof-US68Not updated
15Vonrhoman Attorney at LawWinterhoof-US68Not updated
19Joobu BlackTooth GrinWinterhoof-US66Not updated
19Pican Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US66Not updated
19Maugris makaveliWinterhoof-US66Not updated
22Renégat Rated MWinterhoof-US65
22Hepstik Hairy Barrel Chested MenWinterhoof-US65Not updated
22Sadeth BloodthirstyWinterhoof-US65Not updated
25Rhettmatic  Winterhoof-US64
25Terminatrix Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US64
25Hypeir RubiconWinterhoof-US64
25Reothad Im A PugWinterhoof-US64Not updated
25Brigi The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US64
25Hieratic Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US64Not updated
31Aam The Riddle of SteelWinterhoof-US63
31Veratee Pain VendorWinterhoof-US63Not updated
31Jorge  Winterhoof-US63Not updated
34Saintshawdow Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US62
34Kerick Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US62
34Fluffycakes Everyones WelcomeWinterhoof-US62Not updated
34Valoree Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US62Not updated
38Orihime EclipseWinterhoof-US61
38Narnìa Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US61Not updated
38Kohen Attorney at LawWinterhoof-US61Not updated
41Trillobyte VanquishersWinterhoof-US60Not updated
41Neonight BlightWinterhoof-US60Not updated
43Lunablitz DivinusWinterhoof-US59Not updated
43Cmndr PanicWinterhoof-US59Not updated
43Sasukay Strange BrewWinterhoof-US59
43Réason Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US59Not updated
47Melway Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US58
47Faz Coo Coo CachooWinterhoof-US58Not updated
47Pandamondium Army of OneWinterhoof-US58Not updated
47Foni Travelers BaneWinterhoof-US58Not updated
47Earthan  Winterhoof-US58Not updated
52Edwardlxi Pain VendorWinterhoof-US57
52Lorrashan Society of the Blue MothWinterhoof-US57
52Kryyn Ebony MasksWinterhoof-US57
52Silverpint Rated MWinterhoof-US57Not updated
52Dirtbag SinWinterhoof-US57Not updated
52Kaeliandra  Winterhoof-US57Not updated
58Baldrath Destine StoicaWinterhoof-US56
58Pridget EclipseWinterhoof-US56
58Tylanas Pretty Fly fo a SindoreiWinterhoof-US56Not updated
58Froggrr Fallen OnesWinterhoof-US56Not updated
58Sakuraoka EclipseWinterhoof-US56Not updated
58Holymacaroni RubiconWinterhoof-US56
58Snickrdoodle chaoticstormWinterhoof-US56Not updated
65Kerrys Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US55
65Flayer Society of the Blue MothWinterhoof-US55Not updated
65Clairi MetaWinterhoof-US55
65Kalaah R A G EWinterhoof-US55Not updated
65Kaìnda equinoxWinterhoof-US55Not updated
65Baoxai Emerald BloodWinterhoof-US55Not updated
65Zargot Death StalkerWinterhoof-US55Not updated
65Manbeartroll Strange BrewWinterhoof-US55
73Illifra Pain VendorWinterhoof-US54
73Akiyama Adorned ToastWinterhoof-US54Not updated
73Biju DeathgateWinterhoof-US54
73Daemon Kinship of AzerothWinterhoof-US54Not updated
73Iounow Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US54Not updated
73Bonekeeper The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US54
73Ajd  Winterhoof-US54Not updated
73Toxictears Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US54
73Monodrox  Winterhoof-US54Not updated
73Vaeder The MooninitesWinterhoof-US54Not updated
73Kõra  Winterhoof-US54Not updated
73Galassia makaveliWinterhoof-US54Not updated
85Nowyadie  Winterhoof-US53Not updated
85Viperskiss Legion of LionsWinterhoof-US53
85Dromarr Seventh SanctumWinterhoof-US53Not updated
85Moonruby R A G EWinterhoof-US53Not updated
85Stardusted MetaWinterhoof-US53Not updated
85Beaf Open LateWinterhoof-US53Not updated
91Harvatron Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US52
91Aerith EclipseWinterhoof-US52
91Are We Dont CareWinterhoof-US52
91Kwai  Winterhoof-US52Not updated
91Cupscake Society of the Blue MothWinterhoof-US52
91Storie Coo Coo CachooWinterhoof-US52Not updated
91Monksirs SïnistërWinterhoof-US52

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